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For decades most Caucasian Americans have had it pounded into our heads that Black Americans are victims and we no good white bigoted folks have been holding them down. That we just don't know what it's like to be black especially since most of us pull a white sheet over our heads at night a cut two holes for our eyes in it so we can join the KKK on nocturnal patrol. We've been told that we must have had ancestors who were slave owners and black Americans are owed reparations for things that happened 100 years ago. So, being white has led to being shamed often by the Democrat leadership along with outright race baiters like Al Sharpton, Jess Jackson, and others who would like to turn the clock back 60 years so they could be relevant again.

Truth be known

With the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis we are once again seeing a plague of national rioting where innocent people along with police officers are being shot, run over by cars, stabbed and beaten over the death of a man who was a repeat violent criminal offender who once held a gun to the stomach of e pregnant women as his thug buddies ransacked her apartment in search of money! George Floyd had a long rap sheet and was a frequent visitor to prison walls, but the US media would like us to all believe he was a fine upstanding citizen and an innocent victim in which he was surely not. As a matter of fact he struggled with officers moments before he was restrained and the knee was used to hold him down by his neck.

Not a nice guy

Just as in the case of Michael Brown a young Black American with a history of violations who had just strong armed an Asian walking away with stolen merchandise from a convenience store as once again the media began showing baby pictures and seemingly innocent photos of his youth that favored little the big hulking and menacing figure he had become who was under the influence of marijuana at the time he pummeled a police officer and was shot for it. These types of incidents are continually used an excuse for violent paid agitators to create chaos on our streets and the irony of it is that these subversives could care less about a black man being killed as this is not their true agenda.

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True killing fields

In Chicago just last weekend the newspaper reported 85 shootings and over 20 deaths. What they didn't report was that none of those shooting involved police officers but were black on black assaults with deadly weapons! In many cities where this kind of violence goes on which are Democrat controlled and governed cities police forces are too small in ratio to the population, they are harassed constantly by communities where violence and crime are out of control and the people refuse to show officers any cooperation. In many cases the police find themselves quickly surrounded by hostile black residents when they are conducting a search or arrest.

Permission to riot

To read the newspapers or watch TV one would think there was some kind of black genocide being conducted by police authorities when in fact last year 9 blacks were shot by police nationwide while 19 white Americans were killed by gunfire from officers. In each case either the Black American was resisting arrest or actually attacking an officer. Thanks to President Obama who in his speeches basically gave violent protesters the go ahead signal to riot and one might recall that he actually characterized a police force as acting stupidly before he even knew the circumstances of an incident. When we have a former president who actually invited violent demonstrators leaders to the White House for congratulations as US cities burned we have a problem in America of deception and political approval of black violence. If that's not privilege I don't know what is!

Facts don't lie

Black Americans make up 13% of the US population but commit more than 50% of the violent crimes and are 18.5% more likely to kill a police officer while a black assailant is 48 times more likely to commit a violent act against a white American. In Baltimore schools black students have more taxpayer money per capita invested in their education than any Independent School district in America yet turn out some of the worst grade averages of any public schools. The true genocide of black Americans is in the number of abortions that they lead the nation in making Planned Parenthood their number one leader in alleged female right to make their own decisions about the unborn. One might want to take a look at MTV and view the blatant images of rap song videos graphically depicting promiscuity, drug abuse, prostitution, and violence as the visual entertainment that accompanies the vial music.

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When Black comedian Bill Cosby was brought under charges of rape of women who claimed that 30 years ago he drugged them and had sex with them was this really what happened or was it that Cosby had become very unpopular with the black community calling out young black men for not being good role models and abandoning their families? One black woman recently who in complete hysterics over her sister being shot to death by a protester was completely ignored by the CNN and MSNBC news outlets who had on the scene reporters telling the TV audience that the protests were going relatively peaceably as fires raged in the background illustrating completely just how much the Democrat owned lap dog media presents a schizophrenic illusion of what they want us to believe as opposed to the truth!

Wrong heroes

Tell me why a black basketball player, Lamar Odom, who had a stroke from an overdose while he was in a brothel somehow becomes a hero by the standards of the press? What kind of signal does this send to the black youth of America. Why don't we ask a young white couple a number of years ago who were both raped and beaten to death by a thug black gang then were injected with cleaner to hide the genetic forensic evidence. Let us ask a Caucasian man who had accidentally driven through a puddle of water splashing 2 black men on a street who actually got out of his car to apologize and was beaten to death for it. Let us remember what happened to the city of Los Angeles now under siege when Rodney King was many times over the limit of being legally drunk was pulled over while driving 115 miles per hour in the early morning hours. When he did not even respond to a taser he fit the profile of a man out of his mind on PCP a horse tranquilizer that turns a person into a crazed lunatic that can be very dangerous to subdue. In each case of these police abuse incidents the offender is resisting arrest, yet somehow becomes the poor innocent martyr!


If this isn't Black Privilege, I don't know what else you would call it. Black football players in the NFL taking a knee during the National Anthem and even using the "Don't Shoot" false narrative of the Michael Brown case as they run onto the field in Los Angeles, former San Francisco Forty Niner Quarterback, Collin Kapearnick wearing "Kill Pigs" socks as he advocates attacking police in America as a now converted Muslim radical, another example of black privilege and lack of respect for the only nation in the world where he would be tolerated and could make such a prosperous living as an athlete in the football game shows us just what kind of mentality is rewarded in today's upside down society!

