"Jews are an extinct variety of human being, wiped out soon after the appearance of a phenomenon that seemed to be either electromagnetic in nature, or a disease state. However, extensive testing showed neither a known form of energy nor a pathogenic organism was responsible. Jews in the Northeastern United States fell ill en masse first, followed by those in the rest of the country. Then Jews in Canada, Mexico and south America, Britain, Europe, Eastern Europe (including Russia) and then Asia, Africa and Arabia passed away. They were followed by racial Mexicans, Asians, Arabs, southern Native Americans and Africans in Western nations. The non-White populations of China, Indonesia, all African countries, Arabia, Mexico, the Philipines  and south America were then cut down by approximately 97%.

 Those Whites of at least 25% another race heredity, and White women who had borne mixed-race children were severely disabled, worldwide. Then homosexuals suffered a like fate, all via a non-lethal manifestation of the phenomenon.  All this occurred within the span of four and a half years, starting in June, 2022. The extremely painful illness, of unknown ætiology, lasted about three days after onset, before death. It was believed that Caucasians would soon follow, however, they did not. This was followed by the advent of the current 'Platinum Age', a historically-unparalelled  flowering of technology, art, music, philosophy, literature, medicine,  interpersonal relationships, space exploration and civilization.

See entries: 'Jew Flu', 'Sixth Mass Extinction Event (6MEE)', 'Human Extinction Panic', 'Brown Suicide Epidemic', 'Black Suicide Epidemic', 'Asian Apocalypse Riots', 'Israeli Nuclear Attack on Europe and Moscow', 'Non-Phenomenal Destruction of Israel'

And related post-6MEE references and articles (In chronological order): 'Inheritance of the Meek', 'White World Renaissance', 'New Holy Protestant Empire', 'Aging Reversal Breakthrough', 'Panacea Medical Breakthrough', 'Pictet-Kozyrev Energy Generation', ‘Earth Toxic Pollution Fix Underway’, 'Solar System Diaspora', 'Low Cost Room Temperature Quantum Computer', 'Polymind Intelligence Multiplication Technology', ‘The End of all Crime’, ‘Destruction of Last Remaining Jewish DNA Samples’, ‘Global Ban on Lending of Money for Interest’, ‘An End to Right and Left Wing Political Paradigms’,  ‘Low-Tech Aboriginal  Nature Preserves on Earth’, ‘Desert Remediation Technology – Making all of Earth a Garden’,  'End of all War',

 'FTL Travel  via Ortho-Quantum Propulsion', ’Terraforming of Mars Underway’,  'Polytranscendent Music / Art / Literature', ‘Programmable Matter Breakthrough’, ‘Artificial Consciousness Breakthrough’,  ‘Terraforming of Venus Underway’, 'Temporal Reversal / Advance Engine', ‘Polytranscendent Love and Sexuality’,  'Solutions to the Psychological Problems Associated With Immortality', 'Creation Technology', 'First Contact With Inhabitants of the Icarus System (MACS J1149+2223)' and 'Spiritual Quantification – Meeting Gods'..."

- New Encyclopedia Britannica, 2179 A.D.

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Comment by James Roberts on December 15, 2019 at 4:53am

You shall have it, Chris..

Comment by James Roberts on December 15, 2019 at 4:07am

First they came for the Jews, and I said nothing, because I was not a Jew. Then they stopped coming for people because the problems were pretty much over. Sniffle.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on December 15, 2019 at 3:55am
Starting 2022? I can't wait....

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