The unstoppable rise of cannabis and its medical cures (original content)

The #Lamestream media can no longer steer public opinion towards drug prohibition. The drug war is an overriding failure compounding the economic collapse.  However, that certainly wouldn't stop the Lamestream from citing fallacious studies that purport to evince the harmful effects of marijuana. 

(Reuters) - Young men who had smoked marijuana recreationally were twice as likely to be diagnosed with testicular cancer than men who have never used marijuana, according to a U.S. study...."This is the third study consistently demonstrating a greater than doubling of risk of this particularly undesirable subtype of testicular cancer among young men with marijuana use," said Victoria Cortessis of the University of Southern California, Los Angeles, who led the study.

According to the researchers this proves an association between marijuana use and testicular cancer.  The article goes on to say that the risk of mortality resulting from this particular type of cancer, called nonseminoma, isn't "overwhelming".  "According to the American Cancer Society, a man's lifetime risk of getting testicular cancer is about one in 270 - and because effective treatment is available, the risk of dying from the disease is just one in 5,000."

The study is flawed because it does not look into environmental causes, but instead concentrates on recreational drug use alone; alcohol, tobacco, amyl nitrate, marijuana, cocaine.  At least, the author of the article was partially honest and pointed out, "little is known about what causes it".  It goes on to say, " pesticide and hormone exposure have also been associated with the tumors".  Obviously, GMO, pesticides, BPA, Wi-Fi, microwave radiation from cell-phone and telephone towers have much more to do with the causation of cancer than anything else.  In my view, this study is misguided because of its myopic approach to cancer causes and also it completely disregards the toxic grid we live under. The lead researcher of the study goes on to say: 


"I myself feel like we need to take this seriously now," she added, noting that the rates of testicular cancer have been rising inexplicably over the past century.


"Inexplicably" all of a sudden cancer rates are exploding...coincidental, right?  A cursory glance into the issue, devoid of bias, illustrates that our modern technological habitat is directly to blame for the explosion of cancer rates.  


For example, Dr. Avendano and Dr. Jarvi conducted a study which showed a relationship between laptop use and low fertility. 


"It has been shown that sperm motility and DNA fragmentation quality are necessary for normal fertilization," he said. "Therefore, we speculate that the use of [WiFi-connected] portable computers . . . near the testis may decrease sperm quality by a nonthermal effect, and likewise may reduce the chance of pregnancy."

Although, the study was conducted in-vitro it showed that electromagnetic waves have a detrimental effect on cells.  This is not the only study that evinces the association of electromagnetic radiation and their detrimental effect to cells. Dr Neil Cherry's (1964-2003) scientific research into this phenomena delves deeper into this macabre relationship.  


Cellphone use has also been associated with increased rates of brain tumor in 6 studies and eye cancer in one study. Police traffic radar is also shown to be genotoxic through studies associating it with increased rates of testicular cancer. This is a consistent and coherent set of studies confirming that microwaves, radar and police radar are genotoxic


Cherry (2002) shows that natural electromagnetic radiation, the Schumann Resonance signal, when it is modulated by Solar Activity, is associated with modulation of human health effects, including cancer, cardiac, reproductive and neurological diseases and mortality. The study also shows that similar elevated health effects are found in electrical workers and physiotherapists exposed to short wave and microwaves. Since the cellphone radiation exposes the user?s body to about a million times higher and the head to about a billion times higher exposure than the mean Schumann resonance signal, it is scientifically plausible that the same effects will be found from exposure to cellphone radiation. 



I implore you to read more of the studies and research papers that relate to this issue to verify it for yourself. The scientific research squarely places the blame on the electronic smog we are inundated with throughout our lives.  Linking marijuana use to cancer struck me as odd, because of a recent pivotal study that shows Cannabidiol -a chemical compound found in cannabis- stops the aggressive metastasis of several types of cancer.

(Huffington Post) - A pair of scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco has found that a compound derived from marijuana could stop metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer, potentially altering the fatality of the disease forever.

Independent researchers have demonstrably shown that marijuana users have lower risk of cancer (related: Cannabis smokers show greater lung capacity and lower cancer levels... )

Because of the prejudice against this wholesome medicine the medical establishment is hesitant to accept facts.  Moreover, their vitriolic opposition to alternative medicine is due to the vested interest in Big Pharma.  The money is in the treatment of diseases and there's not much money to rake in with cures. 

