Attn: Your Profile may be deleted !!





I am glad this post has brought so many of you back. I will keep open mind about this policy and will suspend acting on it til more of your views are heard here.



Attn: Your Profile may be deleted !!


We will be deleting or suspending inactive members starting today.


The question to the majority of you long time members is why are you still here?


We would rather have you around and participating as part of the  group, but we can not tolerate wasting the time of those who are willing to help.


The site is a social network, with goals of true activism and preparation for things to come. If you are not interested in working towards these goals or can not be bothered, we bid you a good farewell.


This policy was inspired by the pathetic turn out in our new radio group. Many of you joined and expressed a desire to help us get this project rolling, yet did nothing. Zero!


With that said, we are cutting the dead weight now, across the whole site.  Any member who is inactive for more than 6 weeks will be subject to this new policy.


This removal process will start today and will begin with those with the longest absence from the site.

v-mail 530 -686-8530

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Comment by K. Spears-Hartford on July 9, 2011 at 10:55pm

James, Am sorry I am not here as often as I'd like to be, nor have I found any info. to share, other than what is already here (y'all do a great job!!), or on other, related networks ....   You guys, here, are way ahead of me (!), at every turn, it seems.

We've been officially unemployed, tryin' to serve in ministry work (we are in charge of a food pantry in our local area, and we do other things related to that & serving others, as we are able to), and ... we have had to go on food stamps, which we are against, ... but found we could hold out no longer, because we could not afford to build up the soil (red clay! very acid!), & set up things to grow our own food where we rent, ... nor buy seeds to plant.  We held out for almost 3 years, but had to go on food stamps.  ;o(  (for now)

When I can, I do listen to what I can, online.  But can only say I have learned so-o much through your network (!), but am not so sure I will be of much help, here, unless I happen to find some information to share.  In that case, I'd be glad to share it!  Seem to be in the learning stage, at this point, of what many of you seem to already know.  The things I "do" find, ... as I said, seem to be bits of information you guys already are aware of.

I would like to stay on this network, if I may.  But of course it is up to you who run it, here.  ;o)  I will understand if you find you must delete my account here.   That's just how things go.  Do what you think is best to reach your goals, ... as long as you remember us little guys, who do support, at least in prayer, what you are tryin' to do.    And please remember, some of us have been sharing links in such places as Facebook, as I've done more than once, and ... on twitter, which I've also done.  ;o)  I do hope others will ''check'' this network / site out, and join in!  That's part of the reason why I've shared links to blog posts that have been shared, on this network!  -- so others will join in & help with the effort here.

But am not sure that is what you mean by folks, here, getting more involved & helping!  I "can" share stuff on FB and on twitter!  I just have not been able to justify spending time on this particular site, every day!  Am busy with family responsibilities, and ministering at nursing homes, ... and we serve several hours per week at the food pantry, besides what else we do.

By the way, my husband does book reviews.  If you ever know of a book you want to pass on to one who does book reviews, and will share about the book's subject, please let me know, will you?  Or else you may ask him; he is also on here. -- his name is Michael Aprile.  ;o)

Kathy Aprile --  I really do appreciate your beginning this network!  12160 has been a real source of truth and helpful information that we can pass on to others we know, who "need" to get involved!

Blessings to you, James, and all who have been active in sharing what you know, or find, that others need to know!!  It really has been a big help for me to learn what I've been able to learn, through this network / site!!  I mean it!  Thanks!  Keep up the good work!!  Shalom!  --  Numbers 6:24-26

Comment by Swan Song on June 30, 2011 at 9:52pm

Thanks SkyBlueEyes!

Comment by Andy Anduer on June 29, 2011 at 11:20am
I visit a couple of times a week.
Comment by truth on June 29, 2011 at 8:09am
Same post Jodi, just throwing out there for more comments :)
Comment by Cryptocurrency on April 26, 2011 at 3:52pm
relaxola chap. no one has been deleted. this is an old posting. cheerio.
Comment by findingthetruth on April 26, 2011 at 3:21pm
firstly i would like to know how it is wasting your time??? secondly i keep getting cut off the net for not having the money to pay my bills!! thirdly my intention is to at least listen in to the radio or get involved but am finding it difficult as usually by the time i get my mail informing me its too late!! Also if im deleted will i lose access to the site??
Comment by noblsht on April 7, 2011 at 6:52pm
Just wondering, how many accounts have been removed to date?
Comment by Joseph William on April 7, 2011 at 2:31pm

Well, I will make a comment to keep the account alive.

Sorry, I've been too busy trying to keep myself alive.

Comment by Patrick Murphy on April 4, 2011 at 4:46am

well, I can say a whole lot, and while I do agree we all can be more active in various missions, drives, I just have been active personally lately. Preparing to shelter in place, and be able to help my family and immediate neighbors as much as I can when the time comes.

I figure, if each of us can take on knowing who is on say just living on your own street, what animals they have, around family size, any elderly, disabled, that is a great step toward helping your felow man, also, how close is the nearest possible water, food, road out on foot, places where diesels are parked, so if the roads become blocked, a rig could plow the road down the line. I've got about 6 months worth of food canned and large sacks of sugar, rice, beans, salt, and personal, medical emergency supplies like tincture of iodide, potassium iodide, asa gauze, masks gloves, extra jackets, sweats and pillows, blankets for maybe 8 people so far, 50 gallons of berkey filtered water so far in the garage, in 2 liter bottles, and all while being down to 1 day a week of steady work, and renting a small place so, I just hope some more people get the hint that "IF" has already passed, there is a helluva lot of darkness floating around in the world right now, we all must assume when IS coming and start seriously stocking up on stuff-preparing for any eventuality, I can pretty much say without a doubt if something bad happens, about all the help you can expect from the government is for them to declare martial law, come take your guns, without reimbursement of course, confiscate any large storages of supplies they can find, and close the roads so you can't leave, basically like they did during katrina.

I have everything several here of you guys have posted pretty much in shared on a few of the torrent type sites, and people do get a lot of survival info from me regularly, so all I can say is, I'm here daily, I just quit commenting so much as there was no need to repeat :-)

Comment by Diana van der Westhuizen on April 4, 2011 at 2:41am
Hello to you @ 12160! Please don't delete me. I have been away on several personal missions. Giving talks on the Shift and the Choices we have to make right now....Must post my insights on Egypt and Libya soon...Regards - Diana

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