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List Of Traitors In The House Who Voted For CISPA

House Vote #192 in 2012

H.R. 3523: Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (On Passage of the Bill)

Aye R Young, Donald “Don” AK
Aye R Bonner, Jo AL 1st
Aye R Roby, Martha AL 2nd
Aye R Rogers, Michael “Mike” AL 3rd
Aye R Aderholt, Robert AL 4th
No R Brooks, Mo AL 5th
Aye R Bachus, Spencer AL 6th
No D Sewell, Terri AL 7th
Aye R Crawford, Rick AR 1st
Aye R Griffin, Tim AR 2nd
Aye R Womack, Steve AR 3rd
Aye D Ross, Mike AR 4th
No R Gosar, Paul AZ 1st
Aye R Franks, Trent AZ 2nd
Aye R Quayle, Ben AZ 3rd
No D Pastor, Edward “Ed” AZ 4th
No R Schweikert, David AZ 5th
Aye R Flake, Jeff AZ 6th
No D Grijalva, Raul AZ 7th
Aye D Thompson, Michael “Mike” CA 1st
Aye R Herger, Walter “Wally” CA 2nd
Aye R Lungren, Daniel CA 3rd
No R McClintock, Tom CA 4th
No D Matsui, Doris CA 5th
No D Woolsey, Lynn CA 6th
No D Miller, George CA 7th
No D Pelosi, Nancy CA 8th
No D Lee, Barbara CA 9th
Aye D Garamendi, John CA 10th
No D McNerney, Jerry CA 11th
No D Speier, Jackie CA 12th
No D Stark, Fortney “Pete” CA 13th
No D Eshoo, Anna CA 14th
No D Honda, Michael “Mike” CA 15th
No D Lofgren, Zoe CA 16th
No D Farr, Sam CA 17th
Aye D Cardoza, Dennis CA 18th
Aye R Denham, Jeff CA 19th
Aye D Costa, Jim CA 20th
Aye R Nunes, Devin CA 21st
Aye R McCarthy, Kevin CA 22nd
No D Capps, Lois CA 23rd
Aye R Gallegly, Elton CA 24th
Aye R McKeon, Howard “Buck” CA 25th
Aye R Dreier, David CA 26th
No D Sherman, Brad CA 27th
No D Berman, Howard CA 28th
No D Schiff, Adam CA 29th
No D Waxman, Henry CA 30th
No D Becerra, Xavier CA 31st
No D Chu, Judy CA 32nd
No D Bass, Karen CA 33rd
No D Roybal-Allard, Lucille CA 34th
No D Waters, Maxine CA 35th
No D Hahn, Janice CA 36th
No D Richardson, Laura CA 37th
No D Napolitano, Grace CA 38th
No D Sánchez, Linda CA 39th
Aye R Royce, Edward “Ed” CA 40th
Aye R Lewis, Jerry CA 41st
Aye R Miller, Gary CA 42nd
No D Baca, Joe CA 43rd
Aye R Calvert, Ken CA 44th
Aye R Bono Mack, Mary CA 45th
No R Rohrabacher, Dana CA 46th
No D Sanchez, Loretta CA 47th
Aye R Campbell, John CA 48th
Aye R Issa, Darrell CA 49th
Aye R Bilbray, Brian CA 50th
No Vote D Filner, Bob CA 51st
Aye R Hunter, Duncan CA 52nd
No D Davis, Susan CA 53rd
No D DeGette, Diana CO 1st
No D Polis, Jared CO 2nd
Aye R Tipton, Scott CO 3rd
Aye R Gardner, Cory CO 4th
Aye R Lamborn, Doug CO 5th
Aye R Coffman, Mike CO 6th
No D Perlmutter, Ed CO 7th
No D Larson, John CT 1st
No D Courtney, Joe CT 2nd
No D DeLauro, Rosa CT 3rd
No D Himes, James CT 4th
No D Murphy, Christopher CT 5th
