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Russia, Syria, and a planned Global Conflict?

Since the early 1900’s Russia has been attempting to intervene in America’s affairs. From establishing a fort in Hawaii in the late 1800’s prior to the territory being given statehood to the charitable trust educational endowments recruiting Russian professors to teach in US classrooms in the form of socialist indoctrination we have been on adversarial footing with the nation of the Bear for a long time. Yet, one might ask why were elements within the US government exploring ways to bring the societies of America and Russia together under a Communist form of united government?


Conspiracy theorists like David Icke will tell you that as early as the late 1800’s global elites had already forged social engineering and diplomatic influence that would lead to World War I and World War II with a third world war in the works. The ultimate goal would be to render the entire world under a global government and a unified army much like UN peace keeping forces only with the draconian authorization to act as the military arm of the one world leadership. This scenario according to David Icke would be accomplished by the third world war between the US and Russia, China, or both ending in such a catastrophic consequence that the embattled masses would gladly accept the proposition of ending any possible world war again with the solution being a single global government that would supposedly end regional conflicts in the best interests of mankind.

Stabbed in the back

Only one problem with this solution though, the very elites who had constructed plans for a war to end all wars would also be the orchestrators of the global government. This solution would end up transforming the world into a prison planet and all nations and all people no longer possessing their own sovereignty, allegiance to their heritage, or the rights of citizens to their former nation! In science fiction we have seen this scenario played out over and over again. In Hollywood we have seen the masses being prepped for such a holocaust through the spectacle of worldwide annihilation due to massive nuclear exchanges between the super powers or an extraterrestrial invasion that decimates the armies of the combined nations such as H. G. Wells “War of the Worlds”.


We can be assured that our media, the deep state, and the shadow government are thoroughly interconnected and using entertainment, subliminal influences, and massive surveillance to being about whatever it takes to create the final bloody conflict that will end in world domination of a totalitarian world government. Communism, collectivism, statism, socialism, and progressivism are all intellectually disingenuous political terms for a society tightly controlled by government while suppressing the freedom of the individual! Even the Bible prophesizes such an end game predicted by the disciples who walked with Jesus. Man seems to be on an inevitable collision course with the worst case scenario.

Allowing antagonists

Not only Russia, but North Korea, Venezuela, Cuba, and China have been tolerated due to the noninterference diplomacy of the US and the rest of the western Democracies, but in doing so they have allowed the hostile intentions of Communist nations to achieve unrealistic demands and concessions they never should have had. This has allowed Russia to establish satellite countries, North Korea to threaten and initiate attacks on South Korea to gain a gateway to nuclear proliferation. China has gained nuclear capability and thanks to Bill Clinton who gave them secrets to the US nuclear arsenal and modern missile technology in exchange for the foreign funding of his election campaigning America gained another lethal opponent!


Thanks to President Obama, a Manchurian Candidate, who allowed Iran to begin its own path to nuclear capability with a Nuke Deal that allowed them to harass US Naval vessels, launch missiles all over the map and even fire rockets at a US Aircraft Carrier without retaliation, another threat has been awakened. During Obama’s administration Russian fighter bombers were allowed to get away with making high speed bombing runs on US Naval ships ordered not to defend themselves! This occurred while President Obama allowed ISIS to grow to the size of the state of Delaware and subjugate 7 million people as his administration hindered US military efforts to interdict the radical Islam slaughter that was being unleashed in Iraq. This occurred as intelligence reports were being sanitized to make look as if Obama was being misinformed until General Flynn exposed the lie.


As far back as the World War II Russia has been allowed to thwart the United States efforts at technological superiority, weapons development, and even disseminating the UFO crash near Roswell, New Mexico by spying on the 509th Bomb Wing, the first nuclear deployment unit in global history! A few short years later after American scientists had perfected the H-Bomb Stalin had secretly used espionage to steal the secrets necessary for the Soviet Union to develop its own Hydrogen Bomb by 1950 as the US entered a Korean conflict being supplied by China and the Soviets!


Today as Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation and former KGB intelligence officer tries to develop a foothold for his nation in the Middle East while threatening Israel and the rest of the friendly Arab states, America is once again faced with being a police force in another regional conflict. One might remember that Robert Welch, founder of the John Birch Society, predicted that America would be used as a global police force expending much of its economic stability in the process while socialism in the form of high taxation and violation of the US Constitution by the federal government would weaken the greatest nation on earth and facilitate the global conflict awaiting the right time to be unleashed.

What kind of outcome?

Is the present crisis in Syria where Iranian troops, Russian Air Force assets, and an Assad regime supported by Putin rife for a regional conflict that could ignite a world war? One must certainly wonder. If not for President Trump the US military would be remaining in the underfunded and depleted state that Obama had left it in, but has this only emboldened US leadership into falling into a trap? Tom Clancy in one of his novels, “Debt of Honor” talks of no single nation that would dare to take on the lion head to head, but with a number of troublesome regimes acting in consort with each other, the lion might be rendered into retreat with the Hyenas nipping at his balls!

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Comment by Doc Vega on April 14, 2018 at 7:58pm

Chris of the family Masters No shit Dude! They are so indoctrinated they would never know the difference!

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on April 14, 2018 at 6:06pm

"This solution would end up transforming the world into a prison planet and all nations and all people no longer possessing their own sovereignty, allegiance to their heritage, or the rights of citizens to their former nation!"

This is happening already. People had been reduced to a legal person status, a serf for the corporate debt. Even worse, not many even realize that.



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