I’ve watched the video several times. Definitely a fake. Now this is scary, arrested for sharing a BS crime film that no respectable Hollywood director would use in Hollywood movie.

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 Like I said, the video the network has is different, and your entitled to your onion. As for the

The shoes!

??????????????? its not in the video/ it does not show the shooting of this person. Blood yes, shells ejecting yes.

 People running in the building, Yes, this videos does show this also.

 I had to edit three times, and I am done with this blog...


 Op PS run the tag number, its in the clips above and below.

Old Illuminati tell tale, loose shoes always symbolize ritual. They let us know what's what.

 Ok, you want to play games, I did not know they edited the video, into image rips, as for the shoes, I was wrong, and there is a lot of blood, the girl that was murdered, she was saying help me, and he shot her twice in the head.

 Then he got back in his car and shot out the window with a shotgun

  Now I was told about 15 minutes ago, I can show all the blood and the shells ejecting from the semi auto weapon.

 But of course, it would also be impossible for the network team to have ISIS Revenge RV video calling for a war. The funny thing about this the media released reports about the ISIS threat,  it was release 2 days before the video officially came out.

someone say war.  ? Is already .

I am about to post the video, but this blog is up: http://12160.info/forum/topics/debunking-5-things-about-the-christc...

 Anyone care to drop in....just asking.

 Now what has not been asked in most cases dealing with shooting, did this man make threats before he did what he did. Most of the shootings in America schools, there were warnings that the law enforcement over looked, maybe to allow it to happen for gun control.

 Anyway, this is my new UK video channel at Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/APj3er37YK2n/


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