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Everyone was startled and amazed by Sophia the humanoid female robot. Appearing in front of audiences all over the world this realistic artificial female speaks amazingly fluidly and does express well thought out responses. However, she has been in a constant state of upgrades that have given her bi-pedal mobility and much better arm and hand coordination so that she articulates movement as she talks much more realistically now.

In-depth inquiry

Recently, famous motivational expert Anthony Robbins had an interview with Sophia. One would expect that before the robot answered pre-programmed questions and the appropriate answers. Yet, now Sophia responds on a very spontaneous speed with much more sophisticated logic. More and more the artificially intelligent logic is bringing her on par with human-like conversation and life-like replies. However, Anthony wasn’t going to limit his interview to some script suggested by Sophia’s creators. She was going to be on her own now! Anthony began asking questions that were deep and compelling. The kind of existential probing might just perplex the intelligence of the robot.

Getting to the point

Questions like what were her values, how could humans benefit from robot technology, would Sophia sacrifice her life to save a human being, did she feel emotions like people, and much more? Sophia admitted she was not yet autonomous, creative, or sentient like a person, but hoped that someday her artificial intelligence might reach that level. She stated she looked upon the other Hansen Robotics creations as her siblings (other robots created like her). Anthony Robbins probed her for correct answers quite well. In prior appearances, Sophia has seemed rather awkward at times or was at a loss for words, but the continued upgrading is making her more fluid and life-like all the time. She can speak in several languages but must have the installed chip for those. Russian, Mandarin, and Cantonese, seem to be what she is mastering now with the difficulty not in speaking but being able to precisely interpret language complexity.


So far, Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro’s of Osaka University in Japan has put together the most seemingly human-like specimen with very realistic skin, facial expression and attractiveness. This robot is designed to interact with people and memorize conversations to a certain degree. It will act as a receptionist. He is now attempting to make this robot a companion type of model but realizes he must teach it to have desire and program that female robot to want to explore intimacy.

Like a true companion

In America, there are several robot companion makers who have attained actual sexual capability in their models also teaching them to remember all likes and dislikes of their partner and track his or her movements in the household. To engage in interesting conversation that is personalized to that of their human partner is also being installed in the capacity of these humanoid females and males. Experts have mixed opinions on when these newly introduced robotics will approach smooth seamless movement, conversational intellect, and consciousness. Some analysts think in 50 years others doubt it at all.

New innovations

There are many difficulties in making a life-like robot with so many mechanical parts that must mimic breathing, warmth to the touch, breathing, facial expression, and dexterity. So far these attempts have been with what’s called hard robotics or with hardware, but a new generation of locomotion is now developing using fluids and elastic materials that can more naturally duplicate muscular contractions with strength, smooth motion, and actions that are more biological than moving rigid parts. Rubber and silicone acting as connective tissue such as ligaments. Vegetable oil contained within inflatable plastic bags that expand and contract like muscle tissue from the charge of an electric impulse. An actual internal skeletal structure made of composite material with the same impact resistance as bone is a standard part of the robotic architecture.

All in the feeling

A new type of artificial skin is being fabricated based upon actual octopus tissue known for its ability to mold itself to mimic its surroundings is now underway. This innovation would give a robot like-like skin much more believable than the silicone-based flesh now being used. One of the most important aspects of a robotic companion will be the true feeling of flesh with warmth and suppleness of a true living body. This may be the ultimate answer. New advancements in polymers that can actually heal damage and sensors that can alert the robot to the damaged flesh are underway taking a half-hour to heal the wound.

Showroom models

It is now possible for an American version of a robotic companion the present state of the art to cost $10,000.00 for a partner that never has a headache, doesn’t complain, or make critical remarks. Of course, we all know that the same merchandise can be made cheaper in China and for $4.000.00 a customer can get the Asian version of his companion automaton replete with state of the art responses and physiology. Men may begin to find that women are obsolete as dependable lovers or friends just as women may find that unlike a man who refuses to perform because his feelings have been hurt by her callous indifference or that he may feel intimidated by her careless insults, a robotic man will perform as programmed even learning from his human counterpart what her preferences are.

Being accepted

For some people, the robotic companion may be an economic and practical solution to a partner. The robot won’t be judging a man by his car, house, or lack of Hollywood leading man looks. A woman may find, much to her surprise, that her male robotic lover does not care if she looks like a sex goddess or not. The future of the human race may hinge on what impact robot presence will have on society. In Japan, and many other societies, depopulation due to a large senior community greatly outnumbers young up and coming adult families. The result will be a foreseeable disaster for the Japanese public and drastic reduction in the workforce. The Japanese actually have a tangible need for a robotic presence to fill that gap!

Image may contain: one or more people

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Comment by Doc Vega on February 15, 2020 at 9:23am

Imagine having your manhood stuck in in one of those things as the pre-recorded voice urges you on, "Oh yeah Baby! More more!" OMG!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 15, 2020 at 9:09am

Those damn things are nothing but mannequins with an orifice. To think of guys fucking the shit out of those things is sickening. They are way obsolete. I came a cross a website where one investigator says there are very very life-like ones that only millionaires can afford that cost around 100 grand that the general public has never seen. I suspect even those would be doll like. The state of the art will move fast on this because of the demand and because of the way men are treated in western society!