Hemp oil is a miraculous cure against cancer that the medical establishment dare not mention.  Because it goes against everything they've been promoting for decades.  The testimonials speak for themselves: 

This magnificent medical innovation coincides with the massive political movement to decriminalize marijuana.  It has been long overdue and the oppressive totalitarian measures to counter drug usage is an abysmal failure.  In fact, it has only been effective in justifying the Orwellian police state we find ourselves in. 

(Huffington Post) Once consigned to the political fringe, marijuana policy is appearing on legislative agendas around the country thanks to an energized base of supporters and an increasingly open-minded public. Lawmakers from Rhode Island to Colorado are mulling medical marijuana programs, pot dispensaries, decriminalization and even legalization. Seventeen states and the District of Columbia now authorize medical marijuana and 14, including neighboring Connecticut and Massachusetts, have rolled back criminal penalties for possession of small amounts of pot.

In the international stage the drug war is a colossal failure with its only meaningful contribution being murder and mayhem.  Colombia, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina have taken the lead to decriminalize drugs.  Uruguay is going a step further and directly dealing drugs to consumers at a taxable profit.  Latin America has been ravaged by violence spurring from the backwards policy of drug prohibition.  The momentum to decriminalize drugs is exploding and wouldn't be stopped.  The paradigm of yesteryear is in shambles and the time has come to #JustSayNow to drug decriminalization. 





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Comment by Tara on October 9, 2012 at 5:32pm

lol Suzie @ the balls reference! Nothing will send men over the edge more than stories of their beloved balls possibly becoming effected, infected or just the mere mention of being kicked there will cause a man to get light headed and nauseated. Yep, a scare tactic indeed!

Mariquana is the only drug with little to no side effects. The only side effects may be an increased heart rate, red eyes or the munchies.  And to a sick cancer patient, the munchies is a good thing. Also, no deaths are related to pot overdoses. Like with anything in life though, moderation is the key. Too much of anything can never be a good thing. Because it's a native medicine, stupid ;)


Comment by suzie on October 9, 2012 at 3:51pm

lmao ~ just tell men there balls are effected and BAM! you have a winning scare tactic ! There is the element of freedom and the element of years of disinformation ~ for crying out loud follow the money and see who benefits from keeping maryjuanna illegal and makes everyone including your mama a criminal ~ there isn't even a constitutional amendment to overcome like there was with alcohol i ask why is there still such a fuss over pot! Medical pot ~ recreational pot ~ pot that makes rope or paper ~ pot that enhances just about everything and everybody. Pot is a cheap free gift of nature like an herb it has many qualities i am tired of the demonization of a product that our forefathers grew and used  "Jefferson's drafts of the Declaration were written on hemp paper" ~ it is a commodity we should be using to enhance our lives not send people to jail and make wars possible ~ makes me sick really when will people say things like your better of to listen to your lying ass government and stay away from that crap ~ our forefathers grew it for crying out loud and if people want to smoke it why should it bother you ~ It so hypocritical to say when i don't see any complaints about alcohol and it can't even make a single sheet of paper ~ 

North Dakota says Okay, Feds just say NO to Hemp

its a controlled substance alright ~ it a substance and "they"  want to control it and YOU!!

Two farmers in North Dakota have failed to convince a judge that industrial hemp should not be regulated under federal law because it is not technically marijuana. Wanye Hauge and David Monson, were seeking a declaration that the Controlled Substances Act should not be applied to hemp so they could pursue state sanctioned cultivation of the commodity. Judge Pasco Bowman, who was appointed by Ronald Reagan, wrote in his ruling that Congress had a “rational basis” for regulating the cultivation of cannabis plants and there fore found that the definition of marijuana to include all cannabis plants in the Controlled Substances Act should be upheld.


Comment by Ken Brodeur on October 3, 2012 at 12:58pm

To understand cannabis you must know history. 

Cannabis is a grass and grass evolved at the same time as humans.  In fact cannabis is the most chemically complicated plant on earth.  In the plant kingdom it would be equivalent to humans.

Hemp is ubiquitous and can be used to support and build an entire economy, It is one of the best foods in the world, can be used as clothing and shelter and the British Empire would not have existed without it.  It was used to make sails, rope, cloth, etc.

