"We have been very consistent with what we were doing, why we were there, what we were standing for, what our demonstration was about and how we were there for peace, and that they continue to escalate force upon us, until they ended up killing somebody,"

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So Cliven Bundy says Black mothers "Send Their Sons To Prison" but if he isn't a bigot, then white mothers like Cliven's & Ammon's sent their sons to prison.  Maybe now he understands why mothers do that?

Now their "Confederate Flag waving" supporters are saying it's a tyrannical government?

So when Blacks are enslaved, it's the system working properly, but when Cliven, Ammon & company are enslaved for breaking the law, it's a tyrannical government?

I used to support these guys, but now, I have no choice but to say "Good for them!"

Lavoy Finicum acted like a complete @$$hat during the traffic stop & his killing was more justified that many other police shootings.

Sad part, was Bundy really correct when he wondered if Blacks were better off in slavery? Technically speaking in terms of economics, they were. Look at every building 10 stories high or higher & see how many are owned by Blacks.

Does Bundy want Blacks to be equal enough to be given 1,100 acres for free like the Bundy Ranch, or just the freedom to wander on his 1,100 acre Welfare Ranch? ( Homestead Act = Welfare )

Nah, not that equal because, it's no fun being rich without poor people to exploit!

"Hey boy! Come clean my toilet with your bare hands for a few pennies like this is Havanna, Cuba under mob controlled Feligunsto Baptiste!" ( ** F a spell check ** )

~~~~~> "Nah, I'm good chump, I have more money than you!"

That's not the type of equally Cliven Bundy'esqe type dudes want!

Was Walter Scott wrong to run from the police? The people who say "YES" wouldn't feel it was wrong for them to run from a mugger willing to kill & rape them.

Walter Scott, killed for unpaid child support, with the consensus that killing him fixed the problem because he no longer owes.

Black Lives Matter / Bureau Land Management

Nah, it's just a coincidence....RIGHT?

Let's not forget the essence of the matter here; federal government is taking over productive land of the states and kicking ranchers out of business. The Bundys were not arrested because they are white, but because they stood up to resist unconstitutional action of the government. The race issue is a prime example of how the people are being divided against each others. It's not just that the black lives mater but that all lives matter.  Disregarding the essence of the matter and governments unconstitutional actions for any reason means you have been manipulated to let the crimes against the people to continue.

Unconstitutional BLM Actions Heating Up

The thing is, the feds have been taking over land, it's just that it was ok when it was ONLY the Natives affected.  Same with violating constitutional rights.

The Powers That Be or THEY aren't the ones dividing us, the Confederate Flag waving Bundy supporters are.

Kinda like waving a Swastika in Israel. Right now, the police state has the momentum due to the AVERAGE citizens complacency when the rights of citizens on the COINCIDENTAL list were violated.

Kind of late to sing a sad song to the segment of the population alienated.

Like I said, since Bundy believes Black mothers send their sons to prison, Cliven's & Ammon's mother sent them to prison. Tax dollars at work for Blacks in prison? Cool, but don't expect me to look at it any different for the Bundy's.  In essence "F* Them!"

Don't expect Blacks to look at it like : "The enemy of my enemy is my friend." when history shows it's just two of their enemies ( Bigots vs Tyrannical Government ) fighting!

Ah, FFS!  Both sides are playing out the script.  Act 1 was Bundy ranch, Act 2 the refuge.  It is to divide Us, it is to conquer Us.  Neither side has My least bit of interest because I'm tired of this play.  I left the theater.  I am out and consent to ways that do not promote People who would put on manufactured plays as "reality" to sway public sentiment to into divide - a thing They can do ONLY because of money.  Seriously.  I'm outie.


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