The Answer is ... YES he was and here's why.

Illegal aliens are able to purchase the public option if the current bill passes, Joe Wilson was right.

Also the bill for ER visits and emergency procedures for illegals no longer get paid by the private hospital, YOU are going to pay it! Hospitals are not able to ask if the person is illegally in the country.

There's more problems as well if Gov health care is forced on all in the US. The illegals will be forced into a Gov health care system on our dime.

If I had to list all of Obama's lies the text would not fit within the 100,000 characters limit of this forum.

If you appreciate Joe Wilson standing up post it!

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"When a politician lies to Congress and the public in front of Congress, our elected officials should speak out as Joe Wilson did."
Some Obama supporters in the media and online are making the claim that clapping and approving gestures are appropriate during Presidential speeches, while dissent is improper, rude, barbaristic,RACIST, etc... Expressions of dissent have a proper place in any debate and Obama supporters should not diefy the President.
"Joe Wilson yelled out what millions of Americans were thinking during Obama's speech," said William Gheen. "We agree with what Joe Wilson said, even if we did not, we would defend his right as an American to speak his mind."
Joe Wilson Is a disrespectful liar!! The bill does say that illegal aliens will NOT receive govt. benefits. Today illegal aliens can BUY insurance, If the bill passes that wont change. Check your facts.!! fact and plenty other independent sources agree Joe Wilson is the liar!!!
I love how people will point to a website and say "it must be true if this good looking website says it is, i mean they wouldn't lie or spin the truth !!"

Websites can and are controlled as much as the main stream media especially the more authoritarian "we check the facts sites" unless i see that site or the others like snopes coming out about the truth about the Federal Reserve or 9/11 I will have to assume they are just as bias and controlled as the evening news! Those are the facts about websites claiming to be the end all know all of truth "They LIE!!" -TLS
Joe Wilson has consistently supported the Second Amendment with his votes, he has also cosponsored needed gun rights legislation. This year, he has cosponsored two reciprocity bills in the House -- including the GOA-supported HR 1620, which protects Vermont-style carry -- plus a bill that removes certain restrictions on the interstate sale of firearms.

In previous years, Wilson was the chief sponsor of the Citizen's Self-Defense Act, a bill that would protect individuals who successfully defend themselves or others from violent attack, only to find themselves in the clutches of anti-gun prosecutors.

And when a conference committee watered down GOA's language to arm airline pilots following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Rep. Wilson stepped up to the plate. He successfully pushed through legislation to allow all commercial pilots (not just passenger pilots) to carry guns. Further, when TSA bureaucrats dragged their feet once armed pilots became the law of the land, Wilson authored yet another bill that streamlined the certification process.

Here's the bottom line: Joe Wilson couldn't stand listening to the President dish out lie after lie. He says his emotions got the best of him, and he yelled "You lie" in the midst of a presidential address. He regrets the time and place he did it... but he is not sorry for what he said.

He was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. He did what millions of Americans -- many people like you -- would have loved to do. How many of us would like the chance to tell the President, to his face, to stop lying?

It's ironic. The President stood there on national television and said his opponents were lying. But when Joe Wilson countered that it was the President who was, in fact, lying... it was Wilson who came under attack from the liberal media.

That's why we need to stand with Rep. Joe Wilson. If we lose a pro-gun stalwart because of his willingness to call out the President on his lies, it will be a crying shame.
only democrats are able or allowed to call the president a liar!!!![ in bushes tinure] doesn't he know the rules ??/ expecially if its the truth ..... I just hit the 3000 dollar we aint paying any more till you cough up 3 grand [3000 bucks] FOR meds [ medicare look up donut hole] if I do not have anything but medicare where am I going to come up with this kind of money EVERY YEAR ?? AND I PAID INTO THE SYSTEM 45 yrs , but , anyone with no income; ever!! pays NOTHING at the ER , we took our 20 year old son to the ER a year ago at 2AM for severe abdominal pain WE ARE being socked with a 750 dollar bill , I feel we are paying for someones elses ride !!! if we add more people there WILL be more cutbacks or less coverages and I AM ALLREADY DROWNING
we want the truth which some have tried only to be shut out in congress and the media wont give them time. so some body does finally and look how ppl. are ready to back away from the messenger who speaks what we knew but afraid to speak.
yes he and anyone else who speaks out in what ever fashion it takes then he is doing his civic duties which our dependant politicians are not.
I don't know what some of you guys are smoking but it must be really really good!!
I don't know what some of you guys are smoking but it must be really really good!!
The only one i would say could be smoking something is you because you didn't read any of the posts or the main post or you would know that Obama lied and was called on it. It's fine though if your still mezmorized by the TV media and don't have a grasp on reality yet it will come with time and READING!! Read the posts before you post something, its been proven that Obama lied theres no question of it. Stop relying on the TV media they make people look dumb when they talk with real people who have the facts not spin and regurgitated nonsense.

Howard W said:
I don't know what some of you guys are smoking but it must be really really good!!
Howard W said:
I don't know what some of you guys are smoking but it must be really really good!!
Very creative , good use of the typical left-handed side-step. When all else fails and you are overwhelmed with documented justification , You use personal ridicule to discredit the opposition. Making assumptious character attacks based on issues like racism, partisan affiliation, or just say they're the one who's lying. You hit it outta the park with the Dope Smokin' card though, no one will ever believe a person that tries to say "I Never Inhaled". So, who's holdin out? Don't hide it, divide it,Man. pass it to me. We might need to "redistribute the wealth" around here.


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