Venezuela New Template For a Collapsing America

For some inexplicable reason we have a leftist movement in the world that refuses to acknowledge the lessons of the past, refuses to utilize sound economic principles, and would have America further blunder down the road of more government spending, and less buying power of a collapsing US dollar. Is this a matter of disinformation and public education that has failed the American citizenry? Is this the result of a federal government that no longer defends the US Constitution, the Bill of Rights, or capitalism, the most effective economic engine in human history? The answer to all these questions is YES!


What could it possibly be that makes a failed methodology with millions of casualties in its wake still a viable paradigm that could entice anyone into living under its incessant failures? What could possibly interest an informed public in a methodology that has proven toxic over and over again? There must be some kind of massive mechanism of deceit that is going on. Some massive campaign of orchestrated disinformation that serves a purpose. The Marxist playbook should by now be completely exposed. Yet, still that ugly beast continues to rear its head. Still history cannot seem to dissuade the fools from committing socioeconomic and human rights Self-immolation!

Dead and buried

100 million victims of Soviet Russia, Red China, Castro’s Cuba, owe their deaths to socialism, Communism, statism, Collectivism, and all societal models who want to put a strong centralized government at the controls of their economy, their rights, and the social engineering they arrogantly identify themselves as being the unquestionable experts whose wisdom should never be challenged or else. Mankind has a nasty habit of choosing to ignore the evidence and continue down the path of self-destruction! But, once again let us ask ourselves why. Why would the powers that be continually advocate a faulty and dehumanizing form of government that has failed time and time again?

Morality of the state

In a Godless society that is ruled by a government that has become God there can be room for no other. There can be no room for individual liberty or personal incentive to excel. In creating the perfect monster of control by the state socialism is the key ingredient in making a nation into a massive prison that dictates ideology, socioeconomics, and an unforgiving intolerance for those who demand accountability and self-discipline knowing that man will never create a perfect society and every attempt to do so in the past has instead created totalitarianism! The state can never be allowed to be the omnipotent source of right and wrong. The state is not all knowing nor should it ever present itself as being a God-like entity that has the right to crush those under its feet who are acting according to liberty and the pursuit of happiness that does not require control or subjecting anyone to harm. However, free thought has always been a threat to socialism and collectivist regimes. Gulags, torture chambers, and federal reorientation centers usually result when a government has acquired such all-knowing arrogance.

Death of a successful nation

Venezuela is the perfect example that at one time was a gem of Central America with a successful economy, plentiful industry, and a prospering society. With massive production of crude oil and natural gas, Venezuela could boast a healthy middle class and a standard of living that eclipsed many of the Central American leftist regimes in the midst of unrest and terrorism. Thanks to Soviet and Communist infiltration the internal collapse of many small nations who could have been Democratic failed. 25 years ago before Hugo Chavez too the helm as their new leader, Venezuela had been a stable and peaceful society that was self-sustaining thanks to their crude oil export and agricultural output. Yet, for some insane reason the false narratives of socialism just had to begin poisoning the land. Within a few years Chavez had nationalized the major industries that had been the economic generators and had stifled the growth of the private sector. Once the government become the largest economic burden for the nation to bare, once private industry was over regulated by a government that bought its support from the people by making a welfare state its promise of equality the end was a matter of a few short years away!

Needless chaos

Venezuela is now in turmoil! People can’t get even the basic supplies from retailers anymore. Many starving citizens are forced to eat their pets! The unrest created by the failure of big government has been squads of armed soldiers arresting and detaining the angry and poor who cannot accept the government sanctioned destruction of their society! The old Soviet joke of normalization in the words of Yuri Bezmenov former KGB spy who defected to the west is that Venezuela is now under normalization! Why? Because the military is on the streets and the society is firmly in the iron fists of a government that failed because it suffocated growth, personal freedom, and economic incentive!

False promises

The big guarantee of redistribution, of equality, of universal income, of progressivism, becomes stagnation, over regulation, taxation without representation, and shared poverty as the equal wealth of a society is divided up by the government once the rich and the middle class have been destroyed or driven out! Once the free markets are squelched the inevitable stench of stagnation begins and to hide its tracks the government must heavily propagandize itself and discourage free though or dissatisfaction will result! Critical thought is the enemy of socialism as one must become all and all must become one thinking in a manner that allows government control without question so that the trap is complete and the door slams shut upon free thinking and a way out.

