Corrupt Corporate Ran Big Media In America

     The Corporate Whore big news propaganda is owned by big Corporate Companies that have their own agenda's. Their not interested in printing the truth, but only what benefits their interest in the bottom line! Making money, ratings, and feeding the zombie American viewer with more lies to get them to support wars which profit Companies like Halliburton.
     The lies they put on the American people about the alleged weapons of mass destruction, and then when that was proven to be a lie then we were going over there to liberate the people of Iraq. The only one's to profit from the War with Iraq Halliburton making billions of dollars.  According to MSN Money, Halliburton’s KBR, Inc. division bilked government agencies to the tune of $17.2 billion in Iraq war-related revenue from 2003-2006 alone.  Exxon-Mobil) being the number 2 profiteer in the Iraq war might sound strange. However, the cleverly run fund has raked in $1.44 billion through its DynCorp subsidiary. The Washington Group International has parlayed its expertise the repair, restore, and maintenance of high-output oil fields into $931 million in Iraq-related revenue from 2003-2006. Aegis has done the United Kingdom proud after reeling in a contract to coordinate all of Iraq’sprivate security operations. The Pentagon contract is good for $430 million (incredibly lucrative by any standard) but it has landed Aegis in some hot public relations water. The company’s decision to contribute to Iraq war efforts has lead to a rejected membership application from the International Peace Operations Association.Filed in archive BUSINESS-GENERALCOMPANIESWAR by RYAN on JULY 22, 2008. The American people made $0.00, and countless lives lost, Mother's, Father's, Daughter's, Son's! 
     The blood on the hands of these greedy Corporations, and the Media know no bounds, and will stop at nothing to sale us out so they can make a buck at our expense!
     Let's get back at the American Media owned and operated by the Corporate Creeps that we had to bail out a few years ago! NBC owned by General Electric, CBS, Viacom, Fox, Newscorp, and ABC, Disney. Here is NBC and ABC breakdown. Didn't have available CBS (Viacom)

Jeffrey Immelt who is the CEO of GE (NBC) and its PAC have contributed millions of dollars to the DNC and to the Obama campaign. 
It gave a million and a half to Dems and about 800,000 to Republicans. $400,000 directly to candidate Obama, and about 80,000 to McCain. 
A sister company of NBC, GE Financials (also owned by GE) gave it's total contribution limits to Democrats. GE Financials is also getting a huge chunk back from the bank bailout.

MSNBC? Follow the money. 

Interestingly, the third top contributor to Mr. Obama was Microsoft. Ever hear of MSNBC? And you wonder why it has a liberal slant? $800,000 to Obama from Microsoft, and $400,000 from GE (NBC). Thus the owners of MSNBC (Microsoft and GE) gave candidate Obama $1.2 million in soft money. Other PACS and organizations of GE and Microsoft also contributed to Mr. Obama.The entire motion picture industry gave $12.7 million to Dems and $1.3 million to GOP.

Commercial TV gave $3.3 million to Dems and $2.2 million to GOP.

Viacom (CBS) is much harder to analyze, but I'll get back to that.

So, if you follow the money, major broadcasting networks are big time sources of campaign money for Democrats. 

Oh, and FOX News? Owned by the News Corporation and Rupert Murdoch? It gave $1.5 million dollars in contributions to campaigns, 68% of that went to Democrats, or roughly about $1.02 million dollars. Less than a half million went to GOP.

And what do the major broadcasting networks get in return for their money? 
You tell me.

Disney (ABC) gave $300,00 to Obama, $84,00 to Hillary and $21,000 to McCain.

Democrats are the biggest recipient of money from the companies that own broadcasting networks. 

Follow the money. 

CBS, NBC and ABC buy Democrats. Follow the money posted on 04/27/09 (

     The corruption is so deep in the American Big Media that it's amazing you even can get half truths out of them. That's why more people are going to Alternative Media to get the truth, and viewing is beginning to decline with the Big Corporate Media! I pray that the zombie American public wakes up, and bankrupts the Big Media like they have bankrupt the American People with their lies! I would love to write about the Big Greedy American Media $0.00, and the American people being able to keep their jobs, and their love one's. A big WIN for America!

     Now we have the Big Media trying to slant the invasion of America to eliminate our Sovereignty, and our borders.Wake up America before you have no Country left! 



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