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50 years without John Fitzgerald Kennedy (everything JFK on 12160)

Remembering The Last President America ever had

Listing everything found here on 12160 related to JFK.

All Links, articles, & pictures are from 12160 members


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Wow, this is awesome! It will keep me busy for awhile.

gosh, if ya find anymore I missed Nikki, ..well, you know what to do ;)


Biggest smoking gun imo:

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”- voltaire

Who are not on the list of "suspects"? We can exclude Isreal as well as LBJ / Nixon here (no one cares if we blame them)

"Pro-Castro man held as No. 1 suspect"

Isn't that wonderful - headline next day. Oswald's weapon was the same as the cheap ones used in Cuba, and Oswald 2/3 had been to Mexico/Cuba. This was a setup, they had planned to frame Castro for Kennedy assasination. 

Gosh, these people have nada (Christian) ethics. First they wanted to blame an innocent man (Oswald) for the murder, then they wanted to frame Castro as the "villain". What kind of persons will do that, Satanists?

a 1903 Italian Carcano Model 91/38 w/ a defefective reticule in scope, he was such a good shot, da guy shoulda worked for the CIA......dohhhhhhh

Any number of guilty actors? It must be quite a number

Rivero concludes impeccable the last one to suspect is Jacqueline Kennedy and the driver. We can exclude them. The guilty one must have good contacts in government, full/decent media control, and have a number of professional hitmans. Then we can exclude "lone nuts" too. The guilty one also had heavy interests in Vietnam ... and would like to get rid of Castro of course.

I believe the JFK assassination was indeed complex. I think the largest banking cartels, oil barons, arms dealers that controlled "LBJ" made sure he was JFK's VP pick (which by the way was accomplished through black mail from information provided by Hoover). Later on, Jack Ruby (the middle man connected to the CIA and the mob) probably gave the contract to the Italian mafia who brought in the shooters for the hit. It may have been the godfather of Louisiana, "Carlos Marcello" who got the contract. One thing for sure, they wanted LBJ to step in and take over the Presidency. Just like most well-executed conspiracies, they killed the patsy and most everyone else involved; Minus a few exceptions and only those at the very top prospered and lived-on.  

"I believe the JFK assassination was indeed complex."

It turned out in that way, as after 50 years we only have suspects left. Compare JFK assasination to 911.

The 911-perpetrator was identified in few days. The way they identified Bin Laden was very different from JFK investigation, no need for knowing details about the hijackers ... what they did or not did. They just asked: Who is behind? The methods of the investigators decide it all - whether it is going to take 100 years or 2 days. Should one focus upon the bullets or those behind?

During that era, the Italian mafia controlled the underground hive. The ever growing Jewish mafia has played their part as well. They control the media and the cover-up that continues unabated to this day.  

What Jewish mafia?



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