Fleas and Ticks Home Remedies:

Submitted by Steven. at 2006-05-23 16:06:12
Give your pet a bath in dawn dish-washing liquid the fleas die
quickly.Also mix some in a sprayer to spray infested area`s they die to.

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Submitted at 2009-06-20 00:52:16
I've tried opening natural garlic capsules (powder form) in animal
food, and it worked, but couldn't get that form any more after awhile.
Tried borax last year, and it didn't work, but maybe I didn't do the
pushing in with a broom bit, plus we live in a crowded house, and there
is a lot of stuff in the way. So anyway, I found out about something
else last year, and it was inexpensive, easy, and it worked. There is
something called beneficial nematodes that you can get from a garden
center, that eats flea larvae. You have to mix the package in water and
let that set for awhile, then pour out in your yard, and keep wet for
awhile. I remember doing it when a large rain was expected, so I
wouldn't have to keep wetting it. It didn't do any good last year, so I
figured it didn't work, or I'd done something wrong. However, this
year there are no fleas. I guess last year's larvae got eaten so there
are no flea babies this year!

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Submitted at 2009-09-25 20:41:45
i used large kosher salt. it worked. it helps with absorbing smell
and moisture. i leave it on as lomg as possible for like aweek, vacuum
then reapply

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Submitted by Ann at 2008-10-24 11:20:25
I caught this trick by accident.. My dog needed a bath ASAP, and I
did not have any pet shampoo. I got under the bathroom cabinet and found
some HEAD AND SHOULDERS shampoo. I washed my dog in dandruff shampoo {I
bet any brand will work}. To my surprise fleas were floating to the top
of the water. it is a quick fix when you are desperate, but if you do
not take other measure to prevent fleas, they will return.. Just let
the dandruff shampoo sit on the pet for five minutes before rinsing..
You will have an instant result and your pet will thank you..

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Submitted by Stacie at 2009-06-23 16:49:31
I want to thank everone for there advice! I used dishsoap and water
in a spray-bottle and sprayed everything then i sprinkled epidson salt
and salt all over the carpet and left it on the carpet for like 3 or 4
hours then vaccumed it really good and i sprayed my dog with the soap
water and i havent seen a flea yet its been like 3 hours this stuff
really works so try it before u go and buy the other stuff!!!!!:'>
(any dishsoap works)

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Submitted at 2009-08-16 14:20:07
I invented this remidie called 'Fleas be Gone' you will need:* an air
tight container, pet oatmeal shampoo, lemmon juice, lime juice, and
salt. First, add 1/4 cup of oatmeal shampoo in the bowl. Second, add 3
tablespoons of lemmon juice in the bowl. Third, add 1 teaspoon of lime
juice in the bowl. And last add a sprinkle of salt in the bowl and mix. I
recomend keeping it the fridge, and do that every other day until they
are gone. And add some powder garlic to there food. Good luck.

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Submitted by Lehigh Acres, FL at 2010-05-12 22:01:57
Getting rid of fleas is a two step process: vacuuming and spraying.
Use a fresh vacuum bag so that air flow will not be restricted by debris
collected by earlier vacuuming. Fill a small home & garden sprayer
with 1 gallon vinegar, ½ gallon water, 16 oz lemon juice and 8 oz of
witch hazel. After vacuuming, spray vinegar mixture using a heavy spray
(not a stream however). Spray carpets, sofas, chairs, human and pet
bedding, window sills, and bare floors. If you have a bad infestation,
repeat every 12 hours for two days. When fleas are barely noticeably,
repeat every 3 days. After fleas are gone, repeat once every week until
flea season is over. We have 15 cats (8 of which are indoor only). We
needed to find a solution that was not expensive and not toxic – We have
used this method for two years with excellent results. If you start
treatment at beginning of flea season, you will probably not need to do
this more than once a week for the whole season.

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Submitted by Dana Brown at 2008-08-17 18:52:22
I was having problems with flea coming into the house since i had no
pets in the house they had to be coming in on our clothes. My mother
inlaw told me to get some night lights and plug them in close to the
floor. Then take a little bowl with warm water and dish soap and place
under the lights. I was scepticle but when i went to set the bowl down i
watched 3 fleas jump right in. It works. Plus it is safe to leave out
at all times. I still keep the bowls and night lights out to this day.
So far no fleas now.

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Submitted by J.m. at 2010-05-10 15:40:40
Apply Johnson's Baby powder.

Then bath/shower to get the powder off you're pet.


