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The Mannerheim method. How to stop the aggressor.

A story from times when people felt pride for their Nation and were ready to defend it with their lives.

Carl Gustav Mannerheim is not just a national Finnish hero. He is the symbol of resistance to Soviet Russia.
Three times it tried to swallow his little Motherland in 1918, 1939 and 1944, but Mannerheim managed to defend it by delivering a crushing blow to Soviet Russia. Under his guidance 4- million-populated country successfully managed fight with the superpower which had a population more than 170 million.
The actions of Putin’s Russia towards Ukraine are remarkable similar to the relations between former USSR and Finland. Not in vain marshal mainly named the former USSR as Russia in his memoirs. So nowadays they are incredible topical.

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Comment by Less Prone on June 16, 2017 at 3:01pm

The Marshall of Finland exploited by extreme liberals

Yes, the Liberal got an idea to make a film of Mannerheim, but what a film?

"There is a new movie called Marshal of Finland, it is about the Finnish war hero and President Gustaf Mannerheim, a hero who is loved by the people of Finland for fighting the Russian Communists who attacked and tried to take over Finland during WWII. This man is just as loved by the Finnish people as people like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln is by the American people. In this new movie, Gustaf Mannerheim is played by a black man, even though Gustaf Mannerheim was a white man. They are doing this just to make the politically correct crowd happy. Many patriotic people in Finland though are outraged by this, because it is making a mockery of their history. The movie is produced by YLE, which is a Finnish state-owned broadcasting company, known for being extremely liberal and is owned by the Finnish state. And since Mannerheim saved Finland from Russian communism, the liberals hates him, and so does the liberal Finnish state owned media, and this is why they made this movie. In polls on on line Finnish newspapers, up to 90% answered that they will not watch this movie because it's a mockery of maybe the most important man in Finnish history, if it wasn't for him, Finland would be a part of the Soviet Union. The liberal Finnish state owned media also loves to portray patriots as racists; therefore they choose a black actor to play Mannerheim in their movie."


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