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Researchers find up to “40-fold increase” of “toxic” PAHs while sampling air and water along 400 miles of Gulf

OSU Researchers find heightened levels of known carcinogens in Gulf


CORVALLIS, Ore. – Although the flow of oil from the Deepwater Horizon spill was halted in mid-July, researchers continue to find elevated concentrations of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs, in some areas of the Gulf of Mexico.

Some of these chemicals are known carcinogens that pose a range of risks to human health.

Oregon State University researchers began testing for the… Continue

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Colo. Plans 1st Medical Marijuana Tracking System

State Wants Remote Video Surveillance To Track Pot From 'Seed To Sell'

Alan Gathright, 7NEWS Content Producer

DENVER -- Colorado is proposing a first-in-the-nation system to track medical marijuana "from seed to sell," a state spokeswoman said.

State regulators propose a network of video surveillance systems where agents can remotely monitor medical pot farms, patient purchases, even the baking of marijuana brownies, said Julie Postlethwait,… Continue

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Russia Quietly Takes Over Ukraine

Russia ropes another errant country back into the fold

September 24, 2010

Richard Palmer

The Trumpet

In recent years, Russia and Ukraine have not been good friends. The Orange Revolution in 2004 swept Ukraine away from Russia forever and into the open arms of the West—or so it seemed.

Photo: Russian President Dmitry Medvedev (left) and his Ukrainian counterpart Viktor Yanukovych look at an old Soviet car during their meeting in… Continue

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Democrats to stuff 20 bills into post-election lame-duck session

the tax cuts of 2001 and 2003, passed under President George W. Bush, which expire at year’s end.

Democrats have promised they will not allow tax rates to rise for families making less than $250,000 a year.

Democratic leaders have also prioritized the defense authorization bill, which includes a repeal of the “Don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that bans gays from serving openly in the military.

RELATED ARTICLESBills competing for floor time in lame-duck… Continue

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U.S. wants to be able to wiretap online communications.

To better track criminals, U.S. wants to be able to wiretap online communications.


WASHINGTON - Federal law enforcement and national security officials are preparing to seek sweeping new regulations of the Internet, arguing that their ability to wiretap criminal and terrorism suspects is "going dark" as people increasingly communicate online instead of by telephone.

Essentially, officials want Congress to require all services… Continue

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Will Liberty Continue To Have A Home In America?

Only the most willingly ignorant people (most of whom are educated beyond their intelligence, as my dad used to say) would argue with the fact that the generation who founded this great country believed that God had providentially established and protected what became known as the United States of America. The public sentiments in this regard are irrefutable.

In his first inaugural address, President George Washington said, “No people can be bound to acknowledge and adore the… Continue

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Obama health care reform imposes 3.8% tax on all income from home sales and home rental income

NaturalNews) The news about Obama's health care reform just keeps getting worse -- and we only find these things long after the bill has passed, of course. The newest revelation concerns a 3.8% tax on income from home sales and home rentals which will go into effect in 2013. (Note: This story has been updated to clarify who the 3.8% tax impacts, see below.)

Depending on your income level, this could end up costing you thousands of dollars from the sale of a home (even if you're a… Continue

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Even your best friends won’t tell you

Jerry Mazza


September 24, 2010

As I remember, that has been a headline for everything from bad breath to dandruff sufferers to those suffering from body odors. The headline was ideal shame-making for manufacturers of mouthwashes, dandruff shampoos, deodorants and antiperspirants. And now it applies to our purported worst enemy, the President of Iran Mahmoud Ahmedinejad. That is, he’s telling us what none of our “best friends” in our government are saying, “that… Continue

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Catholic Europe vs. Islamic Hordes: Round 2

The same forces that made the Battle of Tours-Poitiers inevitable are at work today.

September 24, 2010

The Trumpet

In his enduring tome The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Edward Gibbon wrote that the clash between Muslim and Catholic armies on a dusty road 200 miles south of France in a.d. 732 was “an encounter which would change the history of the whole world.”