Aye D Carney, John DE
Aye R Miller, Jeff FL 1st
Aye R Southerland, Steve FL 2nd
No D Brown, Corrine FL 3rd
Aye R Crenshaw, Ander FL 4th
Aye R Nugent, Richard FL 5th
Aye R Stearns, Clifford “Cliff” FL 6th
Aye R Mica, John FL 7th
Aye R Webster, Daniel FL 8th
Aye R Bilirakis, Gus FL 9th
Aye R Young, Bill FL 10th
Aye D Castor, Kathy FL 11th
Aye R Ross, Dennis FL 12th
Aye R Buchanan, Vern FL 13th
No R Mack, Connie FL 14th
No R Posey, Bill FL 15th
Aye R Rooney, Thomas FL 16th
No D Wilson, Frederica FL 17th
Aye R Ros-Lehtinen, Ileana FL 18th
No D Deutch, Ted FL 19th
No D Wasserman Schultz, Debbie FL 20th
Aye R Diaz-Balart, Mario FL 21st
Aye R West, Allen FL 22nd
No D Hastings, Alcee FL 23rd
Aye R Adams, Sandy FL 24th
Aye R Rivera, David FL 25th
Aye R Kingston, Jack GA 1st
Aye D Bishop, Sanford GA 2nd
Aye R Westmoreland, Lynn GA 3rd
No D Johnson, Henry “Hank” GA 4th
No D Lewis, John GA 5th
Aye R Price, Tom GA 6th
Aye R Woodall, Rob GA 7th
Aye R Scott, Austin GA 8th
Aye R Graves, Tom GA 9th
Aye R Broun, Paul GA 10th
Aye R Gingrey, John “Phil” GA 11th
Aye D Barrow, John GA 12th
Aye D Scott, David GA 13th
Aye D Hanabusa, Colleen HI 1st
No Vote D Hirono, Mazie HI 2nd
No D Braley, Bruce IA 1st
No D Loebsack, David IA 2nd
Aye D Boswell, Leonard IA 3rd
Aye R Latham, Thomas “Tom” IA 4th
Aye R King, Steve IA 5th
Aye R Labrador, Raúl ID 1st
No R Simpson, Michael “Mike” ID 2nd
No D Rush, Bobby IL 1st
No D Jackson, Jesse IL 2nd
Aye D Lipinski, Daniel IL 3rd
No D Gutiérrez, Luis IL 4th
No D Quigley, Mike IL 5th
Aye R Roskam, Peter IL 6th
No D Davis, Danny IL 7th
No R Walsh, Joe IL 8th
No D Schakowsky, Janice “Jan” IL 9th
Aye R Dold, Bob IL 10th
Aye R Kinzinger, Adam IL 11th
No D Costello, Jerry IL 12th
Aye R Biggert, Judy IL 13th
Aye R Hultgren, Randy IL 14th
No R Johnson, Timothy IL 15th
Vote Party Representative District
Aye R Manzullo, Donald IL 16th
Aye R Schilling, Robert “Bobby” IL 17th
Aye R Schock, Aaron IL 18th
Aye R Shimkus, John IL 19th
No D Visclosky, Peter IN 1st
Aye D Donnelly, Joe IN 2nd
Aye R Stutzman, Marlin IN 3rd
Aye R Rokita, Todd IN 4th
Aye R Burton, Dan IN 5th
No Vote R Pence, Mike IN 6th
No D Carson, André IN 7th
No Vote R Bucshon, Larry IN 8th
Aye R Young, Todd IN 9th
Aye R Huelskamp, Tim KS 1st
Aye R Jenkins, Lynn KS 2nd
Aye R Yoder, Kevin KS 3rd
Aye R Pompeo, Mike KS 4th
Aye R Whitfield, Edward “Ed” KY 1st
Aye R Guthrie, Brett KY 2nd
No D Yarmuth, John KY 3rd
No Vote R Davis, Geoff KY 4th
Aye R Rogers, Harold “Hal” KY 5th
Aye D Chandler, Ben KY 6th
Aye R Scalise, Steve LA 1st
No D Richmond, Cedric LA 2nd
