A HORRIBLE SECRET – What the US Government does to Foster Care Children


Across America, doctors are putting foster children on powerful, mind-altering drugs at rates up to 13 times that of children in the general population. What's more, doctors are prescribing foster children drugs at doses beyond what the Food and Drug Administration has approved, sometimes in potentially dangerous combinations, according to a new report by the federal Government Accountability Office.

ABC News was given exclusive access to the GAO report, which capped off a nationwide year long investigation by ABC News on the overuse of the most powerful mind-altering drugs on many of the country's nearly 425,000 foster children.

The GAO's report, based on a two-year-long investigation, looked at five states -- Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon and Texas. Thousands of foster children were being prescribed psychiatric medications at doses higher than the maximum levels approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in these five states alone. And hundreds of foster children received five or more psychiatric drugs at the same time despite absolutely no evidence supporting the simultaneous use or safety of this number of psychiatric drugs taken together.

For example, in Texas, foster children were 53 times more likely to be prescribed five or more psychiatric medications at the same time than non-foster children. In Massachusetts, they were 19 times more likely. In Michigan, the number was 15 times. It was 13 times in Oregon. And in Florida, foster children were nearly four times as likely to be given five or more psychotropic medications at the same time compared to non-foster children. 

Whilst the report from the Federal Government’s Accountability Office focuses on foster children, the net of drug industry profiteering from harmful drugs given to US children and other children around the world is much wider and not limited to children in foster care.

When you see the two-parts video report below ask yourself, “What about the children who are not in foster care getting these drugs?” and “What are doctors and psychiatrists playing at? Can you trust them? Where’s the science? Out to lunch?“

The Columbian drug cartels are like a corner store compared to these guys. And don’t forget to visit The Institute for Nearly Genuine Research for some hard facts laced with humour about the barking mad world of the drug industry’s psychiatric drugs.

US Govt. Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs (1)


US Govt. Fails to Oversee Treatment of Foster Children With Mind-Altering Drugs (2)




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Comment by Russ Hallberg Jr on August 15, 2012 at 4:42am

Psychiatrists help insurance companies launder money through claims. I'm not sure this applies to foster children. I am sure it applies to hospitalized adults in North Carolina. 

9/11 and the Yogurt Shop Murders

Comment by Ria on August 15, 2012 at 2:23am

Imagine how candidly the lady in the video shares the inside info that giving drugs is preferred because it works out cheaper than putting a child in a foster home. Disgusting to even think of "profit" in such cases.

Comment by Ria on August 15, 2012 at 2:21am

Absolutely! I wonder if there is anything in the world that has been spared from being inflicted with one vile act or another.


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