This is very sobering. It's all out war with the Pharmatocracy!

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Big Pharma is desperate. People wake up all over the place. Rothschild medicine principles are there open for the investigation.

 A lady friend of mine before she passed away told me a story about her mother. During the depression, she ran a hospice for terminally ill tuberculosis patients. Her mother would chop up lemons and then boil them for 4-6 hours, adding water as needed, then have the patients drink the syrupy liquid and eat the whole cooked lemon rinds.  Seems none of them died.  I add a bit of honey cause it isn't easy on the palate.. I do this today when I feel a cold or flu coming on.

Another tip is to eat some sulfur. Seems it feeds sulfur loving intestinal bacteria, which produce natural antibiotic factors. custom made for your personal body ecosystem. Worked great on that nasty chest cough that went around a few years ago after nothing else would.  It also makes you poo... because the H2S stimulates intestinal contractions, moving that stuff along...reducing the toxic load...

PS: Want to know why Putin looks good at 65?  Google Russian Peptides, they work, they are safe.

I believe TPTB are trying to kill us all, after they rob us of any net worth...glad I don't have any gold teeth.

See This is the Plan, something I wrote on Quora to save  typing long answers.

@Arnie Lerma

Could you re-post your Quora content as a blog on 12160?


The James Petras Who Owns America? PDF link, no longer works.



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