Illuminati Sun Symbolism - Soft Drink Logos


Red Bull gives you wings, and tastes great with vodka or Yeager. But, like all other soft drink brand logos it displays esoteric sun symbolism as directed by the Illuminati.  Red Bull uses the yellow disk to represent the sun/son that died on the cross formed with the blue-grey quadrants. The Illuminati are proud to be “Order of the Sun” and display it on virtually all product logos.  Most people see it unwittingly, but it severely impacts us through the subconscious.  The Illuminati love to rub our noses in it - esoterically, keeping us in servitude, slaves.  It’s no different now than in all of of known history.


There’s three methods of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in soft drink brands logos:

  1.           Sun-on-cross
  2.           Triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye
  3.           Direct


Soft Drinks 1.1  - Sun on cross

The first method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in soft drink logos is the sun-on-cross, or cross-in-circle; represented by the Celtic Cross shown below.  The quick explanation is that the circle represents the sun and the sun/son died on the cross.  For complete derivation, please see link:



Or like this:



Red Bull -yellow disk represents the sun, and sits in the middle of the cross formed by the blue and silver quadrants.


Sunkist - easy to see the sun unless you’ve had too many Yeager-Bombs.  The “nk” forms the cross right in the middle of the sun.


Mellow Yellow -the classic ‘read between the lines’ technique.  The four “l”s make the border of the cross, and the sun is the “eo”, “eo” around the cross.



Mountain Dew –read between the “nt” / “eW”, and the "ou" / "De"; and the sun surrounds.



A&W - the “A” and “&” form the cross and sits on white circle, sun.  Notice how the right leg of the “A” is vertical.


Pepsi -the “EP” forms the cross and the red, white, and blue, glowing sphere forms the sun for Pepsi Cola. letters or lower case, it doesn't matter...

Barq’s - the “q” and "B" form the crosses, and the red barrels represent the sun.



Coca-Cola - line through the “l” forms the cross (s).  The “C”s and “o”s form the suns.



Here is the Target logo in case you're having trouble seeing the sun in the Coca-Cola logo.  The Target logo is exactly the same symbol used in Astrology to represent the sun.  Now look at the first "o" in "Coca-Cola".



Diet Coke –“D” makes two crosses.  The “C” and “o” make two red suns partially eclipsed by the white area.  A side note, the word “diet” is “die” with a cross after it; and aspartame is good for your health and die with a cross after it.




F you! Rumsfuck.


Diet Rite  -the two “I”s line up and form the vertical line, and the top of “RIT” forms the horizontal line.  The sun is the lettering surrounding the cross and the orange wavy lines.



Rummy says snorting aspartame is the way to go.


Dr Pepper - the “ep” forms the cross and sits on the red sun.


Schweppes -another ‘ep’ forms a cross for the round, red decal above , i.e. sun.


Snapple  -the PTB really changed it up here.  They use an “a” instead of an “e”.  The “ap” makes the cross.  And the sun, you see it?  The sun is happy because he just did a line of aspartame with Rummy.   Quoting Towlie from South Park, “It’s like I’m walkin’ on sunshine”.



Sprite -the “Sp” makes the cross.  The yellow, lemon/lime dot to the “i” represents the sun.



Canada Dry -crosses flank the perimeter of the lettering.  The sun is represented by the crown, and the golden circles.


Monster –cross and sun is the “O” in “MONSTER”.  The “M” has something going on too.



Tab  -it’s interesting to see how the logo as changed over the years, but two things remain constant; the “a” and “B” make a cross; and the ‘a’ makes a sun.



Soft Drinks 1.2 –Capstone with All-seeing-eye

The triangle (capstone of pyramid) with all-seeing eye, shown below, is the second method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati.  Notice the bright light and rays emanating from center.  The eye represents the sun god, Horus, the pupil of God, the light of the world.  For complete derivation, please see link:



Sierra Mist –the classic sun above the Capstone-mountains.  The dot on the “i” is the all seeing eye.  I think John Denver wrote a song about the Sierra Mist mountains and mentioned the lizard people, and the Queen of England in it.


7-Up - the “7” forms the capstone for the eye outside; the red, spherical, glowing sun.



Arizona Iced Tea - the “Z” forms the capstone for the dot of the “i” and the "o" which are the all seeing-eyes; and splits a sun in half.