If the outcome of the battle of Tours-Poitiers was different, Gibbon wrote,… Continue

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Vision of Aliens, UFOs and the Nephilim

see the warning in The Cosmic Conspiracy

Sept. 23, 2010

Richard Terry

I was listening to your 2 hour end time talk radio roundtable with LA Marzulli and Stan Deyo and I heard you discuss your ability to interpret dreams and I have two very interesting dreams I would like to share with you.

The two dreams are actually my mother’s dreams but they are very disturbing.

My mother is 65. She lives in OH. She is on disability and… Continue

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Pakistan: Muslims burn Christian man as policeman rapes his wife


Washington, D.C. (March 23, 2010)– Travesty of justice does not fit the description of the events. This is simple barbarism.

International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that a Christian man, Arshed Masih, died yesterday after Muslims burned him alive for refusing to… Continue

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Astronomer fears apocalypse 2012 is true


Chennai, Sept. 19: Could the Mayan doomsday prophets have been on to something after all?

After the eponymous film about the ancient Mesoamerican prediction that the world will end in 2012 scared the socks off movie-goers and had sceptics shake their heads in disbelief, leading… Continue

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Recent Events - prophetic


September 22, 2010

Good evening Steve

It has been a long time since I have written. I have information to share.You may take it or leave or completely reject it if you so wish. Again you may reject this if you wish.

For years the Lord told me that there would be a time come in which I would… Continue

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Plague Researchers Race To Beat Bioterrorists

by Staff Writers

Saranac Lake NY (SPX) Sep 23, 2010

Given the many pressing concerns of the day, fear of plague probably isn't what causes most Americans to lose sleep. But for those whose responsibility it is to combat bioterrorism, plague is among the highest priorities.

Those charged with that mission include scientists like medical researcher Steve Smiley, whose lab at the Trudeau Institute is working to develop a vaccine that will protect the public against weaponized forms… Continue

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BREAKING: US House puts oceans, coasts under UN: Senate vote will seal the deal

September 21, 2010

Piece by piece, America being given away

By Carmen Reynolds, Paul McKain and Karen Schoen

“It’s too late; it’ll just have to be stopped in the Senate,” Tom, the young male answering the phone in U.S. Rep. John Boehner’s (R-Ohio)Washington D.C. office, said about HR 3534 (CLEAR Act). This is the globalist bill designed to give away our land, oceans, adjacent land masses and Great Lakes to an international body, and makes us pay $900 million per year… Continue

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A Storm Is Coming – Relentless in Its Fury


Sept. 10, 2010

Dr. Diane Barnett

I received a very interesting email this week from Dr. Diane Barnett, a physician who works at Uchee Pines. It is very sobering to say the least. The letter tells of a number of people who have had dreams about a coming storm that is relentless in its… Continue

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By Cliff Kincaid

September 17, 2010


In a classic case of misdirection, while the media are preoccupied with the fate of the Bush tax cuts, President Obama is preparing to attend a United Nations summit next week to endorse “innovative finance mechanisms”—global taxes—to drain even more wealth out of the U.S. economy.

A draft “outcome document” produced in advance of the September 20-22 U.N. Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)… Continue

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Gerald Celente's New Food Supply Warnings on Off the Grid News

Previously by Gerald Celente: Recovery? How About 'Relapse'?

Off The Grid News and Renowned Trend-Spotter Gerald Celente Warn Citizens About Rising Food Prices and Possible Food Shortages in the US

Off The Grid News, in conjunction with world-renowned trend-spotter Gerald Celente, have recognized possible food shortages and drastically higher food prices for US citizens.

Gerald Celente, a recognized world trend-spotter, has been… Continue

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Retired NORAD Officer's New Book Predicts a Tentative Worldwide UFO Display on October 13, 2010

A newly-published book by a retired NORAD officer predicts October 13, 2010 as the tentative date for a fleet of extraterrestrial vehicles to hover for hours over the earth's principal cities. Author says the event to be the first in a series intended to avert a planetary catastrophe resulting from increasing levels of carbon-dioxide in the earth's atmosphere dangerously approaching a "critical mass."

"occur this year, in what will surely be one of the great dramas of our… Continue

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Social Engineering Bill In Senate Will Force You Into City


September 10, 2010 by Bob Livingston

A social engineering bill to restrict residence in the suburbs and rural areas and force… Continue

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