If you tell me to vote once again, I might go ape shit on ya, just kidding... but maybe I'm not ;)

Before I go into a long diatribe about why not to vote in the next election pageant, I would like to really make myself clear; do what your conscience tells you firstly. Me, myself and I will choose to vote or to not vote in the grand poo ba event of picking the lesser puppet.

Here's what it's really about... "Let's make a deal, you can either pick door number 1 or door number 2." In door number 1 is a fantastic trip to HELL with Obamadonna greeting you with Yes I can... but for what he does not know yet nor does those that voted for him either, and who really is his father?????... door number 2 is a fabulous trip to an Ice Kingdom and there is Romn-ALIEN chanting...Believe in America. He is quick to tell you if you believe in America, you must send in 250.00 dollars to believe. He will send you a bookmark and signature for your troubles.

Of course I am being facetious but how do you like those selections? Isn't life grand?


Stop Telling Me to Vote! An Argument Against Endorsing the Political System

Benjamin Zeman

Every election cycle I have to deal with so many people asking me if I voted and then being shocked, angry or disappointed with me when I say that I don't vote. Maybe I should just say I voted for the Tea Party, is that better? At least I voted right? I have no problem with you voting if that is what you really want to do but I have my reasons for not endorsing this political circus with my vote. I have a right to decline participation in a political system that I believe is corrupted by money, that forces cultural programming and propaganda on us everyday, that is assisting corporate interests in the looting of our wealth and resources, that supports constant wars and military occupation all over the world, that is gradually dumbing down America and has a strong hand in shaping the New World Order.

Voting in America is about giving in to one of two manufactured options. Both options have continually failed us, over and over again, yet we continue to support a political system that cleverly feeds on one of our last bits of freedom; the right to resist the mechanisms of powers that be. Voting is not the last right we have left, so stop telling me it is. We have the right to cognitive liberty, to think for ourselves and act according to those ideas and principles. Every election cycle the machine chews us up, gets us all riled and agitated and then spits us out, excited for a fight and the promise of change that will never come. We are led to believe that our vote gives us a seat behind the steering wheel, but it doesn't. We aren't fighting the machine by voting, we are becoming it.

Our politicians are illusionists, highly skilled at distorting the field of reality. They playfully distract Americans from whats going on behind the scenes, funded by their corporate sponsors. You are constantly being asked to vote against the other party and not for what you believe would be better for our country. You may ask yourself, "what happened to the man I voted for?" or excuse his failures by blaming the opposition of his political rivals but don't give in to the illusion. Do you really think that not voting is what the other political party wants you to do? Are you that afraid that you would vote against your best interests just because you think the other party is more dangerous? Make no mistake, Democrat or Republican, the machine is tethered to corporate interests, big business and the banking elite. There is no great champion of the people, there is no catalyst for change in the two-party system, there is only the illusion that your vote makes a difference and that your candidate will make things better. The masters of political manipulation, the alchemists of internet and television propaganda; they know how to transform opinion and bypass reason, so that they can grab hold of our emotional cords and pull us into their illusion.

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Here is the original post from 2010!  http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/stop-telling-me-to-vote-an 

I totally agree Troy. People need to wake up and realize that voting has become a ceremonial event, a bread and circuses HO-down.

The ballot box is rigged, the two-party system is a sham, third party candidates are kept in the dark so there really is no other solution but to not vote and feed bread to the circus clowns.

And as you stated Troy, it would take a majority of Americans in mass not voting to really make any significant effect or change.

BTW... there's some really great comments in the original posting of this article in 2010. Check out the above link when you get a chance.


no way in the world do I see Obama winning, I honestly think hes going to pull a fast one and go for all out dictator, also I honestly think he is going to double cross his NWO palls and try to become the head of the Muslim NWO Brotherhood, if enough people sit this one out were assured that Obamanation will get four more years and finish us off, were between a rock and a hard place, we know they are all in the pocket of the NWO banksters, our choice is the lessor of two evils, that's our choice, it would be hard to get anyone worse then what we have now, Hillery comes to mind, she could well be worse.

It would be great if all the voters would wright in Ron Paul, but we know that wont happen, we have way too many stupid sheeple, that don't have a clue whats going on.

where is the check box for non confidence on the ballot, dream on, they pick who runs and yes I think we pick who wins, ether way the NWO wins, I know one thing for sure, Obama hates this country to no end, can you say the same for NWO shill Romney, we just don't have a third choice, this is reality, we just don't have enough people that are awake to make a difference, not yet.

“The Republican form of government is the highest form of government: but because of this it requires the highest type of human nature, a type nowhere at present existing.” Herbert Spencer

Not existing in sufficient quantity anyhow, imosho.

Those who do not vote will NOT be responsible for what gets elected.

we have voted out a lot of NWO courier political hacks in many states and replaced them with patriots, all is not lost

did this silly poll from a email,(25.6k voted) just because it had 3 candidates in the topic, so heres the results I was emailed back

Poll Image
The Total Number of people who voted in this poll: 25,668
1) Nearly four years after the start of the great recession, the economy has yet to experience any significant recovery. Which candidate do you think is best able to bring about economic recovery?
   24%  voted:  Barack Obama
   37%  voted:  Mitt Romney
   38%  voted:  Ron Paul
   1%  voted:  Undecided
2) Which candidate do you think can most relate to the financial lives of average Americans?
   24%  voted:  Barack Obama
   32%  voted:  Mitt Romney
   40%  voted:  Ron Paul
   4%  voted:  None of the above
3) Which measure do you think is most likely to bring about economic recovery?
   55%  voted:  Significant decrease in government spending
   14%  voted:  Increased government spending to create jobs
   17%  voted:  Reduction in income taxes and corporate taxes
   2%  voted:  Decrease in principal for under water home loans
   7%  voted:  Other
   5%  voted:  Not sure
4) What is the current state of your personal economic situation in comparison to when the recession started?
   7%  voted:  Significantly better now
   10%  voted:  Somewhat better now
   19%  voted:  Same
   29%  voted:  Somewhat worse now
   34%  voted:  Significantly worse now
   2%  voted:  Not sure
5) Which political party do you most closely align with philosophically?
   20%  voted:  Democrat
   28%  voted:  Republican
   14%  voted:  Libertarian
   12%  voted:  Tea Party
   22%  voted:  Independent
   4%  voted:  Other


(xcept thats a machinist's lathe)

lol...silly redhead


They are all related anyway Tara...See the book Burkes-Peerage Presidential Families of the United States of America. You can get it on www.amazon.com or www.abebooks.com It makes no difference who is president.In the end they are all Illuminati Puppets.

I have been voting 3rd party for president for decades as a protest. Not sure I will even bother this year.

Any thoughts?

If you vote, vote your conscience.

Voting for one dipshit over another in national elections (regardless of which party tag they carry) will not solve anything, imho.



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