Hmm... quite curious I would say. The MSM is putting it right out there all of a sudden.

Sometimes it makes me think that these so-called artists, actors, rappers and singers are just dumb little pawns in the masters game of deception. How easy it would be to dupe those who are fame, power and money hungry to think that they are somehow part of such an Illuminating, all knowing, all seeing kind of cult. They already have their ego's stroked on a daily basis with all the attention they receive, both good and bad. Now they must feel as if they're God's or something... how pathetic.

What a bunch of hyper inflated wannabe's who think they are a part of that mysterious club. And now it's quite fashionable and mainstream, WTF??? 

Things that make you go hmmm... You be the judge. 


Celebrities have influence, that's not an arguable fact. However, there is a part of the world that believes certain famous faces yield more power than others. This power, they believe, stems from the backing of an ancient German secret society that quietly rules the world: the Illuminati (yes, the same group Tom Hanks sought in "Angels & Demons"). The mysterious sect is thought to be a front for the rise of the Antichrist — the Devil's all-seeing eye triangle is their universal sign — and is often accused of masterminding large-scale events (think President JFK's assassination) in an attempt to establish a New World Order, in which they can rule.

So who in Hollywood has raised suspicious about their connections to the
all-seeing eye? Let us illuminate you.

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I have never had a doubt in my mind these people and many, many more are pawns within TPTB. What seems strange to me they would be stupid enough to want it known.  The tables will turn one day.



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