Truthers Told They Are Not Welcome At Beck's 9.12 Tea Parties

Truthers Told They Are Not Welcome At Beck's 9.12 Tea Parties

By Harry Thomas

April 15th 2010

The tea party in Syracuse, New York on tax day 2010 was much smaller than tea parties in the past. Only a couple hundred people at best showed up at the federal building in downtown. Most of the people present were members of the CNY 9.12 movement. There was a definite us and our attitude in the air as I was asked several times "are you one of us?" and "are you with us?” At first I didn’t quite understand what the meaning of that was but low and behold it wasn't very long before I found out exactly what they meant by it all.

Right from the get go I was approached by other protesters and we did engage in some "small talk" and I heard stories from folks that attended the Washington 9.12 movement that was popularized by Fox's political pundit Glenn Beck . Besides the usual Beck worshippers, also in attendance were Sarah Palin groupies. The crowd went wild when there was an announcement that Nancy Pelosi is to make an appearance at one of "their" events next month in Ithaca , NY. This writer was physically nauseous at the thought that so many people thought it was a good thing. The false left / right paradigm was definitely alive and well at this tax day event.

There was one attendee that was doing a live radio show at the event. His name was Gary Nolan a former presidential candidate of the Libertarian Party who is now on the air with his new show on WLTI "Big Talker" 105.9 in Syracuse, New York, between 4-7pm. He did put me on the air live for a few minutes as I was able to explain briefly what the difference between a democracy and a republic was and expound upon the importance of the constitution and bill of rights. I also pointed out live on the air that Obama cares nothing of his oath to uphold the constitution and that it was really sad since he is a constitutional lawyer that doesn’t seem to know anything about that document. Mr. Nolan agreed with me. There was allot of media covering this event.

Shortly after the event started we started to experience rain, the podium was turned around so that the people could get off the sidewalk and under the overhang of the federal building. I stood my ground and had my back to the podium speakers so that my sign that read "restore the republic” could still be seen easily by the downtown rush hour traffic. It was at this point a woman standing next to me said to me "I'm going to block that truther" I said to her "what do you mean ?". She replied by pointing out a guy on the other side of me saying "him I'm going to block him from getting any exposure from the media". She continued to go on saying to me "people like him should not piggyback off of our movement". She said there was no place at the tea party for an issue such as 911. The guy she was referring to is a fellow I've met at other tea parties and protests named Michael. Michael was holding a sign with two bumper stickers on it, one said 911 was an inside job and the other said Before I knew it she and he were having a verbal confrontation. He was very upset and verbal about his right to free speech. She had told him he didn’t belong there. I pulled my camera phone out but it took me a bit to find the video mode and caught only the end of the confrontation. The phone camera only allowed 15 second increments and by the time I "reloaded" it was over. Michael was continually being harassed by the folks in orange shirts that read CNY 9.12. He was brave and viciously held his ground and I tried to make sure there was some sort of recorded media ready if things turned violent. Fortunately the only thing that was hurt was people’s feelings. The back of Michaels sign said "Ron Paul 4 Pres". Ironically at one point a young man in a Rand Paul shirt confronted him and was vehemently defending the official 911 story and the argument between the two got very heated. Immediately people swarmed over and the cameras were out and running. One thing that stood out for me was a woman turned to me and said "it sure is strange that a Ron Paul supporter and a Rand Paul supporter are in such a heated debate “. I have to admit it was indeed quite strange.

There was a very strong “us and them” feeling at this event and at one point a woman walked up to me accompied by 3 other people and said to me "are you a plant?" I was taken aback at the question and I responded "what do you mean by that?”. She then said "a plant, you know are you with the other side?" I sarcastically replied "the other side of what?” She immediately said "are you one of our enemies?" I laughed and said that I was not an enemy and asked for further clarification as to why she would ask me such a thing. She said she suspected I was planted by the government to report to the media that the 9.12ers were a threat to the government. I replied that I was certainly not a plant and that I believed the opposite was true pointing out that the government seemed to be a threat to the people not the other way around. I then briefly talked about the MIAC report and other DHS documents that demonized people who supported Ron Paul, Chuck Baldwin, and those who support the Constitution. I was wearing a Ron Paul Hat and a Tyranny Response Team Shirt that was modeled after the same colors the FBI use (Blue with Yellow Letters) one that I bought from

I usually leave the tea party events feeling that maybe people are finally waking up and that humanity just might have some hope after all. Today the opposite held true. I left with a feeling of despair and sadness. For the future of mankind lies here in the balance. I have truly come to realize what a great danger Glenn Beck's infiltration of the tea party movement is and how shallow and close-minded his followers really are. After all it was Ron Paul Supporters like myself that started the "tea party" movement and now we are being told that we don’t belong there and that we are the "plants". It truly is a shame and it serves as a reminder that anything that comes out of the main stream media and the elite establishment that runs it cannot and should not be trusted. It is my observation that this country is in worse shape than any of us previously thought. If anyone thinks things are bad now you better watch out because the worse is yet to come. God help us all.

Harry Thomas is an independent talk show host and researcher his work can be found at . Harry is also a strong supporter and contributor of Fearless Broadcasting which can be found at


Harry Thomas @ Tea Party On 4-15-10 Front Sign

Harry Thomas @ Tea Party On 4-15-10 Back Sign

The "orange shirt" Beck People (organizers)

Gary Nolan (talk show host and former libertarian presidential candidate)

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Sincerely ,

Harry Thomas

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Comment by truth on April 20, 2010 at 10:21pm
Great job Harry! Here are some comments from wrh.

