The TSA is, without a doubt, one of America's most corrupt and incompetent agencies whose ostensible job is fighting terrorism. However, earlier this year, they become apparently so unsatisfied with the mere ability to strip search babies, remove colostomy bags, beat up blind cancer patients, and fondle your genitalia, that they announced a more invasive physical pat-downs. The pat-downs, which TSA warned would probably prompt assault complaints with the police department because of their invasive nature, are now apparently being implemented. 

Just ask David Stavropolous. 

Stavropolous was on his way home to Dallas last March when he was selected for additional screening after going through the radiation emitting body scanner. 

Because of the resulting 'additional screening', Stavropolous said he will now have to undergo surgery in October. His genitals were allegedly groped so hard, he now experiences bleeding. 

"I see a urologist once or twice a month," he said. "I'm still in pain-I still have issues with bleeding." 

As NBC Chicago reports, in a federal complaint filed Wednesday, Stavropolous detailed how he was stopped after stepping out of a full body scanner by an agent who asked if he had anything in his pockets. 

"I pulled out a dollar bill," he said. "I asked if I should go through the scanner one more time and he said no, we'll do a full body patdown." 

During that patdown, video shows the TSA agent pushing upward on his testicles so hard that his pants jump up into his crotch. This happens twice. 

Stavropolous said the jolts to his testicles were ...REST OF IT