Massive Mind Control through False Flags Proven

When H. G. Wells wrote the science fiction novel “War of the Worlds” little did he know how his famous story would be used by the powers that be. On the eve of Halloween 1937 a radio show performed by the Fireside Theater and actor Orson Wells a life like enactment of the “War of the World” was broadcast. Within a short period of time even though intermittent announcements stating that this was a play listeners were convinced that they were hearing a series of breaking news alerts that depicted an invasion from Mars.

Invaders from Space

With the audience convinced that extraterrestrial invaders had defeated the armies of the world beginning with the first landing of a canister craft at Grover’s Mill, New Jersey the public was reduced at panic and chaos with several people committing suicide. Pressed for an explanation the following day, a young Orson Wells looking haggard and worrisome apologized for the confusion, but later on members of the Fireside Theater claimed he had kept switchboards from answering hysteric callers in order to build more drama as the radio program progressed.

History of deception

It would not be until decades later that the radio performance of the H.G. Wells classic was exposed as an officially conducted social experiment. Unbeknownst to the American public the idea for such a scare was conceived of at the turn of the 20th century, but was never acted upon until 1937 and radio served as the perfect mass media device to exploit for such a purpose! After the results were observed and analyzed obviously the progress of psychological warfare was greatly enhanced and financed with government funding.

Psychological manipulation

When the novel “The Three Faces of Eve” was released in 1957 the public got its first exposure to what would later be called Multiple Personality Disorder. A previously unknown psychological condition once the book was converted into a movie script and Hollywood produced a movie by the same name it became a smash hit the role of Eve having been played by Joanne Woodward.  Literally within weeks of the movie’s release psychiatrists and mental facilities began to see waves of a new disorder being treated. Suddenly a mental disorder that did not previously exist now became a widely diagnosed mental condition!

The siege

In the late 1970’s a number of bizarre speculative novels that were published under the aegis of being fiction were released but rather than being treated as works of creative writing their impact became as though a non-fiction publication had been introduced. The social impact that resulted from two of Whitley Strieber’s science fiction novels “Communion” and “Majestic” in the minds of the public so paralleled the release of the Roswell UFO Crash of 1947 that it was suspected that an undercover admission by the US government was being unofficially divulged. Within weeks of Strieber’s publishing of “Communion” and then the movie release by the same name starring Christopher Walken an outbreak of alien abductions and nocturnal visitations by the Greys became epidemic in proportions compelling well known mental health professions such as Doctor John Mack to begin serious research into the phenomenon.

Classified exposure?

“Majestic” became the fictional account of how widespread space alien influence that had infiltrated the government and US military who were powerless to stop it. Was it a coincidence or pure hoax that the “Majestic Documents” suddenly appeared on the doorstep of one William Moore, a Ufologist and colleague of Stanton Friedman a former defense contractor physicist, who had resurrected the Roswell Incident after interviewing, veteran, Jesse Marcel a former Major in the US Air Force who had handled what he suspected was the debris of a crashed flying saucer. Dying of lung cancer, Marcel like many US veterans of World War II gave a death bed confession of what he had seen and been forced to keep as a secret under oath. Like many veterans who came out with similar confessions and no longer feared retribution from the US government revealed for the first time to their own spouses what they had kept as a secret for 40 years or more!

Real or faked?

The FBI resubmitted the “Majestic Mj-12 Documents” to the Pentagon for re-examination as they seemed to have presented an accidental release of classified files. There was no question that the documents were either authentic and historical or expertly forged by someone with an incredible knowledge of military classification and Pentagon operations. Could this have merely been another example of a clever counter intelligence ploy?

Threats from everywhere!

Hitting society like an avalanche, the implications of a UFO crash cover-up, Grey aliens allegedly abducting people in their sleep, and the idea that humans could be a hybrid between lesser developed upright hominids in the ancient past and the genes of an alien race doomed to extinction without forming an artificially inseminated life form from the two races would have a huge sociological impact just as the fear of an alien invasion, the discovery of a new psychological disorder, and now the unveiling of a new horrifying night invasion of unstoppable extraterrestrials performing experiments during the nocturne upon unsuspecting slumbering human beings!

Behind the smoke screen

How did these events influence society? What was the ulterior motive sought by authorities who were engaging in these social experiments? What kind of outcome could be expected? Obviously, government run counter intelligence operations would benefit, causing the internal disruption on a massive scale within a society could be a very effective covert method in defeating an enemy without having to fire a shot! It could also be an effective way of reducing belief in God and morality, the need for ethics and a faith that exceeded the need for a government. For decades Communist regimes had suppressed Christian worship as the state could never achieve complete mental control and the destruction of personal will as long as people had a faith in God as their number one authority! So, demoralization seems to have been the major goal of these experiments.

Warnings of diabolical consequences

One might recall that Adrian Salbuchi of Argentina who was instrumental in aiding his nation in overcoming the government and banking corruption and who has warned of a coming world government is a proponent of exposing secretive social experiments and false flag operations. In 2012 he warned America that under the Presidency of Barack Obama US citizens should be prepared for a major “Reichstag Moment” as Glen Beck had termed it where a fabricated disastrous event could be used by the government as an excuse for unleashing martial law and mass arrests under that pretense. Salbuchi had seen his own Argentinian government attempt such operations.

The world order!

It would seem that the progression and boldness of such attempts at manipulating the sociological fabric of society into a Godless, unconsciousness, malleable population would be the stepping stone to influencing people to accept the unacceptable! That would be the control of a global government using an iron fisted institution of massive population control and oppression under an elite few who view mankind as sheep to be herded and even mass executed under the dark future of a prison planet. Even in the Christian Bible such an eventuality is prophesied as many analysts foresee the very same possibility.  

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