Press release of Mr Ilja Janitskin’s extradition court hearing in Andorra Thursday

Press release of Mr Ilja Janitskin’s extradition court hearing in Andorra Thursday

Andrew Cheetham

'Court hearing for the final decision on extradition of freedom of speech activist, journalist and presidential election candidate Ilja Janitskin to Finland takes place in La Vella, Andorra on November the 9th 2017 at 12.00 a.m.

Finnish authorities demand an immediate extradition, but they have neither agreed to meet the requirements of the Andorran justice, nor have they presented any guarantees that Mr Janitskin will face a fair trial (compare to the case of Carles Puigdemont).

Founder of MV-lehti, freedom of speech activist and presidential election candidate Mr Ilja Janitskin, who is currently fighting level IV cancer, has been incarcerated in Andorra since August the 4th, 2017. His arrest is based on Interpol’s Project BASIC warrant, fabricated by CI Harri Saaristola of Helsinki Police, who accuses Mr. Janitskin of “war crimes, genocide and crimes against humanity”.

All court hearings concerning the case of chief editor Janitskin have been conducted in absentia and behind closed doors. The public has been denied access to the hearings as well as to the legal records. This is unheard of in the Finnish legal history!'

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Finnish Authorities Mislead Andorran Justice – Do Not Even Follow Their Own Guidelines!

The Finnish Public Prosecutor’s Office published their own guidelines in 2013. The guidelines suggest that in an international context hearings could be conducted “also via video”. In Mr Ilja Janitskin‘s case the Public Prosecutor does not follow its own guidelines for apparently politically driven motives.

The Finnish authorities are misleading Andorran authorities into believing that Mr Janitskin is wanted for a criminal trial or to serve a lawful prison sentence. There are no charges, there is no verdict.
At which point do the Andorran authorities realize that their Finnish counterparts have no intention to operate according to the international law and lawful duties, as has been seen during the last months? They even failed to base their extradition request on respective articles of law and misused Interpol’s Project BASIC.

The presidential election candidate of REFORMI, Mr Ilja Janitskin, has been detained in Andorra for three months now. He was arrested on the 4th of August by Spanish Interpol.
During these three months the Finnish authorities have been hiding behind each other’s backs, and each authority seems determined to ignore the principle of legality.

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Comment by DTOM on November 9, 2017 at 10:58am

It is my belief that the Suomalaiset - Finnish people will rise against both the traitors and invaders in their homeland.

Having endured invasion, occupation and repeated invasion by both Sweden and Russia through the centuries - Finland has been free for exactly 100 years.

Evidently they will face a new occupation unless they, like their European neighbours - make the simple choice of submit or resist, fight and overcome.

Given their patriotism, past deeds and reputation, exemplary skills and success in the art of war - I believe that they will.

Comment by Less Prone on November 9, 2017 at 8:48am

The Orwellian style thought police, discrimination of the majority, political correctness, and shut up critique culture is rampant. Finland is rapidly becoming a police state where your civil rights have gone, if you are of the original population. But the parasites brought in who will never work or pay taxes flourish.  Reasonable critique of the immigration and its side effects is hate speech, but the immigrants can insult the Finns without punishment. And it's getting worse day by day.

Caliphate is arising


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