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Submitted by Michelle at 2006-10-10 20:59:28
OK I did the borax thing tonight. I put it everywhere even in my
bed... Also If you take 50% Dawn dish soap 50% water and work it into
your dog and make a good lather the take a spray bottle with water and
lather it up even more I LEFT IT ON FOR A HALF HR.. Its says 5 mins BUT I
did a half hr.. It kills the fleas right before your eyes. Then I have
would floors also so I to the dawn mixture and scrubbed the floors with
that.. So I will let everyone know the out come... I have two golden's
and they are going crazy and I feel so helpless.. I didn't know that
fleas could make them sick... It's been a hr since I did the dawn
mixture on them had they have not scratched since..

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Submitted at 2008-03-09 16:58:06
My dogs are on Raw Food and I never get any fleas. Garlic works as

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Submitted by Shaina in AL at 2007-04-29 13:57:05

This is not a complete cure, but it helps to reduce fleas. Add as much
apple cider vinegar to pets water as you can without them noticing the

The fleas don't like it.

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Submitted by Melissa at 2008-07-06 21:04:36
Dishwashing soap! I've tried EVERYTHING. And my dog was being eaten
up, and I felt so helpless! Instead of using dog shampoo, I used a
dishwashing soap and then I let the soap sit on him for about ten
minutes. I used alot of soap, and worked it into a thick lather. (my
dog is half neufie, so he has a TON of hair) and it worked! I just
checked on him for the second time, and the fleas were ALL dead, except
for one spot under his elbow that I missed. And you can tell he feels
SO much better :O) He laid down and just put his paw on my chest like
'Hey Mom, that Worked!' lol

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Submitted by maguire at 2007-09-03 03:42:19
take up your carpet! sweep or vacuum daily and mop with bleach
water, wash pet bedding in bleach and detergent. ANY soap left on a pet
for over 5 mins will kill fleas(not just dawn, any soap) treat them
with flea dip or spray for fleas they encounter in the yard. the
topicals work if you have endless money to do that(I have 8 dogs). mine
get 2-3 fleas between baths between all eight of them. it works.

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Submitted by Amber at 2008-06-14 10:43:28
My dog has fleas and got some sore and lost some fur from scratching.
I rubbed aloe vera on he exosed skin . it immediatly started releling
the inch and killing fleas. my dog loved it. It ade him feel much
better. I am going to keep up with this treatment.

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Submitted at 2006-07-30 01:55:00
sprinkle salt on carpets and it kills fleas
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Submitted at 2007-07-15 08:04:12
I had a box of floor tiles left from when I did my kitchen floor and
found those work great. I just removed the paper on the back to expose
the sticky side. I laid it down sticky side up in front of a night
light. I would do this at night, so in the morning you could see how
many actually would have jumped on you!

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Submitted at 2009-10-29 08:46:20
I have also heard the dawn remedy and will be trying it today on my
cat but to the person that was asking about keeping them out of the
yard..I have used SEVREN dust in the yard and around the house..you can
buy it at Lowe's..etc...it also deters ticks and snakes.

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Submitted by Donna Henderson at 2009-06-16 16:19:55
My dad trained bird dogs....crushed leaves from Maple tree and put in
pen ....no fleas

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Submitted by Ericka Eubanks at 2007-07-08 11:11:38
DOG: Give him/her a bath in downy. Let it set on them for 5-10
minutes. This suffocates the fleas on them and it makes your dog smell
so good.

CARPET AND LAWN: Use 7-dust on carpet like other powdered deodorizers,
leave on for 20+ minutes, then vacuum. Sprinkle on yard.

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Submitted at 2006-07-04 09:52:03
Wash you pet with SULFUR soap. I buy a kind with Lanolin. I foind
the soap at the Mexican Grocery in my area. Sulfur Soap seems to kill
and repell fleas.

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Submitted by KLS at 2007-09-19 09:30:41
Here's a rememdy that my Aunt suggested. Place a white bed sheet on
the floor before going to bed, put a cookie sheet in the middle of the
sheet and fill it with water, then put a small candle in the middle of
the pan and yes, light it. The fleas are attracted to the light, they
jump but cannot swim, so they drown. I have tried this remedy myself and
was surprised at how many dead fleas were in the water the next

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Submitted by t.man at 2009-08-20 09:42:06
well i have a cat that doesnt flipping know how to clean herself
properly and as a result she has them ....an the buggers are tryin to
eat me to just today so i smothered myself in shower gel and on da place
i know im most bitten >ankle< i rubbed it in evenly and they
havent trouble me since and dat was a few hours ago! i just treid the
salt method on the carpet and i made a concoction of salt water,
mouthwash, hair conditioner, zoflora citrus spray, lemon lime washin
liquid, some flea spray just a little because it can irritate skin! and
the water has diluted it, these products have citric in them use any
thing similar.... maybe you can modify it so u can spray, it on your
beddin an furniture may be leave the flea spray or not and dilute the
solution more oh and put this remedie in a spray bottle ive yet to see
the resultz but i think it'll seems to be that anything acidic will work
check labels.... ive got typical products which i used on my cat ...
these remedies are great!