The Federal Reserve Banking System, a private centrally controlled banking system, created such things as all our world wars, prohibition and the FBI and the goodness of cannabis, which does nourish the mind and prevents slavery of the mind by allowing critical thinking to happen, where as a tired and worn down mind is easier to enslave.  Cannabinoids are found in mothers milk and help promote apoptosis (death of a cell, cancer is uncontrollable reproduction and cells that tend not to die)

It is obvious, that once you understand this information it is understandable why the parasitic elite would not want this gift of God to be squashed and eliminated.  It would decimate the industries of policing, politics, medicine, war, cotton, timber, alcohol, oil and energy and monopolies in general.

It would slow the pace, which is needed, especially for hard working people, the true producers of the world.  Balance is key to anything.  A guitar can not sing unless the strings are in tune.  Too loose and you have no sound, too tight and it snaps.

Naturally, being 'too high' is not good because you would not be able to control dangerous machinery and I would never recommend it, especially when you are introduced to it.  At first a paranoia would consume you especially with the programming from society that has gone corrupt from the controlling elite.  Cannabis would allow the mind to freely ask questions you may never even thought of, such as "How did mankind survive without cell phones?"  Or "How did humans survive without antibiotics?"  And one of the biggest questions you would ask, "How can humans live without TV?"  I know very few people who can live without it.  I can say that the most fruitful and happiest times in my life had no TV whatsoever.  Basically, TV is a propaganda tool to sell you something of usually poor to no value especially enslaving belief systems.  Look up Einstein's cousin, Edward Bernays, considered the 'father of modern marketing'.

Especially in our modern world, cannabis is essential to combat stress and what I call 'industrial disease'.  In the last 100 years of so, there have been 100,000 new chemical compounds invented that never existed before in the history of the world.  Hence maladies never before recorded have appeared such as cancer.

Egyptian mummies, thousands of them, have been tested for chemical compounds and disease.  What was found was nicotine, alcohol and cannabis and no cancer.

To sum up, nothing in the world is good or bad, it is how you use it.  Consume cannabis wisely and commit to making it completely legal everywhere.

Comment by Roy Patterson on October 2, 2012 at 10:27pm

Many, Many years ago, a wise herbal Doctor told me to stay away from drugs like Marijuna. From the results I have observed from friends of mine that smoked pot regularly, one died of lung cancer at 42, another died at 32 in a car wreck while high on pot.I followed his advice and at 70 years old, take no meds and am in good health. Stay away from crap like pot and your life was be much better.

Comment by joe banana on October 1, 2012 at 7:35pm

Using public funds to print and distribute deliberately false and misleading information is a crime. Purposefully mis-classifying pot to increase criminal penalties is a crime. Hindering research by outlawing it is a crime. Passing, and enforcing laws that they have NO POWER to enact, is a crime. A crime requires a victim, or a harmed party, pot harms nobody.

Comment by chris macleod on September 30, 2012 at 2:58am

But what will the cancer industry do with all that radiation and chemotherapy machinery that cost millions to build?Plus, legalizing pot would ruin law enforcement economy and shut down many agencies that deal with drug abuse. And don't forget the damage it would inflict on drug cartel when they lose all that business...Keeping the status quo is more profitable than making sense and saving lives, and profit is priority

people's lives 

Comment by Tara on September 30, 2012 at 12:46am

I agree Troy and yes, many of us have gotten way off the original topic of Cannabis and its medical cures. I too am a guilty party :(

What riles me up is someone trying to impose their beliefs upon me or anyone for that matter, whether those beliefs are religious, political, social, ectera... If I want to smoke a little pot or cig and drink a beer... that is my choice. I have only God and myself to answer to and not some religious zealot trying to guilt me into a corner. F that! There's no Jesus in that equation at all!

Comment by Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz on September 30, 2012 at 12:43am

Cannabis is the first step on the road to hell.

Comment by Wulfrano Ruiz Sainz on September 30, 2012 at 12:21am

Dear Tara.  That's what I mean.  Where is your will to pray to Yeshua?  He died for you because of your sins.

Comment by truth on September 30, 2012 at 12:10am

We all know SS means son of satan Troy, so in your face

"Destroying the New World Order"


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