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Following recent claims as to why has there has been no film footage or photographs of the alleged terrorist attacks and particularly of the terrorists themselves on 13th Friday in Paris, and despite some rather dubious footage surfacing showing what appears to be more like crisis actors playing out their allotted roles, recent photos have appeared of the interior of The Bataclan theatre, (above) where it's alleged over 100 people were killed.  Look closer at the bloodstained "drag marks" it oddly forms the shape of a heart around the two heap of bodies!

French magazine Le Point, reported "Jewish owners recently sold Paris’s Bataclan theatre on 9/11/15!" (11th September 2015) In typical propaganda style the news report goes on to say; " has for years been the target of anti-Zionist groups as the Jewish owners often put on pro-Israel events. The publication quoted a member of the extremist group Army of Islam, who told French security services in 2011 that; “We had planned an attack against the Bataclan because its owners are Jews.” Now seriously folks, if you was sincerely a terrorist group would you tell the security forces in advance what target you are going to hit? Of course not, and it's no different than bank robbers informing the police of the next bank they are going to rob!

As you will see below and following an anti-terrorist exercise in London earlier in 2015, the emergency services are trained to attend the alleged victims, and "tag" their bodies with "Dead" or "Alive" labels.

Time and again following a false-flag event of this kind the emergency services seem to completely breech and ignore their training and protocol of procedures they have been taught to do, and we often enough see alleged "dead bodies" being left in their original positions, and almost looks like they have been totally ignored and not even been looked at to see if they are still alive or dead.

Quite often after being shot, the victim actually goes into a state of unconsciousness, even if it was just a wound to the arm or leg, as the brain often does this to protect us from such trauma. 

Above - anti-terrorist exercise in London earlier in 2015.

Like in the Bataclan theatre photo, the bodies seem to be simply left in their odd positions to make it look as real as possible, yet we can clearly see there is none of the obvious tell-tale signs that emergency personnel have attended the scene and what you often see at other "real" attacks; bandages, blood stained swabs, wrappings and packing that contained the bandaging, bags, aluminium body covers etc. - none whatsoever are present here.  Virtually all the bodies are face down and neatly arranged.  One group almost forming a pyramid shape.

Above - anti-terrorist exercise in London earlier in 2015, great acting.

We can see what looks like blood-trails, perhaps accomplished by either using a large broom or likewise object and sweeping it across the floor, or as is being suggested the bodies were dragged across it.  Not an action emergency services would do as they would place bodies on a stretcher.


Fake Crisis Actors Posing For The Media

So like 9/11, it's being suggested that the "French government", desperate to get their foot further into Syria and with the West being totally shown-up by Russia, after the West did nothing to combat their own created ISIS (and why they have not done much about them), yet Putin's soldiers have taken-out hundreds of ISIS positions and weaponry in just a matter of weeks.  The "West" are of course fuming about this, red faced and now blood red on their hands.

 It's being reported in the controlled MSM, and of what you do see of the reporting of Nohemi Gonzalez, a Mexican girl who has been reported by the French authorities that she was killed, it's being alleged by 300 Spartans blog, that she was actually alive after the Bataclan shooting.  They are claiming her family had allegedly called her boyfriend’s mobile phone after hearing about the attacks in the Mexican media.  He confirmed that they were both fine, though Nohemi had been taken into "custody" by the authorities, perhaps due to her being a "witness", yet was then declared as being dead.

Suggesting "they" then brought her body back to the Bataclan theatre, dragging her body to where they left her dead. It's further suggested this explains the blood stained drag marks all over the floor, because they dragged and dropped the bodies after killing them.  And as mentioned, it even seems as if those who made such marks, created a "heart-shape" around them.  Of course it sounds far-fetched, yet time and again fact is stranger than fiction and security forces all over the world have been caught out of staging false flag events and for numerous reasons, such as trying to justify why nations should now go to war and kill each other.

To what extent this evil goes to, no one knows for sure, and why "they" are so blatantly reassured by their corrupt actions; it’s basically proved that those alleged passengers on the alleged hi-jacked planes on 9/11 were killed here on the ground.

According to Rebekah Roth’s 9-11 book, Methodical Illusion, she claims to provide proof that all four 9-11 planes took off, but did not go to targets and instead were landed in Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts where cell phone calls were set-up to implicate Muslims. Roth argues that passengers left on planes in Westover were gassed to death and that the Westover military airport had been evacuated beforehand. She claims that a reservist who was to be at the airport confirmed the closure to her.

Even though I agree with perhaps all she says on this matter, I do not agree that all four planes took off, as I have seen enough evidence proves that at least one plane never did take off, or the location was Westover Air Reserve Base in Massachusetts, as I believe it was in fact Harrisburg Airport and have written on this matter before. What's more important here, is her claims that the US government killed their own people.

And sadly to say often innocent people are killed for this purpose.  Though in many recent false-flag operations and around the world they simple involve paid mercenaries, agent-provocateurs, crisis actors and secret service agents, in which the crisis actors work for.

More often its simply used as a smoke screen, it keeps the masses from uprising and is a continuous smokescreen to the much larger issues that are affecting everybody's lives; the troubles in Syria, Ukraine, the unjust wars in the middle-east, mass immigration sweeping across Europe and the USA in general, tough more importantly is the corrupt politicians themselves, not forgetting the paedophile scandals, along with all the bankters who have brought the EU and the rest of the world to their knees and due to all their alleged austerity measures whilst to 1% are getting richer by the day.

Those with half a brain cell and using their intuition-gut feelings, can almost instantly see what's being played out in front of their eyes via the illuminati own media outlets, as being totally fake. "Acted out" so as to look as real as possible.


Little is known or being said that on Friday 13th in Paris, the police and emergency forces conducted an anti-terrorist drill, (see video above), yet that wasn't mentioned in the media.

Now, take the following London: SAS, police, and EMS response (seen below - just see how convincing the "act") to gunmen attack in massive counter-terror drill that took place earlier this year, and imagine if the media reported it as a real scenario, with all these crisis actors, would you not think anything other than it was real?

London: SAS, police and EMS respond to gunmen attack in massive counter-terror drill.

 Also see:  Friday 13th 'Unlucky For Some' - Frances 9/11 & False-Flag Attack...


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Comment by Elyag Reed...We are Legion on June 20, 2018 at 8:46am

Let's all agree that evidence in NY shows that many if not all the 3,000 victims were faked with photos of some being used over and over as other victims. They even board the photo board in one Photoshop artists loft with many of them. The the names do not match in depth background search. And doubtful that even the fake hijackers boarded made up flights. Logan Airport photo - Shopped.

As for the buildings coming down a full video covers the thousands detonators in boxes on the 80's floor that the Art Students were using..

What is real?

You when you look in the mirror.. The rest is questionable..

We are Legion and Growing...

"Destroying the New World Order"


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