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Submitted by Mike at 2009-06-19 11:01:18
So after my tenant moved out with her 'outside' dog and the signed
contract that she had to have a flea collar-2-3 weeks later I was
painting the interior and noticed fleas everywhere-they must have been
in the larvae stage b/c I didn't notice them before. I did the fogger
before I found out about Borax b/c it was vacant. I went in the next
morning smiling (thinking I killed all you guys), but soon realized they
were still there. I left angry and did research. I picked up Borax at
Publix on the laundry aisle-9 boxes (only used 3)-lol. Here are the
steps to get rid of them. By the way-when I went back that night to do
the Borax, there were less fleas, so the fogger helped, but I think
Borax is more efficient and it's not nearly as potent as the fogger. So
you don't have to do the fogger.

Step 1. Vacuum 1st (it stimulates them and sucks up the live ones) and
throw the bag out-for you people that wrap it up and put it in the
freezer-it's not worth it if they get out.

Step 2: Wear a mask (not great to inhale while you are putting it down)
and buy a can of Pringles for $1.00-throw out the chips and take a drill
and make many, many holes. Even do one on the bottom (I'll explain
later). Fill it with the 20 mule Borax and salt-doesn't have to be
iodized and make sure there is more Borax (maybe 1/3 salt) than salt.
Now you have a shaker that you can go around each room, closets,
etc...-do not skip a room, closet, etc...The bottom of the pringles jar
with the hole in it will show you the areas you do if you put it on the
carpet as you are shaking. So when I shook it-I hit the ground with the

Step 3: Take a broom and brush it in-this is an important
step-again-don't skip this.

Step 4: Leave it in the carpet for as long as possible-goal is 7 days.
Why? Because fleas don't die in an hour-Borax will dry the larvae out.

Step 5: Vacuum it all up and throw the bag away-Outside.

Still have fleas? Repeat process. Why? The larvae may be in different
stages, so you may have to repeat. Mine was infested and this works.
The only reason people are saying it does not work is because they are
not giving it time (7 days) and not brushing it in with a broom-the eggs
are down in the carpet-not on top. Stop reading and go to work-the
cost was only about $3.50 per box and you can get it cheaper at Walmart.
Exterminators are a waste of money. I promise it was easy and you will
be flea free!

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Submitted at 2005-06-18 13:35:11
For Fleas I vacuum my carpet really good, then I take my dogs flea
shampoo and use it in my carpet cleaner. After the floors are dried,
then I take and put Cascade on the carpet. Taking a broom and sweeping
it into the carpet well. It takes a couple of weeks to see a big
improvement, but it has worked for me for the last few years.

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Submitted by Paula at 2009-05-25 13:36:57
This WORKS!!!start tx early in flea season, I have used for years,
forgot where I found it.

1 cup borax

1 cup baking soda

1 cup table salt.

Mix well and sprinkle evenly as possible on carpet, area rugs.

Leave overnight, vaccum well the next day. Repeat within 30 days, then
as needed. I usually do it twice in warm/hot months. When you find it
works then you can mix a large equal batch and save in plastic
container, large salt shaker, what is best for you.

Non toxic. Repeat as needed.

Works like a charm. we have had at once 2 dogs extra large one Benji
size indoor/outdoor. 5 cats indoor/outdoor..NO FLEAS = HAPPY FAMILY


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Submitted by Jestina at 2005-11-17 22:25:07
I have tried many different remedies to get rid of fleas. I have
even tried using Borax by sprinkling on my carpet. Here is what I have
done to rid my home of fleas. I bought a flea collar and chopped it up
in several pieces and placed some of the pieces in my vacuum cleaner (I
would replace those pieces every few weeks). I then would vacuum every
day, making sure to dump the vacuum container outside after each time. I
also bought Advantage from a Pet Hospital/Veterinarian (3 months use).
I then choose a date to apply the medicine to my pet and did so
religiously. My pets are indoor only and after 5 months of doing
this…goodbye fleas.

rating: 5 (15 votes)

Submitted by kathryn at 2005-05-18 14:28:16
To get rid of fleas and ticks on outdoor dogs just dust them with
Sevin dust that you use on your lawn and gardens. It is great and it
will not harm the dog or your yard!