No R Landry, Jeff LA 3rd
No R Fleming, John LA 4th
Aye R Alexander, Rodney LA 5th
Aye R Cassidy, Bill LA 6th
Aye R Boustany, Charles LA 7th
No D Olver, John MA 1st
No D Neal, Richard MA 2nd
No D McGovern, James “Jim” MA 3rd
No D Frank, Barney MA 4th
No D Tsongas, Niki MA 5th
No D Tierney, John MA 6th
No D Markey, Edward “Ed” MA 7th
No D Capuano, Michael MA 8th
No D Lynch, Stephen MA 9th
No D Keating, William MA 10th
Aye R Harris, Andy MD 1st
Aye D Ruppersberger, Dutch MD 2nd
No D Sarbanes, John MD 3rd
No D Edwards, Donna MD 4th
No D Hoyer, Steny MD 5th
Aye R Bartlett, Roscoe MD 6th
No D Cummings, Elijah MD 7th
No D Van Hollen, Christopher “Chris” MD 8th
No D Pingree, Chellie ME 1st
No D Michaud, Michael ME 2nd
Aye R Benishek, Dan MI 1st
Aye R Huizenga, Bill MI 2nd
No R Amash, Justin MI 3rd
Aye R Camp, David “Dave” MI 4th
No D Kildee, Dale MI 5th
Aye R Upton, Frederick “Fred” MI 6th
Aye R Walberg, Timothy MI 7th
Aye R Rogers, Michael “Mike” MI 8th
No D Peters, Gary MI 9th
Aye R Miller, Candice MI 10th
No R McCotter, Thaddeus “Thad” MI 11th
No D Levin, Sander MI 12th
No D Clarke, Hansen MI 13th
No D Conyers, John MI 14th
No D Dingell, John MI 15th
No D Walz, Timothy MN 1st
Aye R Kline, John MN 2nd
Aye R Paulsen, Erik MN 3rd
No D McCollum, Betty MN 4th
No D Ellison, Keith MN 5th
Aye R Bachmann, Michele MN 6th
Aye D Peterson, Collin MN 7th
Aye R Cravaack, Chip MN 8th
No D Clay, William MO 1st
No R Akin, Todd MO 2nd
No D Carnahan, Russ MO 3rd
Aye R Hartzler, Vicky MO 4th
No D Cleaver, Emanuel MO 5th
Aye R Graves, Samuel “Sam” MO 6th
Aye R Long, Billy MO 7th
No R Emerson, Jo Ann MO 8th
Aye R Luetkemeyer, Blaine MO 9th
Aye R Nunnelee, Alan MS 1st
No D Thompson, Bennie MS 2nd
Aye R Harper, Gregg MS 3rd
Aye R Palazzo, Steven MS 4th
No R Rehberg, Dennis “Denny” MT
North Carolina
Aye D Butterfield, George “G.K.” NC 1st
Aye R Ellmers, Renee NC 2nd
No R Jones, Walter NC 3rd
No D Price, David NC 4th
Aye R Foxx, Virginia NC 5th
Aye R Coble, Howard NC 6th
Aye D McIntyre, Mike NC 7th
Aye D Kissell, Larry NC 8th
Aye R Myrick, Sue NC 9th
No Vote R McHenry, Patrick NC 10th
Aye D Shuler, Heath NC 11th
No D Watt, Melvin “Mel” NC 12th
No D Miller, Bradley “Brad” NC 13th
North Dakota
Aye R Berg, Rick ND
Aye R Fortenberry, Jeffrey NE 1st
Aye R Terry, Lee NE 2nd
Aye R Smith, Adrian NE 3rd
New Hampshire
Aye R Guinta, Frank NH 1st
Aye R Bass, Charles “Charlie” NH 2nd
New Jersey
No D Andrews, Robert “Rob” NJ 1st
Aye R LoBiondo, Frank NJ 2nd
Aye R Runyan, Jon NJ 3rd
Aye R Smith, Christopher “Chris” NJ 4th
Aye R Garrett, Scott NJ 5th
