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After listening to an episode of The Alex Jones Show, I realized something...

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Just say no to FEAR PORN! It's no good for anybody.

Think of the money he makes on doing commercial endorsements alone.

jones is a fear mongering attention whore. An israel first Zionist puppet. I usually dismiss his rants and his website offhand as pure disinfo. I DO NOT trust hit at all period the end.

you must be lost, the sheeples group is down the hall

You are free to follow the Pied Piper of Zion straight down that hall. Keep drinking Jone's Kool Aid! Sheep!

Sources of disinformation are reliable 95% of the time. Alex Jones avoids free energy, which would make the Rothschild/Jesuit/Vatican treasury look like pocket change. He steers away from 9/11 truth now and has always covered for Zionism, the Vatican and the Jesuits. He doesn't off HOPE or a positive future for humanity.

Worst of all, he preaches to the choir. Today's Infowars article about the 200,000 hollow points bullet purchase by DHS should be blasted all over the liberal blogs and forums. The more wedges we can create in that managed world view the better.

He deliberately misleads people away from the racist supremacist Jews he works for. 'Nazi this and Hitler that' blah blah blah. When questioned on Mossad's role in 9/11 he and Jason Bermas go ballistic. That in & of itself is enough for me. Two words describe this Shill for Zionist Jewry: Controlled Opposition. He's a complete tool. A sellout.

Who Is Benjamin Netanayhu?

Netanayhu & well known factions in the US government are all NWO agents, yes they did 9/11 it was not one or the other it was booth, they are lock steep with the Bush clan.

Netanayhu is Israels infiltrator, Just as Obama is the US Infiltrator, Booth placed by the Zionist pigs, Booth Illegal to hold the seat they hold.

And your point? So who is Frank Lowy? Dov Zokheim? William Kristol? Douglas Feith? Paul Wolfowitz? Richard Perle?  MAC you had best go back and watch that video with Zion Crime Factory. Here just in case you missed it. Stop being a fool for Jones and wake the hell up!




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