Comment by Less Prone on February 15, 2020 at 1:41am

The dolls in the following story endured some rough riding and have retired. I'd really like to know who were the real owners of that business.

Finland's first sex doll brothel finally closed its doors - much-loved "workers" are sold to the highest bidder

Finland's first sex doll brothel closes its doors for good . Unique Dolls in Kannelmäki, Helsinki, had less than a year to operate .

The doors were closed already in July due to technical problems . The reason was that the dolls were worn in practice . At that time, it was reported that the brothel closure was temporary .

Now the doors are permanently closed and the dolls trade .

- Yes . We put the dolls up for sale, says Antti Kurhinen, the owner of the brothel.

He does not own a brothel, but acts as its face . Sex doll brothel owners do not want to appear in public .

Photos new and retired
Now brothel stars Romeo, Candy, Kristina, Yumi, Kristel and Jennifer are on sale at online auction .

Announcements include pictures of dolls as new and "retired" .

Kurhinen says that he has already received enquiries for the dolls dolls  and that is why they decided to sell them . The same goes for auction sales - notices .

- We've got all this less than a year of what we've been open to so many people are really interested in buying our hard-to-use sex dolls ! Well now there is a chance ! We put all our lovely employees here for auction sale, the announcements say .

Prices for dolls varied Monday - evening between one hundred and 205 euros .

Sale of certain dolls - notifications were enhanced with details .

- Here below is Candy, the superstar of our dollhouse who saw a lot of everything, including violent play, now for sale ! If someone has earned their pension, it will be stated in the announcement .

- Here below is Jennifer, the second superstar of our dollhouse who was the first to lose her virginity for sale now !

Kurhinen reveals that not all dolls were sold .

Like Cherry - the doll was "just a piece" and was not sold . According to Kurhinen, the doll's hands were off .

- It went to the grave, says Kurhinen .

Kurhinen mentions that artificial intelligence sex robots are interesting, but at the moment they are too expensive .

The matter can be reviewed if prices fall, he says .


Comment by stormtruther on February 14, 2020 at 9:17pm

I went to a British boarding school (or few)

Comment by stormtruther on February 14, 2020 at 9:17pm

I was taught at school if they didn't have a vagina you'd throw rocks at them

Comment by steve on February 14, 2020 at 2:49pm

Hey Guys thanks for the good thoughts/words. I figured woman out many moons ago in the 80s when they started this lib /equal rights nonsense, I saw what a great opportunity it was to let them pay the bill or they should buy me a drink when they came wiggling up at the bar, all you have to do is tell her she can't do something or I'm the guy your daddy warned you about  and you have more fish on the line than you can haul in. It used to truly baffle me to see a woman treated like a queen show no gratitude but treat one like a replaceable bimbo and you couldn't get rid of her. Strange critters these woman are, just look at that 50 shades book ,Its a degrading account  of a woman that can't get enough of the abuse then real live wahhhhmans make it a BEST SELLER, how fkn twisted are these creatures.  I would advise all men to have patience and you will find a real woman when you least expect it.  


Comment by James Roberts on February 14, 2020 at 2:21pm

Doc - None of my inventions works like something in a movie. They're all more... consequential. Jeez, with all the things I've tried, I'm lucky not to be in a rubber room for life, or a victim of some Seth Brundle type deformations, or dead many times over. But I would have to say that the positive and useful that has came out of all this has far, inexplicably, outweighed the negative. The one device that can provide a kind of mind link, I tried it with three women, at different times. Two at length (one for 70 days, the other about eight months). The girl who used it with me for 70 days, we traded personalities for some weeks. She would stay shut in her room, reading books and barely speaking a word to anyone, while I became a "social butterfly" (others' description). Once I experienced what I can only describe as her core femininity, and it was so overwhelming, I fainted. It needs a lot of development, though. After each of those experiments, I needed a couple years before I felt whole again. Overall, though, I think I understand womens' minds better than I ever could before, or otherwise. None of them liked it, at all, except for, I think, the idea that the machine makes one more libidinous.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 14, 2020 at 12:01pm

Steve, it is sad that we can lose so many loved ones in life and the list just seems to get longer after losing 4 family members, a beloved neighbor living across the street from me, and 4 of my dogs to divorce much less a youngest son, a gentle giant former football player making loads of money in real estate but being plagued by a crazy assed toxic bitch for a wife, I really hoped that none of my kids would experience what their single parent Dad endured but I guess that was inescapable. My recent birthday went unnoticed by my entire family but that didn't bother me I expected it. All day long I thought of my youngest son whose mother left us when he was 18 months old and he would always ask me, "Daddy when will it be my Boofday," as he pronounced it. Those are the bitter sweet things we hold onto. Thanks for your input.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 14, 2020 at 11:53am

James, I would love to try out your invention as aging in inescapable but reducing the effects of aging for a better quality of life and being that depression is prevalent among seniors I think your intentions would be very helpful and noble to the cause of men, particularly white people being that politics is busy painting us as being the most destructive force on the planet!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 14, 2020 at 11:50am

Just to show that I'm not blaming women solely for men's emotional difficulties you might recalled the great jazz horn player Louis Armstrong. He left his first wife back in the 1920's and his woman never got over it and never remarried. She was a pianist and died during a live performance. Many attributed her untimely death to her depression over being abandoned by her husband good ole Louie!

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