No D Pallone, Frank NJ 6th
Aye R Lance, Leonard NJ 7th
No D Pascrell, William “Bill” NJ 8th
No D Rothman, Steven NJ 9th
Aye R Frelinghuysen, Rodney NJ 11th
No D Holt, Rush NJ 12th
No Vote D Sires, Albio NJ 13th
New Mexico
No D Heinrich, Martin NM 1st
No R Pearce, Steven “Steve” NM 2nd
No D Luján, Ben NM 3rd
No D Berkley, Shelley NV 1st
Aye R Amodei, Mark NV 2nd
Aye R Heck, Joe NV 3rd
New York
Aye D Bishop, Timothy NY 1st
Aye D Israel, Steve NY 2nd
Aye R King, Peter “Pete” NY 3rd
Aye D McCarthy, Carolyn NY 4th
No D Ackerman, Gary NY 5th
No D Meeks, Gregory NY 6th
No D Crowley, Joseph NY 7th
No D Nadler, Jerrold NY 8th
Aye R Turner, Robert NY 9th
Aye D Towns, Edolphus “Ed” NY 10th
No D Clarke, Yvette NY 11th
No D Velázquez, Nydia NY 12th
Aye R Grimm, Michael NY 13th
No Vote D Maloney, Carolyn NY 14th
No Vote D Rangel, Charles NY 15th
No D Serrano, José NY 16th
No D Engel, Eliot NY 17th
Vote Party Representative District
No D Lowey, Nita NY 18th
Aye R Hayworth, Nan NY 19th
No R Gibson, Chris NY 20th
No D Tonko, Paul NY 21st
No D Hinchey, Maurice NY 22nd
Aye D Owens, William NY 23rd
Aye R Hanna, Richard NY 24th
Aye R Buerkle, Ann Marie NY 25th
Aye D Hochul, Kathleen NY 26th
No D Higgins, Brian NY 27th
No Vote D Slaughter, Louise NY 28th
Aye R Reed, Tom NY 29th
Aye R Chabot, Steven “Steve” OH 1st
Aye R Schmidt, Jean OH 2nd
Aye R Turner, Michael OH 3rd
Aye R Jordan, Jim OH 4th
Aye R Latta, Robert OH 5th
Aye R Johnson, Bill OH 6th
Aye R Austria, Steve OH 7th
No D Kaptur, Marcy OH 9th
No D Kucinich, Dennis OH 10th
No D Fudge, Marcia OH 11th
Aye R Tiberi, Patrick “Pat” OH 12th
No D Sutton, Betty OH 13th
Aye R LaTourette, Steven OH 14th
Aye R Stivers, Steve OH 15th
Aye R Renacci, Jim OH 16th
No D Ryan, Timothy OH 17th
Aye R Gibbs, Bob OH 18th
Aye R Sullivan, John OK 1st
Aye D Boren, Dan OK 2nd
Aye R Lucas, Frank OK 3rd
Aye R Cole, Tom OK 4th
Aye R Lankford, James OK 5th
No D Bonamici, Suzanne OR 1st
Aye R Walden, Greg OR 2nd
No Vote D Blumenauer, Earl OR 3rd
No D DeFazio, Peter OR 4th
Aye D Schrader, Kurt OR 5th
No D Brady, Robert PA 1st
No D Fattah, Chaka PA 2nd
Aye R Kelly, Mike PA 3rd
Aye D Altmire, Jason PA 4th
Aye R Thompson, Glenn PA 5th
Aye R Gerlach, Jim PA 6th
Aye R Meehan, Patrick PA 7th
Aye R Fitzpatrick, Michael PA 8th
Aye R Shuster, William “Bill” PA 9th
No Vote R Marino, Thomas PA 10th
Aye R Barletta, Lou PA 11th
Aye D Critz, Mark PA 12th
No D Schwartz, Allyson PA 13th
No D Doyle, Michael “Mike” PA 14th
Aye R Dent, Charles PA 15th
Aye R Pitts, Joseph PA 16th
No Vote D Holden, Tim PA 17th
Aye R Murphy, Tim PA 18th
