Look closely at these two pics.  The face of LLCJ has been photoshopped on to - someOne - and passed as "Dorner."

I took the pics into GIMP and overlayed one on the other.  They are IDENTICAL!  Eyes, eye LASHES!, eyebrows, nose, cheeks, lips, teeth, even WRINKLES.

And if You look at the pic of "Dorner," above His right brow (to Our left) is a line where the shadow of LLCJ's hat was not completely removed.

IS there such a Person as Chris Dorner?

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Obviously yes, they are both the same person, how deceiving is that??? Ed Chiriani should get a look at this, and find out what he's up to.

When this picture of Dorner originally surfaced, on some forums people also said it was LL. This is a much better conformation of that and opens up all kinds of new questions. That being said, it also could be another reason to shut down the net as "conspiracy theorist's" abound and "taint" peoples minds. Good article, good observation, but always think why and long term.

Well...  It would seem that someOne shopped LLCJ's face onto the media pic and was passing it off as Dorner.  Here is the media pic:

Still and all... The features are close enough it might be LLCJ even still - but NOT the same pic as in the original.

That "person" Chris dorner look familiar to me somehow ... Very familiar this is so weird Amatetasu !
Talk about theatre ... Only thing I can think of is it was setting us up for a drone attack on someone dangerous .. No trial, no trying to talk them down and take them in, just vengeance of the PO PO
Nice find .. We know everything on the lie box is mind controlling the public.. The burning that mother down was chilling enough.. Somehow the government wants us to be prepared for droning Americans as a viable option .. Burning anyone out is damned barbaric!!!!!
The possibility that it was pure fiction is definitely there ...
Still waitin for denzel to portray dc sniper...

they already made it w/ Ken Foree instead ;)  ....2010

Uh yeah like I said still waitin for denzel to portray dc sniper. I saw him leave a convenient store. He look more like denzel than foree. He had the whole store frightened. This was before he killed his gf in t town and headed back east on that rampage.



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