Why must “We the People” keep putting our faith in a system that is ultimately set up for a big FAIL to begin with? Both parties are owned and operated by corporate and banking puppeteers behind the curtain. Why does anyone think by electing either puppet it will change a thing?

The Government's propaganda arm, the MSM feeds us with a steady diet of the left/right bread and circus show. Step right up folks; we have weenie number 1 and weenie number 2… now let’s play who’s got the biggest weenie contest, shall we? It’s more of the same no matter who you choose because at the end of the day, they are both WEENIES.

The two party system does nothing but further the divide and gives us the illusion that our vote counts. With all the chicanery and vote fraud going on in past and present presidential elections, it’s no wonder why there are many of us sick and tired of playing the game. Nothing changes but the faces in the game. That is about it.

Also, do you think by voting for a third party candidate is going to matter either? I understand voting ones conscience, but is it going to do any good or change the course of the outcome? Third party candidates don’t even get the right to sit at the same dinner table come election time. They are kept in the dark, not allowed to be in the debates and most often are not even on ballots from State to State. It is all done by design because if the American public actually had more viable choices in elections, they would not have to pick the lesser of two evils, now would they?

Besides, by now we should know that the election process is fixed. Look at what they did to Ron Paul in both the 2008 and 2012 republican nominee race. If the establishment wasn’t marginalizing him, ridiculing him or slandering him, they were blatantly stealing the votes right out of the hands of those voting for him. So, all those votes for Ron Paul were thrown to the wind, literally. So keep on voting. Our votes are counted... sure they are.

So this year I’ve chosen not to play the game anymore because the only winners are the ones who stand to profit from rigging the game to their advantage. The NWO has already taken over and I do not want to feed into the political machine they have created. Instead, I will vote No Confidence this year and hope that more Americans will join the cause. Can you imagine come election time, nobody showing up to vote? What would they do? Vote for themselves?  Of course, I may be dreaming but the last I heard, dreaming is still free.

“We the People” have become like a populace of worker bees beholden to their queen. We need to jump out of the colony mentality and become beholden unto ourselves. We are the driving fuel that keeps the political machine running so quit feeding the machine. The machine will break down without us. If and when that does happen, we can pick up the pieces and start anew. We are the change we seek.

Vote No Confidence in 2012...


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And again, no a vote of no confidence is not your only vote left... it isn't a vote for one and you'll have GJ at the least to vote for. What they do or do not do with your vote.... well we will deal with that later but this goes in steps people. What do you think they think about your plan?

CF #1: "The damn people that are upset about what we are doing to this country are not voting?"
CF #2: "Yeah! We don't even have to risk rigging this election!"
CF #1: "Well damn, lets throw a party than".

And than with this theoritcal power of rigging elections they make up whatever they like to get CF#1 or 2 in office anyway and no one ever hears about your plan to give up and it's sucess.

IF there is a write-in space, we can put in Mickey-mouse, or RP or GJ.....if not, we can write-in NO CONfidence ....however, the vote is electronic, so our choices ARE limited. and if that is the case, with only one choice of two evils...why bother.

@Troy.....LOL...."Except that the person that stayed home might accomplish something".

Gary Johnson at the least is going to be on the ballot, just like everytime there are more than two options for you to vote for, infact there will be a lot. Perhaps ya'll have never voted before and this is why your confused?

I'm in total disagreement as usual for this group, it wouldn't be a discussion with out the token dissenter!! I say token because it seem everyone's mind is made up that doing nothing accomplishes something? It's one thing not to donate to any campaigns which I would agree with at this point. It's another thing entirely not to vote at all.

The biggest reason people don't vote third party is because they don't see the support for the candidates. If your going to "throw your vote away" by not voting why not "throw your vote away" by showing your support for a third party candidate?

sure it's "possible" that he could win, will he? No I doubt it but that really makes no difference we need to show the people that the Dems and Reps are not the only choices out there.

Correct, we need to try to break through the two-party barrier syndrome.

I know that Liberty has a chance to make a win here, if you will help her.

Probably not....but that will not sway me from voting for him.  I refuse to simply do nothing.

I'm with ya LaserShadow. I've debated with mini-Anarchists before as well, and the only logical plan for this is to watch the world burn and pick up the pieces later with mini Anarchy communities. While this has not yet been presented as the solution it is the only thing that is even somewhat logic towards the end goal of Liberty and Freedom. However, it does not allow us to go down while fighting and this fight is key in that first we have a chance of winning and also we win the hearts and minds of thousands perhaps millions more before the fall. We will need all them should the worse come to pass.

I love you Troy, but how to do overwhelm a vote when it is rigged against you beforehand? I reported on this on my own site in 2002. We have no legitimate elections in the US anymore!


DO NOT VOTE! It only provides legitimacy to the whole process! In a democracy, (of which this Republic is not supposed to be), only the majority rule, and if you voted for the loser, then you have given tacit consent to be governed by the winner...(in this case weiner)...So please do not be pulled into the fantasy world of the Vote!


It is used to control you and gain your consent!


Good Discussion, Tara

The system is broken, I don't think anyone is agruing that. However, I'd say they haven't had to resort to voting fraud on the Presidential election yet... people just vote badly or don't vote thus far. However, lets make dirty their hands a little more the more they do the more people catch on and can't bury their heads in the sand anymore. More government fraud more whistleblowers and more evidence against a corrupt government. We have made amazing progress in the last year even! So many minds turned on to Liberty and many in government are seeing this. Also Statesmen already in power that had no one listening before are able to recieve and give information out along with using that and the power of our voices to challenge their corrupt colleges.

@Michael Harper ...."I'd say they haven't had to resort to voting fraud on the Presidential election yet..." I believe overt fraud was perpetrated on the public for the "presidential election" when Gore WON the POPULAR vote, but lost the election to George W. Bush

Did you happen to see the video about all the voting fraud by members of the senate or house when they were allowed only one vote each on a particular issue, yet voted several times each?

I understand where you are coming from though, on the No voting issue. Better to write someone in. But how does one write in a viable candidate like GJ or RP if it;s all digital or write-ins are not allowed. THEN what?


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