Aye R Platts, Todd PA 19th
Rhode Island
No D Cicilline, David RI 1st
Aye D Langevin, James “Jim” RI 2nd
South Carolina
Aye R Scott, Tim SC 1st
Aye R Wilson, Addison “Joe” SC 2nd
Aye R Duncan, Jeff SC 3rd
Aye R Gowdy, Trey SC 4th
Aye R Mulvaney, Mick SC 5th
Aye D Clyburn, James “Jim” SC 6th
South Dakota
Aye R Noem, Kristi SD
Aye R Roe, Phil TN 1st
Aye R Duncan, John “Jimmy” TN 2nd
Aye R Fleischmann, Chuck TN 3rd
Aye R DesJarlais, Scott TN 4th
Aye D Cooper, Jim TN 5th
Aye R Black, Diane TN 6th
Aye R Blackburn, Marsha TN 7th
Aye R Fincher, Stephen TN 8th
No D Cohen, Steve TN 9th
No R Gohmert, Louis TX 1st
Aye R Poe, Ted TX 2nd
Aye R Johnson, Samuel “Sam” TX 3rd
No R Hall, Ralph TX 4th
Aye R Hensarling, Jeb TX 5th
No R Barton, Joe TX 6th
Aye R Culberson, John TX 7th
Aye R Brady, Kevin TX 8th
No D Green, Al TX 9th
Aye R McCaul, Michael TX 10th
Aye R Conaway, Michael TX 11th
Aye R Granger, Kay TX 12th
Aye R Thornberry, William “Mac” TX 13th
No Vote R Paul, Ronald “Ron” TX 14th
No D Hinojosa, Rubén TX 15th
No D Reyes, Silvestre TX 16th
Aye R Flores, Bill TX 17th
No D Jackson-Lee, Sheila TX 18th
Aye R Neugebauer, Randy TX 19th
Aye D Gonzalez, Charles “Charlie” TX 20th
Aye R Smith, Lamar TX 21st
Aye R Olson, Pete TX 22nd
No Vote R Canseco, Francisco “Quico” TX 23rd
No R Marchant, Kenny TX 24th
No D Doggett, Lloyd TX 25th
Aye R Burgess, Michael TX 26th
No R Farenthold, Blake TX 27th
Aye D Cuellar, Henry TX 28th
No D Green, Raymond “Gene” TX 29th
No D Johnson, Eddie TX 30th
Aye R Carter, John TX 31st
Aye R Sessions, Peter “Pete” TX 32nd
No R Bishop, Rob UT 1st
Aye D Matheson, Jim UT 2nd
Aye R Chaffetz, Jason UT 3rd
Aye R Wittman, Rob VA 1st
No R Rigell, Scott VA 2nd
No D Scott, Robert “Bobby” VA 3rd
Aye R Forbes, Randy VA 4th
Aye R Hurt, Robert VA 5th
Aye R Goodlatte, Robert “Bob” VA 6th
Aye R Cantor, Eric VA 7th
Aye D Moran, James “Jim” VA 8th
Aye R Griffith, Morgan VA 9th
Aye R Wolf, Frank VA 10th
Aye D Connolly, Gerald VA 11th
No D Welch, Peter VT
Aye D Larsen, Rick WA 2nd
Aye R Herrera Beutler, Jaime WA 3rd
Aye R Hastings, Doc WA 4th
Aye R McMorris Rodgers, Cathy WA 5th
Aye D Dicks, Norman “Norm” WA 6th
No D McDermott, James “Jim” WA 7th
Aye R Reichert, Dave WA 8th
Aye D Smith, Adam WA 9th
Aye R Ryan, Paul WI 1st
No D Baldwin, Tammy WI 2nd
No D Kind, Ronald “Ron” WI 3rd
No D Moore, Gwen WI 4th
No R Sensenbrenner, James WI 5th
Aye R Petri, Thomas “Tom” WI 6th
Aye R Duffy, Sean WI 7th
Aye R Ribble, Reid WI 8th
West Virginia
Aye R McKinley, David WV 1st
Aye R Capito, Shelley WV 2nd
No D Rahall, Nick WV 3rd
Aye R Lummis, Cynthia WY

