Narcissistic Personality Disorder, also known as narcissism, is a societal problem in epidemic proportions which seriously compromises the sustaining of healthy and safe relationships.

Narcissistic PersonalityThis quiz, and the questions, have been developed as a result of several years of research, in regard to my own personal experience and the experiences of thousands of clients.

Please note, I am neither a qualified psychologist nor a qualified counsellor, and I offer my insights and advice for guidance only. If the results of this quiz cause concern, you may wish to seek further advice.

You can take the following quiz of 101 questions to discover your own degree of narcissism, and to understand what level of narcissism you may be experiencing, or have experienced from a suspected narcissistic person.

Everyone to some extent is 'narcissistic'. Healthy narcissism means that you have the ability to get your needs met, without damaging other people whilst doing so. Unhealthy narcissism is at play when individuals operate to an 'I win / you lose' model, which purposely or mindlessly undermines and diminishes other people.

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There's a lot of women out there victimizing their "good guy" husbands, but that's okay nowadays thanks to the liberal support of empowering women under the women's lib narrative! I warn men before getting into a marriage in our me me me society you better find out who you are really going to spend your life with. I know I've paid the price.

Oh boy, how fun. I had a 29 putting me into the narcissist category. Some of the questions are ridiculous, like the one asking if I ever called a love interest a 'whore or a slut'. WELL, HELL YA! But we were having raunchy, consentual sex. I doubt that is what was being ask though.



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