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Comment by Less Prone on February 11, 2018 at 3:08am

It's not all in vain because at least for over a hundred years the nation was living less oppressed than today.  Many people got well off as they worked because work was valued, unlike today. The usury cabal, in control of the money/debt scam, has been fighting against freedom and all that is written in the American Constitution since the very beginning.

They have an upper hand now but things in nature tend to fluctuate between extremes. Just as the nation went from the relative liberty  into today's slavery, the opposite will occur. The example of the founding fathers and the years of relative freedom will motive and encourage the people to fight back.

Our times are the times of slavery, indeed. People are born into the system empty handed and die owing to it. Stock markets are places where slavestock herded into corporations is sold in big numbers.


Looking up the meaning of the word "stock";
1(1) archaic : something without life or consciousness
1(2) : a dull, stupid, or lifeless person

6(1) : the equipment, materials, or supplies of an establishment
6(2) : livestock

7 archaic : a supply of capital : funds; especially : money or capital invested or available for investment or trading

The archaic meanings still bear the wisdom that has so thoroughly been washed out of the modern vocabulary. According to the above the stock markets are places where unwitting, lifeless beings (Zombies) are being traded and the transactions paid with money (another scam).

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on February 10, 2018 at 7:44pm

Unfortunately all in vain. Now we live under law of the sea, slaves to the system.


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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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