This is very sobering. It's all out war with the Pharmatocracy!

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Big Pharma is desperate. People wake up all over the place. Rothschild medicine principles are there open for the investigation.

 A lady friend of mine before she passed away told me a story about her mother. During the depression, she ran a hospice for terminally ill tuberculosis patients. Her mother would chop up lemons and then boil them for 4-6 hours, adding water as needed, then have the patients drink the syrupy liquid and eat the whole cooked lemon rinds.  Seems none of them died.  I add a bit of honey cause it isn't easy on the palate.. I do this today when I feel a cold or flu coming on.

Another tip is to eat some sulfur. Seems it feeds sulfur loving intestinal bacteria, which produce natural antibiotic factors. custom made for your personal body ecosystem. Worked great on that nasty chest cough that went around a few years ago after nothing else would.  It also makes you poo... because the H2S stimulates intestinal contractions, moving that stuff along...reducing the toxic load...

PS: Want to know why Putin looks good at 65?  Google Russian Peptides, they work, they are safe.

I believe TPTB are trying to kill us all, after they rob us of any net worth...glad I don't have any gold teeth.

See This is the Plan, something I wrote on Quora to save  typing long answers.

@Arnie Lerma

Could you re-post your Quora content as a blog on 12160?


The James Petras Who Owns America? PDF link, no longer works.




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"I know guys my wife and I will leave the city move somewhere in a nice wooded or mountainous area. the thought of having 5G surging through our bodies 24/7 doesn't set well with me. you know I do try to educate people on different matters but…"
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Antifa mooning Portland cops 11-17

"Wouldn't this be lawfully considered "indecent exposure"?   It's never a nice looking chick with a cute ass. I'll know where that cop would like to stick his baton."
22 minutes ago
Boris Badenov replied to Diana's discussion Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Can’t Get Three Branches Of Government Right – “The Presidency, The Senate and The House”
"Super low IQ"
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dogitydog commented on Boris Badenov's page Tucker Carlson EMBARASSES College Student Over Illegal Immigration
"@Sink Chicken Because the colleges and universities were quietly weaponized while we weren't looking. They caught us with our pants down and our heads up our ass."
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flart blooger commented on Boris Badenov's page Wonder if anybody loves anything as much as Acosta loves Acosta
"they should do a celebrity cage match for him and chuck schumer to fight to the death for a microphone..... for charity. "
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Sink Chicken commented on Boris Badenov's page Tucker Carlson EMBARASSES College Student Over Illegal Immigration
"Why is it that every college student interviewed regurgitate the democrat tripe?"
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Current Situation In Haiti

"A U.N.-Backed Police Force Carried Out A Massacre In Haiti. The Killings Have Been Almost Entirely Ignored."
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Has anyone heard of this. An active duty enlistee has called in to Marfoogle News to inform us that he was given a 72 hour notice to deploy domestically. His training is in…See More
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"@ Jim.  One of the hardest things to do, is trying to save someone from their self.  It becomes even more arduous when that someone is a family member, friendly neighbor, or co-worker.  BTW: I see zombies every day, sitting in a…"
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Antifa brought guillotines in Goodwill carts, Portland 11-17

"We will spend billions of dollars deploying our military around the world hunting down terrorists (supposedly), but do nothing when a terrorist organization repeatedly terrorizes U. S. citizens on our own turf and then you tell us that there is no…"
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Exclusive Interview with Fire Captain on Origins of CA Fires

"Thank you Raz Putin I almost posted that video this morning but got sidetracked. I'm glad you did because even though it is not concrete evidence of DEW"S, it is one more testimony from a very credible person with the credentials…"
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POP goes the Weasel

"Up n' down the city road, In n' out of the eagle, That's the way the money goes, Pop goes the weasel. "
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What's not clear ?

"Don't know what this lier smokes, but I guess it would be anti-truth serum Vape."
7 hours ago

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