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[5/1/17]  Well that didn’t take much. After all the time and effort that those of us in the alternative media have been pouring into our attempts to show people that democracy does not exist in America, the political establishment has stepped forward and admitted it candidly with its own face hole. A recently-released transcript of Florida court documents has revealed that the Democratic National Committee’s first line of defense in their motion to dismiss a lawsuit against them by defrauded Bernie Sanders supporters is to state that they are under no contractual obligation to provide the American people with real party primaries.

Yes, really. That’s their Plan A. In order to avoid a situation where they could be forced to return some of the small-dollar campaign donations of Sanders’ base, representatives of the regulatory committee for the Democratic party have tacitly admitted in a court of law that they are running a fake political party using the lie of legitimate primary elections to manufacture political engagement, and that democracy is officially dead in America.

[T]here is no right to — just by virtue of making a donation, to enforce the parties’ internal rules,” said DNC attorney Bruce Spiva. “And there’s no right to not have your candidate disadvantaged or have another candidate advantaged. There’s no contractual obligation here.

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Take a plain, normal size blanket, decide one side is DNC and the other side is RNC. Now through the blanket in a manner that both side flip over and over again. When the blanket lands pick it up and tell me which side of the blanket is the RNC and which is the DNC. It is impossible because they both function to the same ends. Yet some how the, I will call them 'enlightened', think that one side is different then the other and they can see the difference. Corruption operates our former country. Politics if a fraud to divide and pit us against each other. And it is working beautifully.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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