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Not the other way around though

Why are white Americans who die at the hands of black thugs not mourned or rioted over in our country? Why are the voices of the victims of violent protesters not heard and reported by the US media? Why are the standards of tolerance for black criminality and misconduct practically ignored even as we watch a Black NFL player knock out his wife in an argument in a hotel elevator with a right hand punch to the face that might have killed her then we see her dragged out of the elevator with her head being dropped on the marble lobby floor by her football player husband by surveillance cameras with all the regard he would have for a bag of potatoes. This all points to serious social problem in the black community who is busy pointing their fingers at everyone else. Who really is the victim here? The true victim is society!


In America in one year there were 9 thousand black on black shootings! Why aren't black leaders addressing this horrid fact? Why aren't civil rights spokesman speaking out over this? We don't hear much even when a Black mother smoking crack throws her baby out a two story window, but if the smallest infraction such as Michelle Obama saying she was treated with discrimination when a white customer in a store mistook her for an employee. The hypocrisy is absolutely astounding! When Black History Month comes around we can be sure we will hear of all the terrible things white folks are supposed to be guilty of in the past as well as the present but we won't be hearing about the deplorable behavior of a politically viable group of people in our society who are allowed to get away with murder!

Double standard

In the 1960's racial quotas were developed by employers so that people of color were hired whether they had credentials or not. Affirmative Action came to fruition under the Clinton Administration and many undeserving applicants were awarded positions who were outclassed by the qualifications of their white counterparts. Even the Supreme Court has allowed black privilege with Justice Sotomayor ruling that unfair award of job positions to grievously unqualified blacks for jobs as firefighters was perfectly legal. if this isn't black privilege I don't know what is. Black conservatives are constantly attacked as being Uncle Toms and traitors to the cause of Black Americans at the urging of Democrat intimidation. Something is dead wrong in America and political distortion is at the bottom of it! In the early 1960's an uproar occurred over no black astronauts in the NASA space program. In his personal biography, Chuck Yeager, first man to break the sound barrier, said that there simply weren't any qualified black applicants for the job and do you want a person out in orbit in a spacecraft who doesn't have the right credentials? Of course, that would have been interpreted as racist by the modern media!

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Comment by Doc Vega on June 11, 2020 at 7:55am

Mr. Sizzle always value your comments and we are in agreement. That link is a funny as shit satire but it is sadly irrationally true to the extent that idiots today actually believe the allegory! It made me sick to hear Sean Hannity interviewing some supposedly Christian black church leader in Houston pontificating about what a great guy George Floyd was and really having to bite his tongue when pressed about how to peacefully demonstrate when this asshole really supported the rioting and quickly deflected the questioning.

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on June 10, 2020 at 5:13pm

Doc, maybe you misunderstood my link.  It was a article detailing everything these BLM lunatics want and demand from a predominantly white American culture written with heavy satire.  I know you’re not a racist and neither am I.  We are the few that know the truth of demographics and race and simply stating that anywhere is when they invoke the R word.  They have been offered a choice for a new life without the evil white ppl. Will they accept it?

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on June 9, 2020 at 1:53am
Comment by Doc Vega on June 8, 2020 at 7:50pm

The first inklings of the race baiting black victimization they should be allowed to get away with anything after what we white scoundrels did to them was Jim Brown, famous NFL all time rusher who had thrown his girl friend over the balcony of his apartment. The first of many expendable casualties would occur after this death that the fortunes of pro football would bury beneath propaganda and dismissive reporting! We quickly found that black athletes involved in paternity law suits, domestic violence reports, and other sundry misconduct could be easily bought off so as to not tarnish the NFL image and keep those star players from being arrested and dragged through such inconvenient legal process for their abuses!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 8, 2020 at 7:44pm

James! Excellent observation. Personally, After following Bill Cosby as a comedian most of my ;life and my mom and Dad thinking he was hilarious because he was from their generation I just don't believe he was drugging legions of women and raping them in their drug induced sleep and if they were, how the hell would they have remembered? This is how the left takes down all their opponents through false allegations, paid off witnesses, and an agenda that is relentlessly deceptive taking no prisoners! 

Comment by James Roberts on June 8, 2020 at 6:59pm

Bill Cosby also wanted to buy one of the big three networks and start his own, family-friendly network, and at one time he could. The idea that rich, powerful or celebrity males have willing female groupies (or females that have male groupies), and that drugs are often involved as a prelude to sex...  The idea that this is somehow a crime against humanity, worthy of prison time, is insane.

Unfortunately, no matter how well we win all the arguments, no matter how much truth is on our side, there is still a preponderance of stupid and dishonest people who will capsize the ship we're all on (and Guam, LOL) in order to have some fleeting, false idea of themselves as a hero. It always comes down to solving problems the old fashioned way. Always.

Comment by Doc Vega on June 8, 2020 at 3:08pm

Thanks Central Scrutinizer hey check out the pic above not the bitch with a megaphone to her masked mouth with the speaker on her accomplice's heifer hips blastin away hate speech anything to stir up the shit! 

Comment by Doc Vega on June 7, 2020 at 12:17pm

Cheeki kea thank you for your support!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 7, 2020 at 12:16pm

Thanks for reading Mac!

Comment by Doc Vega on June 5, 2020 at 8:56pm

Goddamn this is what I'm talking about all the supposed conspiracy theorists bowing down to racial propaganda you all are sucking to the global government and you are trying to tell me that I am somehow wrong? Good luck Lemmings! 

"Destroying the New World Order"


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