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Submitted at 2006-04-10 06:13:48
for fleas and ticks and critters of that nature try diatomacecous

works pretty good. NOn toxic , can put in yard , house and on dog.

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Submitted by Cuejoe's corner at 2008-02-06 15:52:43
Fellow Dog & Cat Lovers- I have to tell you about experince and
to prove a point I'll tell you. I have 3 big dogs in the back yard and
then there's Cuejoe he's the Chihuahua and spoiled rotten. He gets a
bath 1 time a week 2 times if hes been car riding cause he will pick up a
flea or 2 some places. I keep my house SUPER clean.Well, I heard you
can get some K-9 advange for dogs for Fleas and I bought it and for the
money I spent on it IT DOUBLED after Cuejoe started shaking his head so
bad he wouldnt eat or drink, Dr, said he had a mild ear infection -
WRONG- I took him home gave him a warm oatmeal bath,a tsp.of Benegryl
and he ate and then I put out some water in a bowl and a light and I
caught FLEAS sure but I was watching them they swam to the side and
DEAD... HAPPY FLEA KILLING oh candles work good tooo.

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Submitted by Billy at 2008-09-03 16:14:37
we have an incredibly bad infestation, we used a spray from the
vet's, it seemed to work. 2 days later they were back worse than ever.
We have done extensive research on the web and have found some help.
Apple cider vinegar mixed 50% with water will repel the fleas from
animals and people. We are going to try mopping with it, to see if it
also kils them. We have tried the pan of water method, with some
success, but we are trying to get rid of them faster. The poisons,
foggers , etc don't seem to be working. It seems that the best way to go
so far is natural methods

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Submitted at 2008-12-18 15:55:29
CONFORTIS is a pill you can buy from a vet. call around some will
want you to make an appointment and some will not. I've tried advantage,
and several other medications for my pug and the CONFORTIS really works
and it's pretty cheap

rating: 5 (4 votes)

Submitted by Holly at 2009-08-18 19:09:40
My rugs got really bad. So i grabbed the first thing I could find
and sprayed my rug down... WINDEX. It kept them from jumping on my and
the kids and then after an hour i vaccuumed it up. seemed to help
quite a bit.

rating: 5 (3 votes)

Submitted by deb at 2005-06-27 10:53:37
Try adding GARLIC to your pet's food... whether it's crushed, minced
or powdered doesn't matter - just make sure it's natural and doesn't
have lots of other stuff added. Just add as you would for your own food
(consider the weight and portion of your animal)

Ticks especially are repelled by Garlic, and even if you find one on
your animal, chances are it won't have rooted yet.

There are even yard sprays available made from garlic to keep ticks and
fleas away.

rating: 4 (69 votes)

Submitted by Shawn at 2008-09-19 02:45:17
I hear that fleas are attracted to light/white...Haven't tried it
myself yet but, a friend did. Put/get a night light low to the
floor...place a bowl of dawn dish soap below it and supposedly fleas
will jump to the light only to fall into their own bowl of soapy death!!

rating: 4 (19 votes)

Submitted at 2009-03-26 23:46:49
instead of using water and a light try using cooking oil. It smothers
the fleas before they can escape.

rating: 4 (18 votes)

Submitted at 2005-06-28 01:07:58
Yeast pills that they sell at a vitamin store works really well for
your animals with fleas or ticks.Just crush the pill in their food and
you will see the results.

rating: 4 (22 votes)

Submitted by Laura Barb at 2010-05-07 20:34:02
Boric acid is the secret that Pest Control companies don't want us to
know about. It is not poisonous at all. It is mined from the Mojave
Desert. It is the most economical and effective pest control on earth.
It kills everything from ants to termites and everything in between! It
is safe to use around children. It is used for diaper rash, eye wash and
salves, etc. Look it up under Home Remedies for termites and see for
your self. Borax is also safe and effective.

rating: 4 (3 votes)