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Comment by apeman2502 on April 28, 2012 at 5:26pm

  If the whiners over at congress would just admit that they have ZERO talent beyond prancing and mewling for campaign contributions, we could find them suitable work as to ball chasers at sports events. This congressional permission to access and steal trade and research secrets proves assertions of congressional vampirism. How easy it would be to divulge trade and research secrets in the interest of 'national security'. Look at all the stinking crooks in government. vetoing this is a no-brainer.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on April 28, 2012 at 5:40pm

@ krys You're thinking in terms of scarcity paradigm needs.  We need stigmergic GOVERNANCE, not a Government. (See for a definition of stigmergy.)  This in an abundance paradigm is far better.  Did You check out My links?

Comment by Cryptocurrency on April 28, 2012 at 7:40pm

@ Tara

Kucinich voted no :)

Comment by Tara on April 28, 2012 at 8:56pm

Thanks Krypke! I must have been having a blond moment there. Either that or I need bifocals, lol. I don't know what's worse, not being able to see ( half blind I am) or knowing that we are getting fooked by the powers that be. I would pick the latter.

Comment by Cryptocurrency on April 29, 2012 at 9:08pm

It's ok. It was an easy thing to miss. I didn't notice right away either :)

Comment by Less Prone on April 30, 2012 at 7:56am

Remember these when you vote for your representative

State HR3523 Reperesentative
Alabama No  R Brooks, Mo AL 5th
Alabama No  D Sewell, Terri AL 7th
Arizona No  R Gosar, Paul AZ 1st
Arizona No  D Pastor, Edward “Ed” AZ 4th
Arizona No  R Schweikert, David AZ 5th
Arizona No  D Grijalva, Raul AZ 7th
California No  R McClintock, Tom CA 4th
California No  D Matsui, Doris CA 5th
California No  D Woolsey, Lynn CA 6th
California No  D Miller, George CA 7th
California No(dyslexia?)  D Pelosi, Nancy CA 8th
California No  D Lee, Barbara CA 9th
California No  D McNerney, Jerry CA 11th
California No  D Speier, Jackie CA 12th
California No  D Stark, Fortney “Pete” CA 13th
California No  D Eshoo, Anna CA 14th
California No  D Honda, Michael “Mike” CA 15th
California No  D Lofgren, Zoe CA 16th
California No  D Farr, Sam CA 17th
California No  D Capps, Lois CA 23rd
California No  D Sherman, Brad CA 27th
California No  D Berman, Howard CA 28th
California No  D Schiff, Adam CA 29th
California No  D Waxman, Henry CA 30th
California No  D Becerra, Xavier CA 31st
California No  D Chu, Judy CA 32nd
California No  D Bass, Karen CA 33rd
California No  D Roybal-Allard, Lucille CA 34th
California No  D Waters, Maxine CA 35th
California No  D Hahn, Janice CA 36th
California No  D Richardson, Laura CA 37th
California No  D Napolitano, Grace CA 38th
California No  D Sánchez, Linda CA 39th
California No  D Baca, Joe CA 43rd
California No  R Rohrabacher, Dana CA 46th
California No  D Sanchez, Loretta CA 47th
