Obamacare simply a new draconian power grab!

When Supreme Court Justice John Roberts voted for Obamacare and broke the tie between conservative and liberal opinion he unleashed a bureaucratic plague that Americans will be stunned by if the measure is not defeated. Many details within the thousands of pages of the Affordable Health Care Act have been conveniently withheld from the American public. I will go into some of the staggering implications of this heinous legislation.

Few realized and the US media made sure that it was a little known fact that President Obama took 716 billion from Medicare funding in order to begin the infrastructure for the new nationalized health insurance program. In other words President Obama robbed from existing Medicare coffers to fund a draconian program that will not begin paying out benefits for 4 years while the nation is forced to pay for the taxes on it until such time as it begins. He then reassured those already depending on Medicare that he would not abandon the system. If you call drastically reduced funding and greater and greater matching payments by elderly recipients keeping Medicare, sure.

At an intentionally under estimated 940 billion over 10 years and expectations that there will be cost overruns, the actual cost has been more accurately declared by the CBO to be almost triple original estimates with an added deficit in 2012 alone of 290 billion just for starters. Where as Obama promised that the cost of health care would go down from 2008, in contrast the average family’s coverage has increased to over $12,000 annually with in individuals paying over $4,100 a year. As employers are forced to drop insurance coverage for their workers and simply endure the IRS enforced fines 20 million people will lose coverage. With the President promising that those who were happy with their plan could keep it, an additional 80 million Americans stand to lose their health insurance once government regulations and fines force more employers to drop employee coverage.

With 1 in 6 persons in the US on the poverty level now, 48 million Americans receiving some form of federal subsidy, and 9.3 million estimated as under employed and that number growing as 14 million still remain unable to find work. The idea of a mandatory pay form of socialized medicine that 30 million Americans will pay nothing for while they are subsidized by those who do is preposterous and a recipe for a disaster with the deficit already looming as nearly unrecoverable!

Get this, remember that Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, and others pulled off backdoor negotiations which allowed the unions of this country to opt out of the Obamacare in order to get Union support and votes for the Democrat party and the President. You don’t think those who pay won’t end up subsidizing Union members too especially since so many of them sit the bench waiting for skilled construction work to come up?

This is the same type of socialized medicine that bankrupted many health care corporations in Canada and is one of the reasons that Europe faces monetary collapse due to the expense of entitlement out weighing the tax revenue of the governments. In Canada the waiting list is 6 months while trauma patients can’t even be accommodated with ER rooms. Many with cancer related illnesses over a period of 6 months die or become terminal. President Obama had a solution for these people. It was called pain pills. Go ahead Mr. President, would that be acceptable if it happened to your wife or daughters?

Daniel Hannan of Great Britain spoke at CPAC this year and told us we Americans were lucky to have a Constitution unlike the UK, but warned of entitlement and socialism for the US. He said we would not like it very much yet he could see America in his rear view mirror gaining on England in the push for a Marxist society. Lord Monkton, a great spokesman against the climate Nazis of the green energy scam has also been worried but hopeful that Americans will steer clear of the pitfalls of socialized medicine. Why is it that the President and the Democrats can’t see the pitfall of too much government, too many taxes, and too much control over our society exerted by the federal government?

The death panels that Sarah Palin warned of yet was so viciously rebuffed by the Democrats over will exist, only under a different label. Under the guise of cost feasibility regulators and doctor patient end of life conferences the price of medical treatment for the elderly and chronically ill will be rationing, in other words, no care at all, simply reduced and reduced again at a time in your life when all you have earned and contributed will be denied to you. I sincerely hope that everyone who supports this form of perversion called health care and therefore doomed the elderly to it, are they, themselves subjected to the same treatment by this rationed monstrosity as those who died as a result of it.

