They are using analog UHF radios,soon they will migrate to APCO 25 so be prepared next year! Also the monitoring laws might change the way we listen to police scanners. Possibly ending it altogther just like they did in United Kingdom when they migrated to TETRA communications equipment. Listening to G20 Communications might be your last chance to hear them before they get the money from the state government to buy new digital radios they just were not prepared for such an event. Its a real wake up call showing that Pittsburgh has a weakness in their communications grid. The FCC and State can change that next year. The sad part is that you will not get a chance to hear everything cause when they have another event like this, the Pittburgh Police will just suddenly just send keys to all personnel to begin the encryption sequence and start their war against the American people. That is what the NWO wants to happen. Even the digital scanner without that key will not be able to receive the signals. To them it is considered to be evaesdropping on their communications network and this might change the laws in PA.

Here is a scenario,

When the Chesapeake Police were using 2 way radios with just 2 channels
or 3. They were operating very well. But when alot of scanning hobbyists
tend to abuse the hobby that is when they went on 800 MHz in digital
APCO 25 mode after 9/11. They used to be on the VHF-FM bands in the
150 MHz region. You can simply pick up a $49 dollar multiband radio
with VHF coverage and tune them in easily. The city of Chesapeake knew
what was going on, that why they went out to get a digital system ready
so the rich folks with digital trunking scanners can listen in, while others
with just VHF-FM radio found something else to do. Well that is what is going to happen since Pittsburgh Police, Fire, EMS communications is being exposed all over the world. Scanner communications is something that is supposed to be a hush-hush type of hobby, heck you not even supposed
to even retransmit it on your FM or AM transmitter for remote listening! You not even supposed to divulge the contents you hear, you must keep it to your self. It falls under the laws of the Electronic Communications Privacy
Act of 1986
, huh? remember that? Pittsburgh Police communications is not something that is supposed to be a public broadcast otherwise they would have it available on HD radio on FM broadcasting. It falls under communications that is supposed to be personal and confidential just like paging systems, SCA-FM muzak, and your cordless telephone conversations, your FRS radios, your cell phone. These communications fall over the radio-telephone FCC rules. Read them! How would YOU feel if someone was playing a prank started setting up a scanner without your consent setting up your small business channels or your FRS communications network for the whole world to hear you fighting the NWO
and then the NWO already has more power to evaesdrop on you, does not feel right, does it?? It would make you feel unconfortable and unsecure. Main reason why I don't use anything without privacy features I just use the internet and my cell phone, when me and a friend were on FRS channel 6 me and him were talking about engineering plans and electronics, and someone was eavesdropping talking back to us saying we suck bad! I don't even use 49 MHz or FRS radio transmitters unless its an emergency. I just use WiFi (secured) do not ever use open channel networks, not even the coffee shop networks.

If you believe that Pittsburgh Police needs to be on a FM or AM broadcast radio station. Then READ THIS! This is not the 1940's anymore its the millennium and someone will always come out with a new bill to pass and then some superior will always sign it blind fold and then bye-bye there goes your scanner radios along with your guns and ammo! WATCH OUT!

GCC Engineering radio and TV monitoring members and staff does not appreciate and does not encourage unlawful eavesdropping of private and personal communications. Why should you do it? Best that you do this type of hobby legally, use common sense and have fun!

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