Voices of fools

Today in America we have the fools who would rather make unrealistic promises that can never be supported by a viable economic model. The Bernie Sanders and Ocacio Cortezs of the world will offer government paid free education, free medical treatment, and anything else that will get them elected or win an argument in a room of uneducated and easily misled minds. Freedom requires the will to earn a living and use self-sustaining effort to achieve goals that do not fall under the suffocating dilemma of government control. So, when we know that building a huge welfare state does not ensure economic viability why do they continue to repeat the mistakes of the past?

Mass destruction

Socialism, Communism, collectivism, are the methodology of the global government! It is how the “New World Order” shall be implemented with a strong centralized government that restricts economic development and controls the individual to suppress the greatest enemy of the state, critical thought, free thought, and objective reality not consensus! The most ruthless form of government has always been that which calls for all means of sustainability to be seized by the state and then somehow convert prosperity of the deserving into the equally distributed crumbs of the state while the privileged feast on the capital stolen from the working masses. Socialism is the biggest crime syndicate form of government ever conceived of and it drains the soul of society.

The unthinkable

When William Ayers and the Weather Underground blew up public buildings and assassinated police they also projected just what actions would need to be taken once they had subverted America into being overthrown by its Communist enemies. That was the mass murder of the conservatives, the dedicated right wing, the Christians, whom they deemed too indoctrinated to be reoriented into the new paradigm of political thought. They planned on the executions of patriots! It will happen each and every time that these horrendous overthrows succeed and as Yuri Bezmenov also warned. The useful idiots will be liquidated too as they will be the first to realize that they have served a destructive cause that will never live up to the false promises made and will become the most vehement enemy of the very revolution that they aided and abetted! William Ayers, a proven domestic terrorist who set off an explosion at a federal judge’s home that maimed his young son, and master minded attacks upon his own country was never prosecuted after being a fugitive from justice for decades. He was awarded a professorship in academia and became e mentor for a future president of the United States of America, Barack Obama. Tell me what’s wrong with this picture!

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Comment by Doc Vega on February 8, 2019 at 3:31pm

Marklar got it. Yeah I am well aware of how the CIA fucked up in Central America trying to interdict the Marxists.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 8, 2019 at 3:27pm

Marklar a socialist government is Godless not the people unless they stupidly adopt the socialist ideology and yes my analysis of Venezuela pre-Hugo Chavez was correct in the 60's and 70's before the transformation of socialism started in the 1980's. An excerpt below from a good book: 

During the 1970s, Venezuela was the richest country in Latin America. With the region’s highest growth rates and the lowest levels of inequality, it was also one of the most stable democracies in the Americas. But starting in the early 1980s, things fell apart. The nation endured three coup attempts and one presidential impeachment. Per capita growth plunged, and mass protests became the norm. What happened?

Venezuela Before Chávez: Anatomy of an Economic Collapse, edited by Ricardo Hausmann and Francisco R. Rodríguez, offers some intriguing answers. Pointedly departing from much of the current research (and political discussion) on Venezuela, which focuses on the 14-year presidency (1999–2013) of late President Hugo Chávez, the editors have assembled a distinguished group of experts with the aim not only of exploring, as they put it, the “enigma” of Venezuela’s pre-Chávez collapse, but to explain why some countries go through such turbulence. The unexpected outcomes in Venezuela are used by the authors to challenge hypotheses that rely on big data analysis to explain economic collapse.

While the explanation behind Chávez’ rise to power may draw attention, as Venezuela continues to be rocked by internal conflict following his death, it is the book’s second aim that makes it stand out as an important work of scholarship.

The political and economic elements at play in the pre-Chávez Venezuelan economy are covered in individual chapters by some of the region’s most distinguished analysts. Omar Bello, an economic affairs officer at the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) and Adriana Bermúdez, a credit risk specialist in the Venezuelan private sector, look at the role of market reforms; Francisco Monaldi of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and Michael Penfold of Venezuela’s Instituto de Estudios Superiores de Administración (IESA), discuss the rise and decline of democratic governance; and Dan Levy of Harvard’s Kennedy School and Dean Yang of the University of Michigan analyze the impact of immigration.

Comment by Marklar's Ghost on February 8, 2019 at 2:55pm

Well, this article does say it was godless and many other non-historical fallacies. There had been no middle class or stability before Chavez just a vulture capitalism economy with the normal neo-liberal makings. If you didn't live in a gated mansion you lived in a corrugated tin shack that was barely better than living homeless in a tent like so many in the US now do. After the coup that ousted Chavez who had been democratically elected, the poor around Caracas descended upon the the capital and forced the military to bring him back. But nationalising the Country's oil and refusing central banking was never going to fly with the US neo-liberals who had been sucking the country dry was never gonna fly with Uncle Sam.

