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"HEIST: Who Stole the American Dream?" [Official Trailer]

Heist: Who Stole the American Dream? is stunning audiences across the globe, as it exposes the real truth behind the worldwide economic collapse, tracing its origins to a 1971 secret memo entitled "Attack on American Free Enterprise System." Written over 40 years ago by the future Supreme Court Justice Lewis Powell at the behest of the US Chamber of Commerce, the six-page memo, a free-market utopian treatise, called for a money-fueled big business makeover of government through corporate control of the media, academia, the pulpit, arts and sciences, and the destruction of organized labor and consumer protection groups.

Sound familiar? Today's crisis and heart stopping headlines can be directly traced to Powell's real "end game," which was business control of law and politics. Powell's fingerprints are all over Citizens United, the fateful Supreme Court decision which gave corporations and the super rich unlimited ability to shape our elections with virtually unrestricted donations. Heist exposes in detail the systemic implementation of Powell's memo by both US political parties over the last forty years culminating in the deregulation of industry, outsourcing of jobs, and regressive taxation. All of which led us to the global financial crisis of 2008 and the continued dismantling of the American middle class.

Today, politics is the playground of the rich and powerful, with no thought given to the hopes and dreams of ordinary Americans. No other film goes as deeply as Heist in explaining the greatest heist of our time. Moving beyond the white noise of today's polarizing media, Heist provides viewers with a clear, concise and fact-based explanation of how we got into this mess, and what we need to do to restore our representative democracy.

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Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 3, 2012 at 10:43am

Lloyd, this is patently untrue and a generalization, that "all americans believe that they are the center of the entire world."  I live in the US of A, and My goal is to free the PLANET from the corruption that girdles it.  Hardly a USAcentric view.

Comment by Lloyd Sewell on December 3, 2012 at 8:27am

My second look at this blurb on "Heist" - great some folks are doing or attempting to do (something) - But what really makes my blood boil - is that all americans believe that they are the center of the entire world and so their statements only reflect (benefit / harm) to themselves. This blind uninformed attitude is extremely unfortunate - because it demonstrates that americans only care about themselves. They are blissfully unaware of the criminal harm caused to folks in small countries such as my own (Jamaica - yes that is where I cam from and live)  - by the US government and it's criminal corporations / If you you want to do a study of the effects of GMO on health people - then Jamaica might be a very good place to do such research - much of the food stuff (re: GMO) sold in supermarkets are from the US - pricing small farmers out of the market - Almost all eating houses in Jamaica sell Kentucky Fried Chicken - but most folks in Jamaica do not know anything about GMO or FLOURIDE in the water.  I would like to see some of your writers / bloggers / commentators actually mentioning the terrible distress caused to others folks and other communities other than just US folks and communities. 

Comment by Amaterasu Solar on December 2, 2012 at 3:30pm

LLoyd, I AM doing something.  I offer a plan and a structure to eliminate the NEED for exchange (not that We might WANT to exchange things, mind You) - i.e., eliminate the NEED for money in all its forms: trade, barter, shells, beads, coin, bills, checks, electronic funds - AND thereby eliminate the power over Others money affords.

More: http://12160.info/profiles/blogs/an-open-letter-to-the-revolutionaries Read the links, too.

Comment by Andy Anduer on December 1, 2012 at 11:45pm

 I used to never like poetry. I thought it was silly. But one day I started to see little gems of wisdom in them and they started to make sense to be, especially the English poets. Here's one by Edgar Guest.

Sermons We See

Edgar Guest

I'd rather see a sermon
than hear one any day;
I'd rather one should walk with me
than merely tell the way.

The eye's a better pupil
and more willing than the ear,
Fine counsel is confusing,
but example's always clear;

And the best of all the preachers
are the men who live their creeds,
For to see good put in action
is what everybody needs.

I soon can learn to do it
if you'll let me see it done;
I can watch your hands in action,
but your tongue too fast may run.

And the lecture you deliver
may be very wise and true,
But I'd rather get my lessons
by observing what you do;

For I might misunderstand you
and the high advice you give,
But there's no misunderstanding
how you act and how you live.

When I see a deed of kindness,
I am eager to be kind.
When a weaker brother stumbles
and a strong man stays behind

Just to see if he can help him,
then the wish grows strong in me
To become as big and thoughtful
as I know that friend to be.

And all travelers can witness
that the best of guides today
Is not the one who tells them,
but the one who shows the way.

One good man teaches many,
men believe what they behold;
One deed of kindness noticed
is worth forty that are told.

Who stands with men of honor
learns to hold his honor dear,
For right living speaks a language
which to every one is clear.

Though an able speaker charms me
with his eloquence, I say,
I'd rather see a sermon
than to hear one, any day.

Comment by Lloyd Sewell on December 1, 2012 at 9:07pm

Good God, you americans can talk a lot - do you think that if you repeat yourself often enough - the good folks (your best of best friends) are going to start listening - for once - Well I can tell you that the essence of madness is to keep on doing the same stupid thing while waiting for a different result - Absolutely nothing in this film is new - (maybe a few of the talking heads) - when for christ's sake are you going to start to think (what can I do about this theft - ok you are going to buy another gun - or a maybe a bigger gun - but the government's friends are not your friends and they will always be able to out-gun you - and they have all the ammunition - the media - the money - the air-raid bunkers - the lot - You have only one choice - shut up and take it - or do something about it - but for pete's sake stop making more films about it  - From where I am standing it is very funny  - one member of your folks rip you off and another member of the same family make a film about it - If it was not so very tragic I would laugh - but you don't want to start laughing at yourself - they might extradite you and take you away - stop day dreaming wake up and do something - your government does not buy all those ammunition to go duck shooting.


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