California No  Vote D Filner, Bob CA 51st
California No  D Davis, Susan CA 53rd
Colorado No  D DeGette, Diana CO 1st
Colorado No  D Polis, Jared CO 2nd
Colorado No  D Perlmutter, Ed CO 7th
Connecticut No  D Larson, John CT 1st
Connecticut No  D Courtney, Joe CT 2nd
Connecticut No  D DeLauro, Rosa CT 3rd
Connecticut No  D Himes, James CT 4th
Connecticut No  D Murphy, Christopher CT 5th
Florida No  D Brown, Corrine FL 3rd
Florida No  R Mack, Connie FL 14th
Florida No  R Posey, Bill FL 15th
Florida No  D Wilson, Frederica FL 17th
Florida No  D Deutch, Ted FL 19th
Florida No  D Wasserman Schultz, Debbie FL 20th
Florida No  D Hastings, Alcee FL 23rd
Georgia No  D Johnson, Henry “Hank” GA 4th
Georgia No  D Lewis, John GA 5th
Hawaii No  Vote D Hirono, Mazie HI 2nd
Iowa No  D Braley, Bruce IA 1st
Iowa No  D Loebsack, David IA 2nd
Idaho No  R Simpson, Michael “Mike” ID 2nd
Illinois No  D Rush, Bobby IL 1st
Illinois No  D Jackson, Jesse IL 2nd
Illinois No  D Gutiérrez, Luis IL 4th
Illinois No  D Quigley, Mike IL 5th
Illinois No  D Davis, Danny IL 7th
Illinois No  R Walsh, Joe IL 8th
Illinois No  D Schakowsky, Janice “Jan” IL 9th
Illinois No  D Costello, Jerry IL 12th
Illinois No  R Johnson, Timothy IL 15th
Indiana No  D Visclosky, Peter IN 1st
Indiana No  Vote R Pence, Mike IN 6th
Indiana No  D Carson, André IN 7th
Indiana No  Vote R Bucshon, Larry IN 8th
Kentucky No  D Yarmuth, John KY 3rd
Kentucky No  Vote R Davis, Geoff KY 4th
Louisiana No  D Richmond, Cedric LA 2nd
Louisiana No  R Landry, Jeff LA 3rd
Louisiana No  R Fleming, John LA 4th
Massachusetts No  D Olver, John MA 1st
Massachusetts No  D Neal, Richard MA 2nd
Massachusetts No  D McGovern, James “Jim” MA 3rd
Massachusetts No  D Frank, Barney MA 4th
Massachusetts No  D Tsongas, Niki MA 5th
Massachusetts No  D Tierney, John MA 6th
Massachusetts No  D Markey, Edward “Ed” MA 7th
Massachusetts No  D Capua, Michael MA 8th
Massachusetts No  D Lynch, Stephen MA 9th
Massachusetts No  D Keating, William MA 10th
Maryland No  D Sarbanes, John MD 3rd
Maryland No  D Edwards, Donna MD 4th
Maryland No  D Hoyer, Steny MD 5th
Maryland No  D Cummings, Elijah MD 7th
Maryland No  D Van Hollen, Christopher “Chris” MD 8th
Maine No  D Pingree, Chellie ME 1st
Maine No  D Michaud, Michael ME 2nd
Michigan No  R Amash, Justin MI 3rd
Michigan No  D Kildee, Dale MI 5th
Michigan No  D Peters, Gary MI 9th
Michigan No  R McCotter, Thaddeus “Thad” MI 11th
Michigan No  D Levin, Sander MI 12th
Michigan No  D Clarke, Hansen MI 13th
Michigan No  D Conyers, John MI 14th
Michigan No  D Dingell, John MI 15th
Minnesota No  D Walz, Timothy MN 1st
Minnesota No  D McCollum, Betty MN 4th
Minnesota No  D Ellison, Keith MN 5th
Missouri No  D Clay, William MO 1st
Missouri No  R Akin, Todd MO 2nd
Missouri No  D Carnahan, Russ MO 3rd
Missouri No  D Cleaver, Emanuel MO 5th
Missouri No  R Emerson, Jo Ann MO 8th
Mississippi No  D Thompson, Bennie MS 2nd
Montana No  R Rehberg, Dennis “Denny” MT
North Carolina No  R Jones, Walter NC 3rd
North Carolina No  D Price, David NC 4th