Jolt  -capstones are the triangle shapes of the lightning bolt which shoots through the eye formed by the “O”.



Gatorade - tho 'o' is the all seeing eye between capstone and base.

RC Cola - “R” forms the triangle for the “C” which is the eye, and the red triangle is dissected by the “R” yielding a red capstone.


Faygo – the “F” forms the triangle for the “a” which is the eye.  The “F” also makes a blatant cross.



Mug Root Beer - The “M U G” forms the red triangle for the two eyes of the dog.



Hawaiian Punch – his left eye (which is cap-stoned… I really like that word) sits on the capstone formed with mouth, and top of head.  The crazy, red shit on his head is solar flares.  I bet he blows Rummy for free aspartame.



Soft Drinks 1.3 --Direct Sun Symbolism

The third and final method of sun symbolism used by the Illuminati in soft drink logos is direct;  where the sun is simply represented as a sun, or star, and with sun-like colors (red, yellow, orange, white) and shapes (round /spherical).

Lipton – entire background is deliberately a sun.


Crush- Not hard to ascertain the orange is a sun.



Slice –same orange concept here.



Squirt – here too.



Kool-Aid –a red, spherical man is a sun.  Could his left leg be a penis, like a tri-pod effect?


Rock Star – stars are suns

Quote from “Earth, Pleiadian Keys to the Living Library” by Barbara Marciniak, pg 64:

If you can reach the point of understanding that the material realm is a symbolic representation and not get lost in hoarding, then there are many magnificent artifacts that can reappear.  Your planet has numerous changes to go through over the next twenty years [written in 1994], and these ancient artifacts laden with coded knowledge will begin to reemerge.  At the end of these times, in December 2012, as decreed by the Mayan calendar, there will be an anchoring of many dimensions.  This will reveal the mystery behind existence, and it will be as if Earth suddenly blossoms overnight, even after some portions are seemingly destroyed.


You may have visions of these happenings.  People will be drawn to specific places and will see the artifacts because a particular awareness is necessary to pull them into this dimension.  In order to be completely anchored in third-dimensional reality, there will have to be an agreement by the mass consciousness to call this kind of energy into existence once again –to welcome it back by showing that you have respect for Earth.  As you learn to value your home, her mysteries will continue to unfold and fill you with awe.


Every soft drink logo I recognized was presented here and every one displays sun symbolism; proof that a few control the many.  The few are the Illuminati.  We are the many.   It’s just like it was in ancient times!  We’re still slaves…

…to the select few

But, not for much longer!  Because the sun in the background is you!

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Comment by linda dagosta on September 5, 2014 at 3:24pm

such evil trickery.. and what i hate is that hollywood taunts the truth right in front of us what is about to take place,,, but most people do not see it until it happens and even then refuse to believe they are doing  this .. unreal sick and plain disgusting.. i hate life on earth LOL

Comment by Sweettina2 on September 5, 2014 at 3:00pm

Look at the bulls and sun, they also form the All Seeing Eye.

Notice the slant of the names: Bottom starts first, top is last. I won't explain it, but many years ago a guy I knew was what I would call an "insider". He explained that many things they do in their world coincides with scripture...their counterfeit of them. Many of them believe that they can use wisdom in the Bible for their own gain and power. He told me that the slant, as I explained above, coincides with the Scripture, "Last shall be first, first shall be last".

Strange that they deny a god, in fact believe they are gods themselves and use/pervert scripture.

Sorry, wasn't proselytizing,  just sparked my memory on what he'd told me.

Comment by linda dagosta on September 5, 2014 at 2:19pm

I have a whole folder of these illuminati symbols and signs .. it is sickening to see how much of our everyday life is centered around such evil..  so sorry  I have lost half of my memory probably from ingesting all of this crap.. but i try to remove as much as i possibly can from this.. it is almost hard or impossible to do.. some of the products are soo tasty.. but to what end.. I mean if i could afford to move to a acre of ground into a trail trailer with flex solar panels to off grid and then grow my own garden and berry and nuts and chickens I would gladly forget the stores and rest of the evil exist.. and live in peace unfortunately i am no longer young nor am i able bodied enough to do this alone..  age sucks

Comment by Less Prone on April 12, 2013 at 8:10am

Amen Ra the sun god of ancient Egypt

Comment by Less Prone on April 12, 2013 at 7:28am

Hallelujah Sunrise

"Destroying the New World Order"

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