I know some don't like me because of my criticism of Trump, but please read to the end anyway. One might recall the Biblical exhortion to know them by their works (not their words). I mean, after doing a 180 on putting Hillary in prison on election night, he jets off to see Henry Kissinger, then pushes the DAPL pipeline through. You remember that, don't you? Protestors freezing on  a bridge, being soaked with fire hoses. While in a violation of it's treaty with these people, they constructed an oil pipeline on their lands. Not because it was the only way, but because of some NIMBYs (not in my backyard). Not America's finest moment. The concern of the injuns was that there would be contamination of their waters, and, sure enough....

I hate bringing these things up, but think about who got him elected. I think it was Molyneux I was watching, and he said something about Hillary's campaign organization pushed the media to cover Trump so he could win the nomination, because she felt like she could more easily defeat him in the general election. So, without Hillary intervening, Trump would not be President. And he was buddy buddy with the Clintons beforehand. I mean, are you really sure you want to put all your faith in this guy? Not one new section of fence or wall has went up. Netanyahu's parents brought him with them when they visited Trump's parents. If they'd lived closer, they'd have grown up together. God amlighty, he appointed Nikki Haley, and didn't fire her after she departed from his "official" positions? Kavanaugh is emblematic of what I'm talking about - as soon as his appointment's in, he rushes to side with the left on abortion. But somehow, say his name, and every patriot gets fired up. WHY?

What is more likely, that Trump sees our concerns and sympathizes with them, or that every single word out of his mouth is theater? I reserve no more mercy for the far left than I do the conservative right, by the way. I think the social and economic policies of the far left are the worst thing that's happened to the world, bar none. However, Trump has already espoused the "spoils of war" way of doing things, with regard to Syria and Venezuela. He's still letting the military pick it's targets. His cabinet is full of Goldman Sachs, who make their "living" vampiring on those of us that produce value. He's given Mr. 666 5th Avenue (Kushner, for those who don't remember) a high-level  job. He discarded the issue of vaccine safety shortly after he won. He drank fine wine with Israel's elite in Jerusalem while 67 peaceful protestors were gunned down, including kids. He's all in favor of militarization of the police, and 5G??? He sold billions in arms to the Saudis, and their genocidal war against the Yemenis can't continue without AWACs support, I am told, and believe. The man has appointed gay federal judges, and supports red flag laws? His MAGA hats have had, for a while, an option with rainbow embroidery, and his administration is working to ensure gay rights are granted in countries in which homosexuality is illegal? He hasn't done a thing about censorship of the right either, by the way. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't said anything about the genocide of Whites in South Africa. Or prioritized Christians, or Whites, as immigrants. Or decried or tried to stop the destruction of Christians across the middle east and Africa. And we're ready to be treated like we're treated now, all over again, come 2020.

Despite all this, people show up in droves, waiting outside arenas for many hours. When are you done making allowances for him? Do the elites have us by our psychological balls so completely? I guess they do.

More to come, just feel strangely fatigued. Ugh.

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That is like asking is Trump stupid enough to fall for Democrat ploy and  hang himself lol

Civil asset forfeiture is a hundreds of years old legal concept, formerly referred to as a "deodand". Let's say a tree on your property, a branch fell off and onto someone and killed them. The tree would be charged with the crime, not the owner. The court might demand that the tree be cut down and sawed up into firewood and sold, and the profits going to the surviving relatives of the killed person.

Modern police have ran wild with the idea. The main thing is, was the property involved in the commission of a crime? A poor black woman in Mississippi called the police because a group of youths was selling drugs on her property. The police came - and served her papers for them seizing her home. It was used in the commission of a crime, see?

I think it was in Georgia, police set up a roadblock, and went from vehicle to vehicle, telling people "Get out of our car". All paper money has testable traces of cocaine, so, again in a southern state, cops went into a grocery store and seized all the money in the registers and the safe. After Katrina, people were frequently paid by insurance companies in cash, so cops seized that money from people on the way to buy plywood and other supplies to repair their homes.

You don't have to be charged with a crime. If they seize your property, they inflate the value, and you have to put up a large chunk of that while you try to prove you didn't commit a crime (very difficult and expensive to do, most give up).

I don't like being the bearer of this news about Trump. But it is all true. I wish he was what he said he was during the campaign.

Yes James asset forfeiture laws are abused in many states by croaked authority.

I agree with the taking of property from convicted drug dealers, what they have acquired was with dirty money from selling drugs.

like anything dishonest people in power can abuse the use of the laws, I think those people should be punished more then a drug dealer, they are the lowest of the low, to use their position and the law for personal gain.

so what's Trump have to do with that ?

Trump Just Resurrected the Ugly Practice Known as Civil Forfeiture ...

Civil asset forfeiture is the latest dangerous from the Trump administration. The new rule announced by the Justice Department won't just expand the practice. It's designed specifically to  defeat protections passed at the state level.  [I thought he was all about transferring power from the federal govt back to the states - JR]

It will almost certainly lead to abuse.

As reported by the Washington Post: "The Justice Department announced a new federal policy Wednesday to help state and local police take cash and property from people suspected of a crime, even without a criminal charge, reversing an Obama administration rule prompted by past abuse by police."

The practice is known as civil asset forfeiture. Under this law a police officer can seize any property he believes was involved in a crime without obtaining either a warrant or probable cause.

Originally, the government pushed forfeiture in the 1970s and 80s to fight drugs and organized crime. Law enforcement wanted to prevent criminals from disappearing the large amounts of cash that fuels their business, and so police were empowered to seize any money they believed was involved in a crime. Over the years, however, the practice has grown to the point where the government began seizing assets far beyond cash in a wide varie..., including cars, homes and even businesses.

Many local police departments have begun to rely on it as a revenue source, targeting out of town drivers in what are known as "cash-for-freedom" deals.

yeah that sucks :-(

Right Raz Putin and hear our newly elected Dem gov is pushing the gay agenda and red flag laws, shes a very sick demented woman and should be confined to a mental institution.

That was on the intro of Freeman Fly for a long time. Masonic temple, isn't it?

Civil forfeiture is a legal name for blatant stealing by armed highway robbers.

" I don't consent to any searchers"

Thats right Chris, they Love the State highway catch. They hang out on the overpasses watching, waiting, ready to pounce and sting you for the slightest false move. The icing on the cake for them is to go whole hog and inpound the offending car, which is later sold for their fiancal pleasure. 

Actually the robbers accessing a property owned by the State. The ultimate protection is de-registration of your conveyance. Than, they cannot even approach.


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