After this the US sanctions were leveled on Venezuela and Venezuela's neighbors were forced to add to those sanctions as well the country went straight down the shitter not because of it's economic system which had barely been established for a few months but because of those sanctions. Venezuela never had a chance.

Yes, they would have most likely fallen economically anyway but not at light speed the way they did with US interference. A process caused by extreme socialism sucking that would have taken 100 years if left alone happened within 10 years instead.

90% of all jackasses who write about Venezuela understand only the US government propaganda and nothing at all about the actual history of Venezuela itself or the history of US Neo-liberal plundering all over South America during the 70s and 80s. I'd be surprised if the jackass that wrote this article even knows what Neo-liberalism actually is, probably thinks that Neo-liberals are all some kind of liberals which is completely wrong. Try reading Chomsky, I cannot agree with his thoughts on Isreal or socialism but the Neo-liberal raping of South America he writes about is very enlightening and necessary to know about before having ANY opinion about the more recent history of Venezuela.

So, yeah, I already know the history quite well but almost nobody else does because it actually requires reading of the actual history through many books rather than six articles all written by CIA stooges which is the most that most people ever read.

No god, no political theory, no economic theory will ever save us from the true problem behind everything which is the psychopaths that make up 10% of the worlds population (read Political Ponerology and The Lucifer Effect by Howard Bloom for a few more thoughts on that). Until they are culled out of the population everything you despise and everything you espouse will still be made shit.

Even without them we will still be stupid enough to make everything shitty but we'll be able to figure stuff out and be half as shitty as we are with psychopathy rotting the core of every good or bad idea we've ever had.

So no, it was not Christianity that killed Venezuela but it wasn't "Godlesness" either. As an atheist I'm getting pretty sick of this garbage that Socialism and Communism and Atheism are synonymous which is constantly being espoused lately it seems to me. So showing that Jesus must have done it is merely a point to show that even that stupid assertion is not quite as stupid as blaming "godlessness". Get it?

The only things this article gets right is that Ayers was a dick and Globalism is meant to be communist (for now) but have no doubt that when the Globalist agenda fails far enough the Psychotic plan B for a World government that is a facist theocracy (still a form of sort of reversy socialism) will attempt to take over as the wonderful shit show that saved us from those fucking commies). Either way the battle against "do what I say, believe what I believe, and give me all your shit will continue until all of the psychopaths are killed or bred away to at least give us a chance to try and not fail at everything.

Comment by Edward Huguenin on February 8, 2019 at 2:27pm

Did Venezuela’s President Really ‘Steal’ the 2018 Election from an Unknown Who Didn’t Run? That wouldn’t make sense. Because Guaidó didn’t even run in the 2018 presidential election.

Comment by Doc Vega on February 8, 2019 at 1:32pm

Diana good points. That's why the Democrats want the age to vote lowered, why they put common core in the schools to politicize reality in the minds of children, and why assholes like Obama revel in making speeches to two year colleges and High schools where the kids are too damn stupid to debate or oppose bullshit!

Comment by Doc Vega on February 8, 2019 at 6:53am

Marklar it had nothing to do with Christianity nor the right wing warnings of Communism and how the media minimized the true threat of Communism to the west! You need to consult the history books.

Comment by Marklar's Ghost on February 7, 2019 at 9:42pm

Hmmm, nothing correct in this article so I'll simply state the obvious rather than take the time to dice it all to shreds.

Looks like it was that commie Jesus that screwed them up.

Detailed religious affiliation in Venezuela. (2011, GIS XXI)[1]
Affiliation % of Venezuela population
Christian 88
Catholic 71
Protestant and other Christians 17
Other faiths 3
Santería 1
Atheist 2
Agnostic/indifferent 6
Don't know/refused answer 1
Total 100
Comment by Diana on February 7, 2019 at 8:02pm

"What could possibly interest an informed public in a methodology that has proven toxic over and over again?"

They couldn't if we had an informed public.  For the most part, it is young people who are "progressive" and they have been programmed their entire lives with the propaganda.  They go to college and get degrees in Social Justice and Transgender Studies then can't find jobs, but still owe their loans.  So that's proof capitalism doesn't work.  They need safe spaces from words that might hurt their feelings and have mental meltdowns when things don't go their way.  They need a nanny state.  They believe a man can be a ma'am and that the state should pay for the transformation.  They feel that they are entitled to free everything and Bernie says he can make it happen.  That this time Socialism will be done correctly and it will be a utopia.  They are only empowered when they put on their masks and march in the streets fighting for social justice.  The programming is complete.

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