Im caught in the middle, thats why In neither Democrat nor Republican i guess you can say Im a centrist, middle of the road. Each Side Bashes each other and nothing gets done.

Almost all of Bamas ideas are lame in my view. But then the So called Tea Baggers have a lot of issues that really need to be adressed.

Bama is trying to rip away everything we have and give them away for free. I have just bought a house and am unemmployed But I havent jumped in the bama freebie line either. No to immagration reform, I hope they repeal the heatlcare reform. Whats next a free car? Free housing? Then you can come here illeagaly get your live here free card have a free house free food and kick back and do nothing.

funny the original tea baggers were ok today everyone says they arnet. And therefore in the middle, while a bit of what beck says is true, he lost me the minute he said he didnt like 911 truthers. There is no way two planes hit those towers and then the crumbled to the ground like a controlled demoliton. Which is what I exactly thought when they fell. No the owner of the towers didnt want them anymore so he insured them for an event just like this. then collected and handy sum. And didnt give a rats ass if people died when it happened. Then in cahoots with the govt agreed to blame terrorists from Iraq. Most of the population bought it. Little by little though most now believe it didnt go down that way. If Beck really beleives the original story. Hes either a paid shill. Or very very stupid, or both.

above average Joe
Leave it to you to get right to the meat of the matter Zoomer..If you step back and take a look at what is happening you will see the repugs trying to wrap thier arm around this tea party thing. I saw it when it first started, its the uneducated being lead. No one questions what they are told, hell no let us not have any resistance to the flow of bull crap. They dare not have truthers there because they don't mix well with the liars and the duped.

It is an age old test that you watch what people do and not what they say.
04/16/2010 - 05:45

Ethan Allen
Ron Paul opposes 911 Truth and has had his Peter and the rooster episode several times and his son Runt loves Guantanamo. I ca'nt fathom why 911 truthers so called would support either one.

Too me this could have played out. I feel that those planes may have been remotely flown and no passengers in them at all. They may have been taken off those planes and kept in a hangar and then under gunpoint made the cell phone calls to family. Then taken somewhere and killed but claimed to have died in the planes.

This link is about the polish plane wreck but in it it talks about some of the similarities of 911. No luggage found no bodies, the only bodies in 911 found were the ones who were in the buildings.

This is the link.

This whole polish plane wreck thing smells too much and Im sure there is more behind it.

This is the part I think could have been the same with 911.

As with the 9-11 passengers, it is possible the occupants were taken off the plane somewhere else, held or murdered. On Saturday, Russian authorities said all bodies had been found. On Monday the story had changed.

Flying planes by remote control has been going on for a while and can be done with big planes. Project Global Hawk, is the project for Remote Control Airplanes. Which funny enough the wingnut Joe Stack just happened to work for and many clients for Global Hawk. Its funny how that event happened but didnt really hang around the news. Joe Stack Wingnut, Maniac and then nothing. While there may have been noone flying that plane at all. Big money moguls were behind 911 espeically the ones or one who owned the towers. and had insurance money in case an event like 911 happened. They made money off of a big catstrophe.

And then used that event to go into iraq

At one time I liked Glen Beck, then I saw his mansion he lives in, And is against truthers lol. I thought Beck being who he is would support the truthers but he doesnt.

If he really beleives 911 went down the way it did then hes a complete idiot.I read a different slant on the poland air crash and it made me wonder if part of 911 could have happend that way.

That part Ill keep to myself unless someone asks.

come on Kev...
spill the beans.. We like to hear what you have got to say..

well then
beck's party is then not a tea party but a turd & feces party !
04/15/2010 - 23:35

Naw! Zoom!
Ethan Allen and...
Beck is running a pee party. He loves to piss on his adoring supporters and they love their golden shower! IMHO!

EA, arsesome !
04/16/2010 - 08:52

What the heck...
Ethan Allen and...
zoomster guy. Whenever I see Beck I can smell sewage so maybe we are both right!
Comment by fireguy on April 17, 2010 at 11:47pm
Alot of these are Hitler gets pissed at (whoever) are getting pulled off youtube for copyright watch them while you can. Good clean entertainment.
Comment by fireguy on April 17, 2010 at 9:53pm
Comment by Tara on April 17, 2010 at 2:50pm
It's funny that you say that Gary because I was thinking the same thing, he's probably a cop, lol. It woudn't surprise me.
Comment by Tara on April 17, 2010 at 11:27am
That orange shirt Beckaholic looks like a true meathead, literally. I'm sorry Harry that you had to deal with such idiots! The last tea party I attended had a few orange shirt suckers in attendance but overall, most of the people were the real deal, people who were fed up with DC as a whole and the direction their country was heading, down the crapper. 912ers were just a side note and not the main focal point of the event, thank God!
Comment by fireguy on April 17, 2010 at 2:04am
I would like to thank you Harry for hauling your young butt out there and mixing it up with those pukes who think Beck is good for anything.

Jeff Beck=awesome

Beck's beer=good

Beck = Lame

Glenn Beck = Faux Patriot, Benedict Arnold, S.O.B. Neo Con Suck.
Comment by truth on April 15, 2010 at 11:37pm

"Destroying the New World Order"


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