Something is Really Wrong when a Preacher is a Warmonger

John Hagee wants a nuke dropped on the entire country of Iran

This doesn't sound very Christian to me does it to you?

Ever wonder what "God" our politicians are talking about?

20, 000 members at: John Hagee's Cornerstone Church

1.6 million members at: Christians United For Israel

Aren't churches supposed to help the poor? Wasn't helping the poor a part of Jesus teachings?

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Comment by Less Prone on September 3, 2014 at 5:30pm

The pictures from destroyed Gaza, war is collective madness.

Comment by margaret on September 3, 2014 at 3:53pm

Panorama view of Gaza After 50 days of bombing By Israel's Military

Comment by margaret on September 3, 2014 at 3:50pm
Comment by margaret on September 3, 2014 at 3:43pm

Israel is Rothschilds cover nation..Covering crimes of the Rothschilds in Holy ground around the world. F***Israel and the Rothschilds!!!

Synagogue of Satan

The History of the House of Rothschild (Timeline)

Comment by richard J Lacy on September 2, 2014 at 11:54pm

The UK was long since co-opted by the 'forces' that be, at least decidedly by the mid 1700's(civil war/cromwell) - some would say earlier, from the Norman invasion(1066). France too - the depths of corruption, the dark crystal's (if you will) activity, is beyond recent perceptions by the bulk of current generations - the assault predates Zionism. In other words, for zionism to be a force, it had to have had prior planning - it had to be a consequence of not a simple whim but of a concerted effort, by a well positioned, and established union of likeminded persons of a common ideology - one that was put into place in essence, from Roman times, and refined through the ages.

The catholic church was the co-option of the peoples religion by the state - we get modern banking out of Italy( think trade in the med)!!!!! One has to remember also that ones perception of history is marred by the consequence of nation building, France Italy, UK Germany are all relative recent incarnations of the regions they are now - it was much easier to move around, even though passports and travel documents are 1000's of years old( Nehemiah 2:7-9), if you had money ...... and bankers always had money, they could go anywhere they chose!

The root of zionism is vested in money, the root of persuasion. So once you have the money controlled, co-option of everything else is only a matter of daring and propaganda - If you look back at who was financing the crusades, and why - then one should also consider why christianity arose, why Islam arose - what formed them, what created the environment for their ascension? The fight has been long, usually fought by those who don't really wonder why, and those that do - either sellout, shut up, or die - Smedley Butler, Ramsay Maure etc... History is bunk, written by paid for, dis-informationalists!

Religions all have their Shaman, priest, nuns... whatever you want to call them - Shaman! Every village has one, still - spouting the words of some Lord - putting bad ideas into heads, for purposes of a nefarious nature. Religion is a tool of social manipulation - if you doubt me, then you will rot in hell!:-) But its not the people of the west, that the Islamists hate, it the force behind the government they hate - after all they have been messed with for millennia - by the same forces each time, just a different hat!

Comment by JoeGloch OGlocainNaCheilt nGael on September 2, 2014 at 7:24pm

The first casualty in war is TRUTH and no matter who starts it or rightly defends ,doesnt jusyify War. There may be no choice, but it doesnt make War right. Israel has America in a position where there seems no way out The Masonic British Govt`s in 1880, + were major architects organisers and financiers to  Zionism`s creation is commonly believed in Europe. Palestine was Britain`s  concern regarding the threat from Turkish ambitions. Theres much more important  history which needs to be understood concerning present Israeli /Palestinian conflicts .

The Israeli attrocities against Palestinians cannot be justified. Their  claim  of being God`s chosen people entititled to that land now means nothing. God would not have wanted their defence secured by murdering innocent Civilians.

However theres a major threat against us all from Islamic frenzied fanatics.

Israel cannot be left alone facing these Neandrethal blood thirsty Phychos.

As Britain got out by handing responsibility over to the league of Nations ,America hasnt that choice at present.

These mad mullah`s, Zionists ,and Christian Pastors like Haggi are just part of the problem 

Comment by richard J Lacy on August 28, 2014 at 11:10am

Ultimately we are unable to comprehend that which is god - and 'It's' certainly not judgmental, that is a human  imposition, as is the 'carrot on the stick', of heaven, and it's opposite hell, are - constructs only to manipulate! It is simply in our best interest to get along, to be social - the golden rule is probably an antediluvian model( ) - now best expressed as an Eye for an Eye!

