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Michael Savage Launches Investigation Into Missing Nukes

Anthony Gucciardi
October 28, 2013

Radio host calls for media attention over missing nuke report and termination of top nuke commanders

Since Alex Jones and I originally reported on the high level military intelligence revealing that an unsigned nuclear weapons transfer had taken place back on September 3rd, an absurdly high number of red flag events lending credibility to the intel have followed. From the termination of the second highest nuke commander in the country on the exact same day as the leak, to Senator Lindsey Graham warning of a nuclear strike on the exact destination of the missile transfer — the red alert scenarios continue to pile up.

And now, Michael Savage of Savage Nation is launching an investigation into the issue and calling upon the media to properly address the situation.

I joined the Savage Nation to discuss the intel timeline of the nuke transfer, specifically highlighting the fact that the transfer was unsigned for and completely off the books. Originally covered by Savage earlier this month following the suspension and termination of the two top nuke commanders in the nation, the missing nuke intel has since spread internationally — and still, the United States media has failed to even mention it despite the vital events that continue to point towards its accuracy.

But that fact is nothing new, considering the reality that even the local media was quick to ignore sources revealing the unsigned transfer to them. As usual, the mainstream media is deathly afraid of crossing the establishment. After all, it’s who grants them their reach (and oftentimes funding).

The brief report from the top level military source, which was written in a rush to get the information out, reads:

“Dyess is beginning to move out nuclear war heads today. I got a tap from DERMO earlier. He said it was the first time they have been even acknowledged since being put there in the 80′s. No signature was required for transfer… There was no directive. He said that Dyess Commander was on site to give authority to release. No one knew where they were going really, but the truck driver said to take them to South Carolina and another pick up will take them from there.”


Anthony Gucciardi is a writer, analyst, and Founder of whose articles are routinely featured on top sites like Drudge Report and regularly appears on national and international television media.

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Comment by Cryptocurrency on October 31, 2013 at 3:43pm

I don't know, missing nukes can not be a good thing. Two top Generals let go. Something is certainly going on with this...

Comment by Christopher on October 30, 2013 at 9:55am

This is unreal - But what is even more frightening, is that the mainstream media keeps quiet.

Is MSM a part of JSOC?

US nearly detonated atomic bomb over North Carolina – secret document

Exclusive: Journalist uses Freedom of Information Act to disclose 1961 accident in which one switch averted catastrophe

Read more:

Comment by Troubleshoot1 on October 29, 2013 at 1:08pm

Interesting story for more reasons then mentioned. Several years ago I believe around 10 a story with a great deal of documentation came out of the real world press regarding missing "SUITE-CASE" nukes missing. Roughly 960 US & 1120 Russia. That story and it's follow up might well be worth follow up. Meanwhile as you mentioned the main-stream press seldom if ever actually addresses real news to the peril of there own safety and their families. Real News is going to have to start coming forth from somewhere and very soon - as one examines the scattered reports placing them all on one page creates a very troubling report - all kinds of critical life threatening situations are running amok all at once with NO REGARD by anyone serious. Then there is this story and some of the OTHER non-reported situations. One of the Arab area Nations does have several HUNDRED NUKES and there track record from starting day one rather clearly shows by their own actions they are not close to be of sound mind to have such items. There own people population would appear to be the only deterrent to disaster in their case - they have the most to loose if their government goes over the edge .

Comment by apeman2502 on October 28, 2013 at 9:59pm




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