The Divinity of Organized Labor...

Wow, I'm thinking that we're definitely living in an episode of the twilight zone! I'm not a religious person but me thinks that they have created a New World Religion, you think?

The Divinity of Organized Labor...
by Bill Wiltrack
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In a multi-national world economy Organized Labor is the only global vehicle that can nourish, construct, and deliver the world’s next spiritual leader. On a much broader and much more important landscape than any other organized religion to date, the universal principles of Organized Labor are able to transcend time, culture, and language.

Bill Wiltrack's diary :: :: In our present one world economy Organized Labor is the only institution that has the teeth, the universal reach, and the adaptability to address and satisfy the ethical and moral responsibility of today’s modern economic and humanitarian questions.

Organized Labor; free independent unions, guilds, brotherhoods, and associations are diligent and relentless in their approach to the honorable goals of improving the lives of all working individuals on earth. Increasing wages, benefits and allowing for feelings of self worth, pursuit of spirit and dignity are the stalwart principles of Organized Labor.

A paraphrase if portions of Julian Jaynes’s well documented book, The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind formulates why religious teachers and modern religious followers are incapable of devising the necessary, independent moral decisions that are required to address today’s challenge of recognizing the inseparability of workers rights and civil rights on a world wide basis.

Jaynes uses 1,000 year increments for convenience. It is understood within my loose paraphrase of his work that a broad brush is used, by me, for the sake of brevity in citing why organized religion is incapable of producing the world’s next spiritual leader.

2,000 B.C. --- 1,000 B.C. Gods spoke to man directly. Most Gods were earth bound and visited individuals during normal everyday activities. Often the Gods were given resting or residences in ziggurats or household shrines. Invocation and prayer were not used, not really invented as yet, nor were they necessary.

1,000 B.C. --- 0 A.D. The Gods retreat back into the heavens. Their voices heard only when invoked, usually in times of great stress within certain individuals.

0 A.D. --- 1,000 A.D. The Gods abandoned us completely leaving only their writings for us to interpret as to their meaning. Increasingly absurd and malicious invocations are used, in the end to no avail. The Gods have grown silent.

1,000 A.D. --- 2, 000 A.D. Even the writings of the religions become meaningless. Doubt, hate, anxiety and fear replace the once confident and compassionate followers of the modern day Gods.

Spiritual visionaries who inadvertently become religious leaders are a product of their environment not a product of religious teaching.

A leader who is capable of understanding and expressing universal wisdom in the face of a one world economy will deliver the benediction of humanity’s new universal spiritual greatness. This leader will emerge, and in fact must emerge, from the necessary protective umbrella and nourishing ethical richness of Organized Labor.

Religions are based upon faith not fact. Our ancestors assumed that they would experience life after death, and they assumed that gods existed. A belief in a god or gods is not a religion. Religions add visions of purpose, ideals, behavioral criteria, rewards, punishments, and much more, to their core belief. Religions weave and maintain aspects of their followers’ mental environments Religions are social tools, designed and fostered quite deliberately by human beings to ameliorate social ills.

It is possible to unify beliefs under one banner that allows all to embrace both old and new. There is one universal moral code that captures the essence of being human, that defines who we are, states what we stand for, and guides nations when there are difficult decisions to make those codes are addressed and defined in the holy matrimony of an Organized Labor contract. The meeting point, the Union of the trilogy of material, labor and capital in a respectful, recognized, binding agreement is an integrated and forward-looking code that constitutes the backbone of a universal religion, the world’s first legitimate meta-religion.

Humanity’s goal for life is to be more than just wandering and squandering, exhausting the world’s resources toward trivial ends, destructing rather than constructing our collective future. Organized Labor contracts reflect the integrated and forward-looking denotative spiritual understanding that allows us as an emerging world-wide brotherhood to find a way to speak with a logical, common and united voice.
The miracle of Organized Labor is twofold. First, Organized Labor addresses and provides humanistic solutions to all of the major social and economic ills that mankind faces in our emerging global neighborhood. Secondly, regardless of all the outwardly positive fruits of Organized Labor the most important aspect of Organized Labor is the inner spiritual life that opens up upon the individual that is a member or supporter of the holy trinity of Organized Labor. The most important first step in the life of individuals who are a member of or who support Organized Labor is belief. Believe in miracles, believe in Organized Labor. Read and understand your current Agreement Book. Practice and apply the concepts and ethics contained within that Bible

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Comment by Marklar on June 28, 2009 at 5:49am
Well I support organized labor and if business via the WTO and other such organizations are to be persistently global in nature then unions must become global in nature as well or else global slavery is surely quick to follow. Yeah I know we're mostly their already but you KNOW that things could still be much worse.

On the other hand this guy is way over the freaking top and obviously off his freakin rocker to the Nth degree. A quick bit of research however shows him to be a minor trustee in a sheet metal union local and not a big time union leader so I wouldn't be to worried about him and his acid flashbacks.
Comment by Tara on June 27, 2009 at 10:17pm
Can we say, BRAVE NEW WORLD?

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