On Human Nature

by Amaterasu Solar

Many have told Me that there is no way We Humans could possibly live and create in harmony because, well…  Human nature.  What I think They don’t understand is that “Human nature” emerges in response to what is going on in the world around Us.  Though there are skews from the norm, as a rule most of Us will respond to the same forces in similar ways.

For example, it is Human nature to run away from a toppling building heading One’s way.  Only a very, very few would make different choices.  In the realm of societal pressures, a good percentage of Us can be expected behave poorly if We are desperate and offered money to do, or suspect enough money can be gotten from doing, some unEthical deed…if the amount of money is large enough.

Most of Us have Our tempers shortened by pressures from money issues, time issues, and frustration at being unable to do what We really love to do.  We tend to be unhappier when We are constantly under pressure to make ends meet.

On the other hand, We are far more cheerful and charitable when We are comfortable, knowing We have no fear of running out of food, losing Our home, being forced to do things.

Given this, it becomes clear that in a world that provides for the needs We have, that allows Us to live as richly as We choose, that forces nothing upon Us, with the tools and materials We need to create as We might love to do, the expected “Human nature” would surely be, overall, cheerful and charitable.

For this reason, I propose a way to provide for ALL of Us Humans on this planet such that there is no poverty, oppression, wage/debt slavery, intrusion, and profiteering (war profiteering, prison profiteering, pharma profiteering, medical profiteering, chemical profiteering, food, water, air profiteering).  The expected “Human nature” to emerge will be one of coexistence, with the solving of problems being done the best way – not the cheapest/most profitable.  And only real, and not manufactured, problems will be of concern.

One key is in foundational economics, the WHY of Our exchange to survive.  Though money was arguably introduced as a control mechanism, with technology We have today, We can eliminate the need for this dangerous tool.  It is dangerous because, though its function as an accounting tool for the energy We input into the system and its facilitating exchange of the products of Our meaningful energy expended are not bad things in and of themselves, the fact that all money systems promote the most psychopathic to the top of the money/power heap is ghastly.

Most don’t want to look at the evidence for psychopathy being in control here on this planet and Now.  I could give a long list, but the very fact that We are not all aghast and refusing the “services” of Monsanto gives Me measure of the awareness, or lack thereof – whether willful or not, that Most carry on this planet of the depth of psychopathy We’re looking at…or not.

Things like sodium fluoride – an industrial toxic waste – being sold to cities to add to Our water supply, Agenda 21, the rampant pedophilia in high offices, Aspartame, vaccines that maim and kill (and likely chip Us against Our will), GMO, “geoengineering” (chemtrails), money manipulation, fake news (Sandy Hook, etc.), gun “control,” the “Patriot” Act, the NDAA, the TSA, the NSA, the “Federal” “Reserve,” the IMF (International Money Fund), the UN, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Codex Alimentarius, “sustainability,” planned obsolescence (most waste would be removed if We eliminated this!), rigid “official” education, militarization of police forces, FEMA, satanic rituals (and yes, They DO sacrifice Humans – I am witness), MK-ULTRA and its new labels, large-scale Human experimentation without consent, nuclear power polluting the planet when We had at least one way to extract energy cleanly from the aether all the while the nuke plants were being built – on fault lines, fracking, fomenting war and then supplying both sides (war too is Human sacrifice to Them), bioweapons, divide and conquer, and the list could go on and on of evidence of psychopathy in control on this planet.

In fact, I knew We were in trouble when I saw two things happen.  The “law” in the US making it a crime for the government to use propaganda was overturned, and the networks fought and won against a “law” that news stories had to be true (ask WHY that was important to Them… Ask whether the “news” You see is truth…).  Between those two happenings, I could easily see psychopathy working against Us Humans, and expected BS to start spewing forth.

I was not disappointed.

Without the power to pay toadies – be They armies or strong-arms – any evil Human would have to perpetrate the evil Themselves personally.  This makes Them very vulnerable to justice and ethical views.

