There is a growing epidemic of People who are succumbing to conspiracy insanity. They believe 9/11 was an inside job, that Sandy Hook was fake, that contrails are "chemtrails," that all the bombings and shootings in the news are psyops, that vaccines are damaging and toxic, and other such lunacy. There are interesting facts about the disease that set it apart from every other insanity We Humans have ever been afflicted with. Here's a list:

1. They call Their insanity "waking up." This is very different from all other insanity because no other insanity has widespread use of a common term for what is suffered.

2. It happens to People who have had an entire life of stability and rationality. The victims of this insanity, almost in toto, showed no signs of being insane before the disorder cropped up.

3. It happens overnight. Virtually all of these People go from normal into conspiracy insanity in a day - usually citing some fact that They claim They cannot reconcile without a conspiracy being present - like WTC 7 falling at freefall speeds though no plane hit it on 9/11.

4. They tend to be the more intelligent Ones. Overall, this disease strikes the Ones who are so promising, are successful, have made bright contributions.

5. They are quite capable of functioning despite this disability. Unless the topic wanders to a point They identify with having a conspiracy attached, these People cannot be detected as having this illness. They seem normal in all other respects.

6. It's always some fact that "wakes Them up." Like standard protocol being wholly absent in an event. Sandy Hook is a prime example They love to use, discussing the fact that zero EMT's made it to the school, or that only a doctor can pronounce death, yet police declared all 26 victims dead. Sometimes it's things like ground and water testing showing very elevated levels of nanoparticulates of aluminum, strontium, barium, and other metals on exposed surfaces (but absent in sheltered areas like under houses).

7. Conspiracy insanity seems to be contagious! Spending time with One afflicted, discussing things, runs the risk of being infected with this disease.

8. There is no cure - unlike other mental illnesses, which have Many slipping in and out of any delusion, the conspiracy insane never "go back." They never leave that place where They can see conspiracy. Ever.

9. Conspiracy insanity is a disease that hits the open-minded much more easily than Those who know what's real and will not budge on any fact that might dispute Their world view.

From this list, it becomes clear that being dim-witted, closed-minded, and willfully ignoring facts is good protection from this disease. May the reader be ever dim and ignorant, lest this insanity hit You!

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Hidden Things Are Revealing Where We're Headed

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