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What if “the science” we trust is fake? Then its not Science, simple

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Why should we expect science to be real when we are receiving a constant stream of fake news and distorted history?

..., and known 'bad science'. We live in a world completely manifested by illusion.

Theres no such thing as bad science it is either science or its not, science uses a null hypothesis ive explained it before on this site, good science bad science bullshit, its like male female it either is or isn't

This is old news. Drug companies have been faking studies for decades.

Antidepressants increase incidence of suicide & violence. They won't tell you that though.

Vaccines are safe.

The PTB simply made 'orthodox science' yet another dogma for control, it too has its zealots -  from the bought off scientist 'priesthood' to the 'sub-lebrity' scientists and 'experts' (Bill Nye, Brian Cox-sucker etc) pushing the agenda on the TV to the braindead masses to the 'we know everything' rank and file 'skeptics' online whose job is to seek out 'heresy'.

Bill Nye gets DESTROYED religiously every time when he faces off with actual scientists on youtube regarding climate change. It's like watching Mike Tyson fight a nun in a wheelchair. I don't even feel sorry for him.



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