Submitted by southern bell at 2009-07-03 20:22:03
I wish i would have known about all of these different remedies to
try before having to put my dog down due to fleas (allergies)....anyway,
i live around sand, lots of sand, and it seems that the fleas are a lot
larger in sandy areas and a lot harder to kill, i tried covering my dog
in motor oil for like 3 days at a time, the fleas suffocate right away
and fall off unfortunately they would come right back, she had scratched
many sores which removed a lot of fur as well, so those who have said
something about there animals scratching sores dont wait to start any
kind of treatment, what i did was washed the area really good then put
neosporan on it as though you would with your child once that healed up
where there wasnt an open wound i then put motor oil for about 3 days
again to kill any additional fleas and then washed her with dish soap
until ALL oil was off then on her scared/scratched/balded areas i put
NEW STOCK mixed with baby oil (new stock is found at feed store) it
helped her fur grow back but you will have to be patient. unfortunately i
couldnt get rid of the fleas in the yard so she got bad, going to try
some of yalls suggestions, i have tried sevins and deamons dust or what
ever...deamons has worked so far but it was mixed with something else
and sprayed on the carpet it worked but it took about 2-3 weeks before i
could really see a difference due to the different stages the fleas
might have been in. i also have 2 tea cup chiwhawhas unlike my pit that i
put down these guys are tiny little things like 3 lbs if that and i am
scared that maybe some of this stuff might hurt them, any suggestions
for the little ones....i have heard something about crysanthemum extract
and water and then cover your pet in it, and your floors????? no harm
at all but will kill ANY insect of ANY kind??? and was said to plant the
flowers in the yard as well????

rating: 3 (12 votes)

Submitted at 2009-06-10 13:48:32
mix 3 equal parts of lemon scented joy, lemon scented ammonia, and
mint equate mouthwash. and spray yard with also

rating: 2 (5 votes)

Submitted by Savannah at 2009-11-15 11:14:30
Never have tried it but I have fleas and soon will be trying it. O.k
well I came up with put some jelly NO CHUNKY JELLY (chunky meaning with
sliced fruit) and mix it in a bowl with lots of white food color mix
until it turns white. Then smear with a butter knife over a white
plastic lid ( you know, the kind on the large 1 gallon icecream that art
teachers use for crayons) and put a candle or night light over it. Let
it sit for 1 whole day, but check often to see what fleas stick. RESULTS

rating: 2 (5 votes).

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Comment by linda dagosta on July 21, 2016 at 8:21am

best remedies for flea infestation safe : 

Bath in Dawn every other day for one to two months mean while;

wash all linens or as many as possible the dryer will kill most fleas and eggs if on high setting .. if air or fluff it wont.. best to put any extra linens in a black garbage bag for over a month to pretest from reinfection later  fleas life span is one month.. 

adding garlic to food is also a great idea but i use ivermectin sold at farm supply for cattle look up proper dosage for size canine..i inject into a piece of hotdog so they dont fuss or inject into some beverage and make certain they ingest 

Spray bedding carpet; any household fabric with a mild solution of orange extract and water; 4 drops to half gallon  is sufficient  this is safe for pets and fleas die.

Spray daily including basement floors, if you wash linens in the basement this is the most frequent area promoting reinfection as eggs drop to the floor when carrying laundry to the washer and dryer. Then as they hatch they will jump on board as you pass through with a new load of laundry .

I have never lost a battle with fleas! Every time my sons bring in friends with pets, we are always open to reinfection. I wish every one would use this to rid them of fleas. My home has been flea free for four years and this year they brought them in from work as co workers own pets they appear to be dropping in the restrooms at work and hitching a ride home.. i am working on my plan as we speak ..btw harts products do not work  i haven't used them since 1987 as when i owned hamsters i had 37 at one point and they began loosing their hair took them to a vet he asked what product we were using he told me to switch to 8-1 products problem solved they were malnourished on harts .. just food for thought..lol my facebook page has many helpful tips on one of my pages . many for vinegar . https://www.facebook.com/linda.dagosta better yet here is the page that has notes on many interesting tips https://www.facebook.com/LADfriendsforever/

Comment by truth on September 5, 2015 at 2:58pm
Comment by Sweettina2 on June 22, 2015 at 4:19am

Sure is, , mixing up more here.

Comment by truth on June 21, 2015 at 7:56pm

that time a year again

Comment by truth on August 29, 2013 at 9:40pm

that time a year again, I been bumping it for years :)

Comment by Sweettina2 on August 29, 2013 at 9:37pm

Thanks for reminding me of this, James! lol, been looking for it! 

Comment by truth on July 19, 2011 at 1:15pm
AH, here it is, been looking for this post:) Good stuff per ususal

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