Liquid Mind Control - Adding Lithium To Your Water To Protect You From Yourself

A recent study has shown that in areas where the natural lithium in drinking water is highest the suicide rates are lowest. Its being suggested that adding a small amount to your drinking water could save lives.

The element is used in those new, lightweight batteries, rocket fuel, nuclear bombs, the chemical refining industry and for welding and soldering.

Ooh, and to treat mental disorders.

Its classified as a "Mood Stabilizing Drug".

Don't worry, be happy, you teletubbies.

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Couldn't agree more :)

I agree Halojumper, let them be the first in line to test there theory and see how it works out for them.


My late grandmother was on many different psychotropics throughout her life and lithium was one of them. Some of these drugs had mild to very severe side effects. One of them actually made her teeth chatter and gave her uncontrolable body spasms. She was a paranoid schizophrenic but I often wondered if she got much worse after taking all these heavy duty drugs to counter her mental disorder. I know she was very defiant and stopped taking her pills time and time again. Unfortunately, she became out of control manic and did crazy things when off the medication. It's a very sad disease of the mind.

Proves they are worried too many people are wising up to their b.s. and they need to go beyond Fluoride :)

"You see too much -- you must all be suffering from 'bi-polar' disorder!"


Side Note -  A page from history:

"When Charles Grigg invented 7-Up in 1929, he originally called it  “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon Soda” in homage to the mood altering lithium, which it liberally contained. The formulation proved effective as its initial positioning was as a hangover cure. Unfortunately for stressed out Lemon Soda CES entrepreneurs, lithium was removed from 7-Up in 1950.

Geoffrey Holder’s tagline was eventually changed to, “Maaarvelous, the smell of success is never too sweet.” As any CES entrepreneur can attest, with enough sweet success, you will never pine for the days when 7-Up was lithiated." (source)

It hasn't happened yet. They think that we are dumb about everything. And as long as they keep getting what they want why should they think any different?


I hate not having answers so I'll give a go at an answer.


Don't eat the food. Don't drink that water. Don't breathe the air. And don't touch anything.


Then you'll be perfectly safe. 

Lithium  is  a  drug  used  for  Severe  Mood  Swings.  If  administered  to  certain  people  -  they  can  have  side

effects  &  their  blood  goes  'Toxic'!!!!  Even  a  "Boil  water  advisory"  won't  get  rid  of  it  all.  It  doesn't  take

much  to  get  into  the  blood  stream.  Washed  veggies  and  fruits  would  have  the  residue  of  Lithium.

It  would  be  consumed  by  children  as  well.  It  is  a  stupid  idea  to  begin  with.  If  a  person  is  already

on  Lithium  -  that  can  cause  medical  problems  as  well.  No  one  can  "Control"  a  Bi-Polar  on  Lithium;

so  why  add  more  harm  to  those  that  use  it  already.  And  one  other  thing:  NOT  ALL  PEOPLE  THAT  WATCH  TV  ARE  FAT  -  OVER  WEIGHT,  LAZY &  ETC!!! 

Other options have been tested before by Psychiatry! through the use of neuroleptics for the purpose of behavior control.
I think the Globalist been drinking Lithium all their lives as well....That is why they are so incentive to human make them feel good with themselves by Killing and exterminating people from all over the world !
clean your water before drinking.

well if theres an advantage to this, I guess being a walking battery has its benefits ;)

Filter, Filter, Filter........ Dont drink that nasty junk that falls out of a tap.



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