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The Network, and the team members have placed on line two videos that took me by surprise. In the on going search for a truth, it was found that Christians and Muslims Prophecy Against the New World Order. this was hidden within the two Books of Religion.

Now Christians and Muslims have united.

The first video is called- 9/11 Incompetent or Treason

The second video is called- Illumi Corporation: We see You

Domain Name: ILLUMICORPORATION.COM, is in violation of Constitutional Laws- . Their video is in violation of Constitutional Law against Religion , no matter how you wish to explain the issue, the fact still remains, you can not use the faith of men within God to create fear or a war. This is the Constitutional Laws of the United States of America.
Muslims and Christians are now united against the Illuminati.
Official Site- Illumi Corp
Illumi Corp: http://illumicorporation.com/
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Illumi Corp - AKA the Company
Official Website
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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on February 4, 2015 at 7:27pm

There's also the the "archaeology" of the middle east.  If what Some say is there IS there, They are also trying to gain control of a stargate...

Being spiritual but not religious, having experienced a moment when I became all times, all dimensions, and yet no dimension at all - an experience nearly purely ineffable - I came back with an awareness that Consciousness is "God," everything is Consciousness at some level of awareness, and all is God, We are God, co-creating the Now.  So I don't separate the psychopaths from "God," but surely, overall, against the WILL of God.  Peace, happiness, love, creative bliss - these are the desires, the will of God, and obviously, the Ones who believe Themselves to be "in control" here, are not interested in such a creation.

I do not, however, expect anyOne else to see things as I do.  Overall, excellent pieces!

Comment by Aka Anonymous on February 1, 2015 at 11:48pm

These two videos are very damaging against the system and is being seen.


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