In fact, if We removed this need to exchange to survive and, instead of a slave’s work “ethic,” We promoted the Betterment Ethic, Humans would work towards better ways to do things.  Psychopathy would have no foothold.  The few who would make it worse for some to Their benefit would have no handle on Us to do so.  Not on any large scale.  This is another key to creating better on this planet.

They say Humans are “warlike,” but this is not true.  To get Us to war, the psychopaths run false flags, psyops, propaganda, spread false rumor, use yellow journalism, tell outright lies, and plant agents provocateurs.  No soldier, statistically speaking, joins military forces to go kill or be killed.  It’s the pay and/or a principle They think needs “defense.”  Usually the threat that is offered is manufactured for Us, and all determined to “set things right” – for the betterment (Human nature is to look for better ways) – We join these forces.

How many would join a force without need for payment (being comfortable) or false “realities” being manufactured by the psychopaths’ money?  Few indeed, unless there was a clear and present danger.

For that matter, why would anyOne steal if They had free access to all They need?  Why would anyOne defraud (lie, cheat) on any level but perhaps in personal relationships – the problems of which are scant in society compared to the problem of rampant psychopathy?  Why would anyOne hurt or kill anOther?  Though deviant behavior of some Individuals could be pointed to, statistically speaking, We Humans would NOT do any of these things.

Society – in any natural system – is cooperative.  It has to be, else a society would not exist.  Human nature is to cooperate.  That We are yoked to a system that promotes competition is against the grain of Human nature.  It forces Us to compete in ways that are not friendly, that do not promote betterment, but personal survival and taught behaviors of “Me first.”  Greed emerges from, and is a function of, the scarcity – manufactured on this abundant planet now by the psychopaths via the control money can buy – that We are being kept in.  And the power over Others this system affords feeds the psychopaths.  And still, We have managed, under this onus, to get cooperative, positive things done.  That ability is more and more being pulled out of Our reach, through the power of money psychopathically applied.

Another key is the interweb.  We now communicate globally and can input into the “idea-sphere” (memesphere) as never before; We can now report problems that cannot be solved locally to a global awareness – and without the need to exchange to get what We need to survive, We can travel freely to help with any problems We care about personally.

Imagine that.  Rather than being tied, timewise and financially to where We presently are, We can gather supplies and show up at an earthquake to offer Our help.  Rather than, as We are encouraged to do to quell that unease when We ache for anOther’s plight, donating money to a “charity,” which, it has been shown, most of the money donated around the globe is used to pay handsome salaries at the top, and statistically speaking, nothing trickles down to the problem We want to solve…  Rather than that, if We care, We can directly contribute.  Given the amounts of money that flow to the elites through “charities,” I expect high turnouts of Humans to help.

With the web, We can communicate when a problem has been solved or when enough People are present.  We can look at any crime and offer all testimony and evidence for review.

Which brings Me to the question of “law.”  We are taught from birth that We must “obey the law.”  When One looks into what this “law” idea is, it becomes clear that the psychopaths are just as busy here as many elsewheres.  Any “law” in the admiralty law – which is virtually all “law” that is used against Us  –  is a “law,” not a Law.  They are statutes, bills, acts, codes, regulations, constitutions, ordinances, etc., and are in place to control Humanity, to treat Us all as if guilty until proven innocent.  Also, they are all based in contract.  They use “implied consent” if We don’t object (whether We are informed or not) as opposed to the Ethical fully informed consent.  If We look, it is clear We are Their enemy.  In the US, We are specifically declared so.  And, being psychopathic, They toy with Us, experiment on Us, use Us, tax Us and sacrifice Us.

The good news is that if We choose not to contract, We are no longer under the “rules.”