The current frame of mind of many religious types, is a distortion of the priori - the likes of :- love your neighbor, love your enemy, take what you need...etc.... now it's kill the indigenous people, and steal their resources because they're different!

Religion, has become a social tool of manipulation - the individual, without religious bias, and a developed conscience (an inner dialogue of self honesty), that individual is more likely to act via sympathy, than aggression - current evangels' incite, thats why they are there. Nationalism does the same!

The path to peace comes from within the self, not the pastor, nor politician/sellout- I say this, being brought up C of E., in the UK.. We were instructed that the church didn't want blind faithers, they wanted the searcher, where ever they were led to. In other words doubt, argue, fathom with yourself - be critical, as not much is absolute - develop the self. The result was, that you can't lie to yourself - above all you cannot lie to yourself.

Those that do, often exhibit it with anger, and force in their general demeanor, it is the way - force, is a will that exercises opinion! A failure to recognize an evil action - a developed mind with a conscience sees the negative, quite easily - failure to, however illustrates a mis-perception, a conscience bias (dishonesty). To transcend this, requires the loop be broke - that is an intellectual endeavor, that not many can achieve - stupidity is the result( a self dis-railing repeatable action), so here we are with the powers that be, orchestrating the stupid.

People don't have the True picture of how our world works - they 'believe' they do - through the media and other portals of instruction - basically a 'how, what, when, and a fist dust of steaming 'why's', get released into the front rooms, bars, restaurants, etc... of the recipient public. Thinking in a machismodial way, most men pretend they know about politics and the world situation - when it is spoken about, it comes out mysteriously as sports stats. The self deception - the Pinochio People! The battle is really one of hearts and mindless, ours and yours!  Be good, and speak to People!

"Come look over here!" he yelled, knowing the view was better where he stood, than down below.

Comment by Andy Anduer on August 28, 2014 at 10:42am

Yes, Ken,I can agree with that " People should always think For themselves'.andthat religion is almost always used as a "Control-devise". The Catholic and Protestants ,and Baptists,etc have for years controlled the purse strings of the congregations through the women.

Comment by Ken Marchlenski on August 27, 2014 at 9:40pm

Well, I understand and agree with at least 80% of what you've just said Richard. The 'Concept' of God or Creator as being "judgmental" is a difficult one to grasp and perhaps harder even to agree with. To address that Question or Topic you'd have to consider a whole bunch of different Factors such as:

1. 'Why' our Creator  gave us 'Reason' and the ability to Communicate so well? That is, do these abilities mean that we can be held 'responsible' for our Actions? If so, then "Held Responsible" is what way? Is being "Held Responsible" necessary or 'Fair'? I mean it goes on and on for a while. 

2. HAS our Creator REALLY given us any "INSTRUCTIONS" and IF so, what are They and are They Verifiability from Him?

3. Richard, you're on the right track but not very far down it (just my opinion and 'who' am I anyway).

4. There ARE many things of God that we will probably NEVER understand and that's taught in Christianity.

5. One thing is for SURE: "We will all be dead in 100 years!" Therefore, I personally see that as a Mandate to figure this 'God-thing' out now in this Life. Even if it's 'hard' to do such.


Comment by richard J Lacy on August 27, 2014 at 6:08pm

It's all rhetoric - I try to speak to the notion, not the person - I try! Even atheists are spiritual, religion is fine as long as it's not organized by forces of a deceitful nature(which is typical) - and remains personal, churches are not a good thing, community halls would be more appropriate - keep the money with the people, no tithing! But there must be the willful exchange of ideas, guest preachers, intellectualism, education at a grass root - not indoctrination'al education but factual. 'God is best described as that which was there at the very beginning' - is presently unfathomable, and the manifestation of all truth - certainly not some judgmental tyrant, that inspires charlatans to exploit the ignorant, in 'it's' name! Hagee is a charlatan, and in possession of a very tiny but dangerous mind. - therefore he's also an exploitable tool, found in a chest of horrors!

"Destroying the New World Order"

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