Boston Marathon Bombing obvious questions should be voiced

By Doc Vega

With the news of a fatal bombing coming out of Boston taking lives of people and injuring at least 175 others we must stop and take a closer look at this tragedy. Before we jump to conclusions let’s first establish some facts so that we can connect the dots and do the math before being seduced by the rhetoric and media spun interpretation.

The facts, which do not tell us much

We know that one bomb went off first. It was weaker than the second blast which followed 15 seconds later, and another 5 bombs were planned to detonate, but somehow failed to do so.

We know there is a Saudi student under protective custody as a person of interest in the investigation.

We know that there were children dismembered in the two blasts.

We know that false accusations about a van being suspect in the bombing plot to be dismissed.

We have emotional testimony from a female judge describing her impression of the tragedy and drawing a parallel between this incident and the Twin Tower attacks back in 2000.

We know that at this time no terrorist group has claimed responsibility for this act of violence.

We know that consistent with his nature, President Obama refuses to categorize the bombings as acts of terrorism in the first day after the tragic event just as he did over the Fort Hood tragedy, the underwear bomber, the shoe bomber, and the recent bitter Benghazi, Libya attacks upon American diplomatic staff.

Finally we know that in retrospect, President Obama has not convicted any defendants over Benghazi and has not even identified any guilty parties to the biggest diplomatic disaster in American history, while Ft, Hood was described by him as work place violence which kept all US soldiers wounded during the NIdal Hassan shooting will not get a Purple Heart medal.


Now let us examine what does not make sense in all this.

First of all, no terrorist organization will commit any act of violence without declaring their part in it in order to promote their cause and conveniently blame those they attack for their actions! Yet, no notice or claim of responsibility over the Boston Marathon bombings has been reported. This is odd and uncharacteristic of these people! Something stinks here!

With sophisticated IED’s and mercury switch activated bombs American troops face well planned acts of terrorism in Afghanistan and had in Iraq, yet with the successful acts such as 9-11 being successfully executed in numerous theaters including US soil, this attack has been botched though killings and injuries were achieved, it could have been much worse.

Rule 1) In the wake of these destructive yet seemingly inexplicable acts ask yourself the simple question. Who stands to profit from these episodes of death and injury?

Let me answer that question by asking another question. Is prolonging of war in the Middle East and supporting more than 140 US military bases on a global scale as the US presently does, profitable for our defense contractors? Once again, who stands to gain from an ongoing war of continued terrorism?

White House poised to clamp down further

As opposed to the people who blamed the Bush administration for its escalation of war in the Middle East in retaliation for the 9-11 attacks as of 2012 President Obama spent 355 billion on US forces deployed in the Middle East in less than 4 years as opposed to 171 Billion spent under President Bush’s watch over 8 years (2 terms). Food for thought, don’t you think? Let’s also throw in that new NDAA laws President Obama signed off on in December of 2011 that will give him the equivalent of dictatorial powers!

Of course, we can count on the left to spin this tragedy into an opportunity to wish that the perpetrators of the attack are white right wing extremists! Oh yes. Let’s all hope that those dangerous domestic terrorists such as Christian, middle class, conservative, wackos, the true purveyors of racism and gun violence, as established by Eric Holder, FEMA, TSA, and Homeland Security, should be at the bottom of all this. Yet, it seems to me that the vast majority of the terrorist acts we have seen have been from such sources as a Sudanese student, Muslim extremists, Arabs, and jihadists. Am I wrong here, or can we at least believe our news media for its accuracy at least in this narrow category?

Now let us take a look at the repercussions of this latest attack, and there will be repercussions. No doubt , our well intentioned government will further clamp down on what freedoms of movement, self-protection, and liberty that is left to us. You might recall that shortly after the bombings, the major enforcement agencies of the US government had declared a curfew and were busily scouring the scene for evidence and potential pressure cookers, ball bearings, and sundry kitchen utensils. Were they looking for these things actually or were they looking to cover up any evidence that might lead us to the true motive behind this horrible act of terrorism?

The left will capitalize again

Ultimately, as the liberals try to spin this as a wet dream over indicting some white right wing nut jobs and many Americans worry that the government will use this occasion to further relieve us of our rights under emergency powers acts, a greater question looms that will probably be covered up with manufactured evidence by our politically compromised FBI. That looming question will remain. Who stands to profit from the continuing war on terrorism? As the Obama White House continues its attacks against the Second Amendment, are we now facing even further restrictions to our freedom.

How much more will it take?

What next? Do we now see a ban on pressure cookers and ball bearings? Sure, why not! I will caution you though that even if we can get along without pressure cookers without ball bearings we will have a tough time finding roadworthy automobiles and other mechanical tools that work! Will we be called upon to register our pressure cookers when we go to buy them at Wal Mart? I guess the media and the US government intelligence agencies have conveniently forgotten that pressure cooker bombs were widely used is Europe and the Middle East years before. Damn! Should have gotten rid of those pesky pressure cookers years ago!

No, I’m not mocking this terrible tragedy, but I am warning all who are interested in our continually evaporating freedoms that a few more Machiavellian acts such as this, and we will see the Army on our streets, the tactical police everywhere, curfews that remind us of third world banana republics, and more invasive inquiries into our private lives. Twenty years ago prior to the Clinton administration these changes would have been deemed unconscionable, but under the duress of Democratically oriented leftist influence in our politically correct culture, the imposition of government control, privacy invasion, and the loss of our freedoms according to the Constitution will continue unabated until they have us right where they want us: on a prison planet!



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