Why must “We the People” keep putting our faith in a system that is ultimately set up for a big FAIL to begin with? Both parties are owned and operated by corporate and banking puppeteers behind the curtain. Why does anyone think by electing either puppet it will change a thing?

The Government's propaganda arm, the MSM feeds us with a steady diet of the left/right bread and circus show. Step right up folks; we have weenie number 1 and weenie number 2… now let’s play who’s got the biggest weenie contest, shall we? It’s more of the same no matter who you choose because at the end of the day, they are both WEENIES.

The two party system does nothing but further the divide and gives us the illusion that our vote counts. With all the chicanery and vote fraud going on in past and present presidential elections, it’s no wonder why there are many of us sick and tired of playing the game. Nothing changes but the faces in the game. That is about it.

Also, do you think by voting for a third party candidate is going to matter either? I understand voting ones conscience, but is it going to do any good or change the course of the outcome? Third party candidates don’t even get the right to sit at the same dinner table come election time. They are kept in the dark, not allowed to be in the debates and most often are not even on ballots from State to State. It is all done by design because if the American public actually had more viable choices in elections, they would not have to pick the lesser of two evils, now would they?

Besides, by now we should know that the election process is fixed. Look at what they did to Ron Paul in both the 2008 and 2012 republican nominee race. If the establishment wasn’t marginalizing him, ridiculing him or slandering him, they were blatantly stealing the votes right out of the hands of those voting for him. So, all those votes for Ron Paul were thrown to the wind, literally. So keep on voting. Our votes are counted... sure they are.

So this year I’ve chosen not to play the game anymore because the only winners are the ones who stand to profit from rigging the game to their advantage. The NWO has already taken over and I do not want to feed into the political machine they have created. Instead, I will vote No Confidence this year and hope that more Americans will join the cause. Can you imagine come election time, nobody showing up to vote? What would they do? Vote for themselves?  Of course, I may be dreaming but the last I heard, dreaming is still free.

“We the People” have become like a populace of worker bees beholden to their queen. We need to jump out of the colony mentality and become beholden unto ourselves. We are the driving fuel that keeps the political machine running so quit feeding the machine. The machine will break down without us. If and when that does happen, we can pick up the pieces and start anew. We are the change we seek.

Vote No Confidence in 2012...


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Besides the alien reptile quip I agree very much. Some people say a lot of things, most of it unprovable. Jesus hitching a ride is among that.

Troy, I did not know you had reptilian tendancies. And such a trouble maker too! I think I'm going to shape shift out of here. Beam me up Scotty... lol ;)

It's all good Greg! We like to have a little fun around here and not be so damn serious all the time :)

Spot on, Sista! The political scene is like a virtual reality roller-coaster. One day I think we're freaking doomed. The next day I have a little hope. I pray we find our equilibrium for a brighter day where we can once again stand proud as an honorable Republic that compassionately serves the majority . . . and NOT just a select few at the top of the food chain. ;~)

You ROCK sister from another mother. WE the FREEple living in the United St-HATES of AmeriCAN'Ts do solemnly stand together as a UNITED FRONT of resistance and opposition to the RIGGED politiCON selection called voting, for our life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. "LIVE and LET LIVE." Who died and left them "boss of me and we"? I didn't vote the puppet in, won't vote for the next puppet in either. BUT...i surely WILL vote the puppet out if i get a chance to do so. Anyone seen Jeff Dunham, the ventriloquist/dummy/puppet-master? He'd be a better choice than what is being forced down our throats! In fact, Achmed the terrorist-dummy would do JUST fine. NO CONfidence...because that's what it all boils down to.....one BIG CON JOB on the public!

If Ron Paul isn't on the ballot Gary Johnson will be. He is a bit of a socialist and not as outspoken about empire building as I'd like but I'll take his Peace and his Liberty over Obama's or Romney's any day.

well said

Instead of not voting, I'm just gonna write in Ron Paul if he doesn't get GOP nomination.  I think he may have enough delegates to win, but who knows, with all the BS numbers the MSM puts out, where he actually stands.I believe since he never actually conceded , Dr. Paul is still in the race....and he ain't in last place as MSM wants us to believe.They are manufacturing his situation as hopeless any way they can because he poses an enormous threat to the status quo government. ...So if you feel discouraged at the ballot box because of the choices given, just write in Ron Paul for president. it'll be the last time we can vote for him because he's gonna retire from running for president!

Lol, well said.

  If you stop swimming, you drown. Swim as you pass over the heads of the masses, dumbed down by adherence to a belief in the Council on Foreign Relations and the lies designed to return the monarchy's subjects to the fold. This brainwash is through the CFRtv and education programs in schools, public and private, by the anti-benevolence expressed by the Rockefeller foundations and others striving to create obedient workers. What's next? Thinking is the best way to travel. A huge propaganda effort, with multiple murders, is hitting America these days since 9-11-2001.

  Realize that most of the demolition systems were installed in the WTCs DURING construction, including nukes, and the attendant contracts scrubbed from files before they set them off(FACT). Considerable effort into creating propaganda productions out of these events, UNCHECKED by loyal Americans, gives the bad guys the aura of invincibility. They own the media and succeed in tapping the lowest common denominator of the public to attract a crowd. We, the citizens of the constitutionally based United States, need to arrest a large number of these pieces of human dreck ASAP.

  We have the minds and tools to run an election which required our obsession to compete successfully. We  allowed the criminals to push down the spineless congress that the people elected. Soft and manageable gets you killed against more powerful predators. The idiots in power have been blindsiding the world like jailhouse 'sucker-punchers', with a military and technology they had no part in creating. Support your local champion. Or prepare to turn your first-and second born over to the pope or queen lizard for 'infantry' indoctrination and the removal of their innocence and their souls.

  Get out there and vote or the other guy will win. And you will lose.

Voting....  what silliness.

Choosing when there is no choice. Since everything they do.....  and much that they write....   the Club of Rome, the CFR, the Trilaterals, their 'think' tanks.. their policies, rules, ordinances, statutes...  all clearly wish us dead, enslaved, securitized... mindless and thought-less...  they view us as useless eaters and worse...  they hold ruse 'elections' to befuddle the proles.. to deceive the us...  enact false terrors to rile our prejudices, engorge our fears, panic our feet....   they feed us GMOs, Aspartames, and hormones....kill our children and waste our farms to despoil our substance and sustenance... they pollute our bodies with their vaccines of death, autism, cancer....  they attempt to fool us with elections that ...'permit'.... us to choose between one of them.. and another of them...  each a sword wheeling beast upon a inflamed and prancing horse of the apocalypse....  

This is what is... this what our laziness, stupidity and ignorance have fostered... we have become that which should be despised... for our sloth, our indolence, greed and paucity of spirit..... because we no longer rage against the dark. We have forgotten how to rage against their evil....

When do you intend to wake up and take responsibility for allowing yourselves to acquiescence to their rule? Their dictum of death. Their crystal jaws of death.

What pitiable, fearful, helpless, useless people Americans have become.

Well I believe Ron Paul or Gary Johnson are damned good enough choices. All you have there is a list of reasons to vote, not for why it is silly.

Satanism and hanging with Aleister Crowley and British royalty is a kick until the pain kicks in. The devils advocate dies in the filth of his own mediocrity.


"Destroying the New World Order"


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