Given that what defines a Being from a being – someOne worthy of carrying a banner of being above animals and other life manifestations – is Ethics, then there are only three Laws.  Those are the three Laws of Ethics.  As You read them, ask Yourself how much breaking of these Laws We would see compared to Now if We had no need to compete but could cooperate locally on up to globally on this amazingly abundant planet that the psychopaths are destroying with nuclear death, GMOs, “insecticides” like RoundUp (are We the “insects…?”), nanoparticulates (“chaff”) of aluminum, strontium, barium poured into Our skies…

1.   Do not willfully and without fully informed consent, hurt or kill another Being

2.   Do not willfully and without fully informed consent take or damage another Being’s property

3.   Do not willfully defraud another Being (which can only occur without fully informed consent)

I think Human nature, that which makes Us Beings, readily accepts these Laws.  Kids may go through stages, some Individuals may skew far away, but most of Us are inclined to behave Ethically, if some may not be very nice about it.  The vast motive for behaving unEthically has everything to do with competing for Our survival and the false goal the psychopaths hype, material “status.”  We break all three if desperate enough and many, many break some for personal gain in clawing Their way up the heap of Others to get to the top of that “status” pyramid, the money structure.

So expectations of Human nature when diverted from competition to stigmergic, cooperative emergence with betterment as the goal, as opposed to finding some way to plug Our energy in for enough tokens out to cover the bills in the psychopaths’ construct, is most likely to shine.

Nothing at all wrong with Human nature.  The problem lies in the yoke We are confined to.


For more please read this blog, or visit:

T.A.P. - You're It



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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 18, 2014 at 12:26pm

Not "flairing up."  [smile]  I know Jones is a shill and a gatekeeper.  I have strong evidence, the least not being that I tried to join His forum three times - even found a phone number to call (left a message).  Given the status I had on ATS (before They banned Me for "spamming" when I would offer My solution in threads where the problem being discussed could be solved with My work, linking one of My ATS threads), I do not doubt He has a clue who I am and what I bring.

He has whipped up fear on many an occasion, and been totally wrong...  And He is married into "the families."

So I just can't believe necessarily "the message" and SURELY look askance at any interpretation or claimed implications He creates.  He is out to spread fear and panic.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 18, 2014 at 3:09am

Oh, and by the way...  Alex Jones is a gatekeeper and a shill.  I take everything out of His camp with a ton of salt.  He whips up fear, that's His job.  He ignores and blocks any solutions.  So I'm not inclined to feel hopeless because of His tripe, either.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 18, 2014 at 2:08am

They can SAY We have no right to not contract, but the fact is that if We "lose the name" and refuse all contract, They have no hold on Us beyond actual physical violence - and if We all are ignoring Them, are the useless eliters going to personally come after all of Us?  Do the work They now use money for to pay toadies to do?

Sorry, but You will not convince Me it's hopeless on this planet.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 17, 2014 at 9:23pm

You seem to think I aim to change Humans. I do not. I aim to change the system around Us. The "elite" are "elite" because They clawed Their way to the top of the money/power heap, being psychopathic enough to get there (They are 4-6% of Humans...). And if the system offers no way to be "top dog" except socially and by contributing to the betterment, any who "want to rule to want to be top dog" are SOL. No One "rules" in what I propose. We Self-govern in freedom to live as richly as We desire.

We also are not wolves...

And no.  Humans are not bad.  If overall We were, society would not function.  Most of Us just want to be comfortable and free to do as We love to do.  I think You are falling for the useless eliter propaganda that suggests Humans are bad, as They point to the things They have caused and say, See?  Humans are bad!  This is a lie.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 17, 2014 at 6:33pm

Well, I'm sure with a defeatist attitude and no effort to share awareness, You're right, ToD.  I don't want anyOne to "run things," I don't want admiralty "law," I don't want useless eliters.  So I will NOT be listening to defeatist rhetoric.  *I* will be working to share awareness, and if enough of Us are aware that We CAN change things up to vast betterment...We WILL.

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 16, 2014 at 10:50pm

I say that if 99% of Us chose to disengage from the system and go a different path, the 1% will be powerless.  That is why awareness that We CAN change things is so important.  If enough of Us know We can, We WILL.

Also, all We have to do is add free energy, and They soon will not be able to suppress it - someOne will go viral with it - and have a map (which I offer), money will go away, and rather than the psychopaths having the power on the planet, Us sane Ones will.

Comment by Sweettina2 on December 16, 2014 at 1:56pm

Unfortunately you cannot get everyone in the world on the same page. Evil exists. The PTB that rule the world, propaganda, those who have no decency about them and ither factors will never allow peace to be.

"Destroying the New World Order"


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