North Carolina No  Vote R McHenry, Patrick NC 10th
North Carolina No  D Watt, Melvin “Mel” NC 12th
North Carolina No  D Miller, Bradley “Brad” NC 13th
New Jersey No  D Andrews, Robert “Rob” NJ 1st
New Jersey No  D Pallone, Frank NJ 6th
New Jersey No  D Pascrell, William “Bill” NJ 8th
New Jersey No  D Rothman, Steven NJ 9th
New Jersey No  D Holt, Rush NJ 12th
New Jersey No  Vote D Sires, Albio NJ 13th
New Mexico No  D Heinrich, Martin NM 1st
New Mexico No  R Pearce, Steven “Steve” NM 2nd
New Mexico No  D Luján, Ben NM 3rd
Nevada No  D Berkley, Shelley NV 1st
New York No  D Ackerman, Gary NY 5th
New York No  D Meeks, Gregory NY 6th
New York No  D Crowley, Joseph NY 7th
New York No  D Nadler, Jerrold NY 8th
New York No  D Clarke, Yvette NY 11th
New York No  D Velázquez, Nydia NY 12th
New York No  Vote D Maloney, Carolyn NY 14th
New York No  Vote D Rangel, Charles NY 15th
New York No  D Serra, José NY 16th
New York No  D Engel, Eliot NY 17th
New York No  D Lowey, Nita NY 18th
New York No  R Gibson, Chris NY 20th
New York No  D Tonko, Paul NY 21st
New York No  D Hinchey, Maurice NY 22nd
New York No  D Higgins, Brian NY 27th
New York No  Vote D Slaughter, Louise NY 28th
Ohio No  D Kaptur, Marcy OH 9th
Ohio No  D Kucinich, Dennis OH 10th
Ohio No  D Fudge, Marcia OH 11th
Ohio No  D Sutton, Betty OH 13th
Ohio No  D Ryan, Timothy OH 17th
Oregon No  D Bonamici, Suzanne OR 1st
Oregon No  Vote D Blumenauer, Earl OR 3rd
Oregon No  D DeFazio, Peter OR 4th
Pennsylvania No  D Brady, Robert PA 1st
Pennsylvania No  D Fattah, Chaka PA 2nd
Pennsylvania No  Vote R Mari, Thomas PA 10th
Pennsylvania No  D Schwartz, Allyson PA 13th
Pennsylvania No  D Doyle, Michael “Mike” PA 14th
Pennsylvania No  Vote D Holden, Tim PA 17th
Rhode Island No  D Cicilline, David RI 1st
Tennessee No  D Cohen, Steve TN 9th
Texas No  R Gohmert, Louis TX 1st
Texas No  R Hall, Ralph TX 4th
Texas No  R Barton, Joe TX 6th
Texas No  D Green, Al TX 9th
Texas No  Vote R Paul, Ronald “Ron” TX 14th
Texas No  D Hijosa, Rubén TX 15th
Texas No  D Reyes, Silvestre TX 16th
Texas No  D Jackson-Lee, Sheila TX 18th
Texas No  Vote R Canseco, Francisco “Quico” TX 23rd
Texas No  R Marchant, Kenny TX 24th
Texas No  D Doggett, Lloyd TX 25th
Texas No  R Farenthold, Blake TX 27th
Texas No  D Green, Raymond “Gene” TX 29th
Texas No  D Johnson, Eddie TX 30th
Utah No  R Bishop, Rob UT 1st
Virginia No  R Rigell, Scott VA 2nd
Virginia No  D Scott, Robert “Bobby” VA 3rd
Vermont No  D Welch, Peter VT
Washington No  D McDermott, James “Jim” WA 7th
Wisconsin No  D Baldwin, Tammy WI 2nd
Wisconsin No  D Kind, Ronald “Ron” WI 3rd
Wisconsin No  D Moore, Gwen WI 4th
Wisconsin No  R Sensenbrenner, James WI 5th
West Virginia No  D Rahall, Nick WV 3rd

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on April 30, 2012 at 8:33am

Very disproportionately Dem on the No votes - not that the parties make any difference.  Both are the two hands of the same beast.


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