Last week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 10 to 7 to approve the use of military force in Syria. A Maplight analysis reveals that senators voting 'yes' received, on average, 83 percent more campaign money from defense contractors than senators voting 'no.'

These numbers are unnerving to a war-weary American public still licking its wounds from a $2 trillion, 10-year quagmire in Iraq justified by lies about alleged weapons of mass destruction. That public is profoundly distrustful of its leaders who have achieved power in a system of, by, and for whichever interests have the most money.

The mere idea that politicians voting on matters of war and peace -- life and death -- could be influenced by contributions is the most perverted money in politics nightmare. You can be sure that senators voting 'yes' on Syria emphatically deny a quid pro quo with military industrial donors, saying that defense lobbyists give them money because they happen to agree on military matters, and because everyone on the Foreign Relations Committee gets more money from those industries. That's just how the status quo is.

But the status quo is the problem. Politicians should not be allowed to receive money from interests they regulate. Period. As soon as Foreign Relations Committee members take money from the very companies that stand to make millions from military action, we the people can no longer be unequivocally sure that they are making decisions purely on the merits of what's best for our nation.

Even if quid pro quo politics had no role in last week's Syria vote, the glaring problem is that 93 percent of the time, the political candidate with the most money wins. Deep-pocketed interests know the game, so they spend millions on lobbying expenditures, contributions and PAC donations to support their favored candidates -- in this case military hawks who are more likely to support intervention. Can you blame them? They're playing by the rules we give them, and they are playing the system like a Stradivarius while raking in breathtaking profits.


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