Under the implementation of the plan even though Americans will have IRS levies confiscating money from their bank accounts, and it seems huge sums of forced participation funding is brought in government will get the lions share of the money. Through the created infrastructure of more federal employees to administer, 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce, and the typical federal matrix of regulators as well. The very program designed to provide health care for all will be mercilessly saddled with the cost of government attached to it. That will make a huge and inefficient program whose own size and expense reduces benefits to the patient. This is an abomination that the left seems to ignore.

Doctors, important small community and rural clinics essential to those not part of the big city networks are already planning on shutting down. Physicians here in the US with established practices foresee retiring or going elsewhere than the US. Specialists who will be limited on what they can charge for fees and procedures will be seeking other countries or lines of work. With the resulting decrease in high quality professionals Obamacare will rely upon doctors from other countries who have flawed and suspect degrees or training. The Obamacare system will actually begin training and orienting doctors toward the rationed and reduced practice of socialized medicine, a far cry from the Hippocratic oath.

For those who thought that nationalized medicine under federal government mandate was a joyride for the under privileged and the social responsibility of the middle and upper classes to compensate the less fortunate, a grim surprise awaits. The Supreme Court may have ruled that the Affordable Health Care Act was Constitutional, but that does not mean that the court was not intimidated by Obama who had made several comments in public about them over this issue which was unprecedented in history. The executive branch was never supposed to tamper with the sanctity of Supreme Court decision making.

If GOP candidate Mitt Romney is not successful in ousting President Obama, Americans will discover what many of us already knew. That Obamacare was not about seeking medical coverage for the disadvantaged and poor. It was not about a humanitarian gesture by the federal government to the private sector. Obamacare is about absolute government control over every aspect and freedom we hold dear from our diet, to our personal privacy, to our income that we labor for in a declining economy brought on by the government itself. We will find that government run health care will be a nightmare that will break the camel’s back and insure that the federal deficit is never brought under control. This, as middle aged and elderly Americans become the expendable population that we can do without as the government decrees further cuts in treatment to forestall the fiscal failure of a system they were warned was not fiscally feasible.

Today Obamacare is a vote magnet for Obama and the Democrats. The wards of the state buy into it, the illegal aliens by the millions will love it and cast their vote for it as the DOJ is not interested in prosecuting fraud, and liberals who see the government as providing a panacea for society think this faulty program is the answer. What they will get as the system slowly implodes with unmanageable costs will be the end of reliable medical treatment in the US and the collapse of the US dollar as uncontrolled deficits continue to dilute and devalue our currency already under fiscal stress. Voting for Obama gets you this unique privilege. Why would you support this kind of insanity?


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Comment by suzie on September 29, 2012 at 1:40am

The supreme court said it was a tax on commerce not a mandate ~i'm not paying ~ i'm not paying another federal tax ~on health care?  that was NOT mandated ~ the supreme court did not say it was constitutional to mandate a product just because ~ that's like saying the federal government can tax anything that the people don't want ~ just tax it or you out of existence ~thats like saying from whatever source derived ~ does that mean you can tax the Chineese? No! People need to put on there constitutional thinking caps~ THINK THINK THINK ~No one ~not even the supreme's can make a statute that goes against the constitution ~ I suspect resistance 

The court’s opinion states, “For most Americans, the amount due will be far less than the price of insurance, and by statute, it can never be more.”

So, projecting out to 2016, says Strossen, “Individuals making $35,000 a year are expected to owe the IRS about $50 for any month in which they do not have health insurance. Someone with an annual income of $100,000 would likely owe $200. Contrast that with the price of an insurance policy, and that’s expected to be around $400 per month. There’s absolutely no adverse consequences other than you have to pay this fine. The court’s bottom-line refrain is: ‘The federal government does not have the power to order people to buy health insurance.’”

She says, “There’s a full stop there. But,” she qualifies, “the very next sentence says the federal government does have the power to impose a tax if people do not buy health insurance.”

Read more at http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2012/06/28/Why-the-Health-Ca...

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