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i have a few theories myself.. the sky is much different from when I was a kid, you used to be able to lay and look at the clouds and make shapes animals well not anymore all we ever see is chem-clouds this isn’t natural 

I remember when there were no chemtrails. The blue sky that the Creator has provided for us was a sight to behold. It takes the evil of certain men to change it for all of us.

thousands of  aircraft in the sky at one time burning off 80,000 odd litres of fuel per flight  into  the air,   jeez don't just say it's  down to chemtrails ....  Mostly airlines doing the damage ...... don't ya think  ya better stop flying .... oh no , we couldn't possibly consider  that .  just put it all down to cows taking a dump

This is another of those subjects which--on first blush--appears very crazy. Yet, the evidence is that plenty of "chemical junk" has been dumped in major American cities for at least the last twenty years...things like aluminum and cadmium...and they HAVE NO BUSINESS befouling our atmosphere in this way. I wish there were an easy way to end this practice ASAP!! Incidentally, were the EPA REALLY doing their work, they'd quickly conduct tests...then promptly end this criminal activity.

I have reported this as an environmental vandalism to EPA in South Australia, and no reaction at all. It must be world wide action.

Well, some of what I heard is as follow.  Electronic devices will be the audio and the particles from chemtrails will be the screen. Fake alien landing,  Jesus Christ resurrection,  things like that. Weather modification is a common answer as to why they are doing this.  Make sunshine,  rain,  snow etc. Morgellons is also attributed to chemtrails. Radar to track everyone with the components in the chemtrails are also stated why they are doing this. 

yEP, Chris...I think so. BTW, how do you get to be a "Family Master?" Do you have to go thru special training? ; )

Chris of the family Masters as an common law appelation indicates living, breathing man, as opposed to Mr. CHRIS MASTERS who is a legal fiction character.

Hmmm, that's a new one on me. Distinctive of a particular country's practice?

Please watch the video here "Meet Your Strawman" It's a start to understanding this hidden issue.

There is an old saying' the solution to pollution is dilution.. Strontium is one of the heavy metals in the dust being sprayed. Strontium is a by product of from nuclear rods deterorating, this 'pollution' was slated for the underground storage facility in Nevada, but the facility was resourced as a D.U.M.B. (deep underground) military base. Search u-tube for D.U.M.B.S. Folks who were building these took pictures. Well the Strontium if spread thin has little affect immediately.... but a bio-accumlative affect takes place. The barium is also a by product but not as much a hazard, then the aluminum also a hazard. Its ALL BAD...we are crops to be prunned (taxes) at will and controlled by psycological conditioning (PC) original definition, was changed years ago when exposed 2 generations ago. Then the floride, GMO's and round-up in the food, it IS depopulation used on a lathargic populous from poisoning over taxation and distraction. See 'State of Mind' documentary


"Destroying the New World Order"

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