The suffer from psychological conditions called

1. Cognitive Dissonance

2. Normalcy Bias

The cognitive dissonance prevents a sufferer from absorbing information which is contrary to his believes.

He also tends to 'defend' himself by resorting to personal attacks on the speaker.

The condition relates to a blind trust in Big Pharma, TV news and current affairs programs.

I fact condemnation without investigation is a sign of super ignorance.


Normalcy Bias makes people to believe nothing will ever change.

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 Hmmm, this is different, gosh, I am so sleepy, coffee time, got to wake up...:) Morning..:)


Cognitive dissonance is the very backbone of the Democrat Party. It props up their traitorous candidates supported blindly for such incompetent and corrupt representatives as Elijah Cummings who has met his trash receptacle in the sky.

America, suffering from both spectrums of this mental disorder!

It may sound odd, but sometimes 'gullible' people are open to the truth and are successful. They don't seem to 'defend' themselves as they're not set in their ways, they seem open to even the slightest persuasion. I once told a worker her dingy flat was a rip off for $180 rent when she could have the biggest house in the street overlooking the sea for $550, take a room for herself, let out the others out for $215 a piece (tax free), and never worry about rent again. Still have change in the pocket and a full pay pack to go along with. And she Did, just like that, moved into a big house with a pool and view, took in student boarders and 3 months later thanked me for making her Rich. What I couldn't believe was how jealous other workers became of her when they could have done the same thing themselves. 

 If ya really look at the issue, its the media, they create Bias, like its all wrong to be white, then that gets turned around and now its Bias against a person who is black.

 Then some say all Muslims are evil, that is not true.

 That there is no such evidence of a Jewish race, that is not true.

 There is good and bad in all people, but it is the media that drives the Bias to serve them and their goals.

 It is the independent social networks they hate, and independent news networks they hate. If they can not invest into your news platform, to govern it, that makes them angry.

Bias- prejudice in favor of or against one thing, person, or group compared with another, usually in a way considered to be unfair.

 Ok I hate child perverts...thats me...:)

True Tif, but it's a get Woke go Broke situation for these big mediaworks outfits who soon realise after many years of b.s rubbish that nobody is interested in them any more. They will find it very hard to even try and sell themselves off to the lowest bidder. I feel sad but not sorry for the hundreds of workers who will lose their jobs.  

 There is a video being formatted, I am not sure who will be allowed to post it, jobs is the last worries people have. World wide there is a war growing even here in America.

 They want a war, but the numbers grew to around 2 billion in the resistance, because of open borders.

 The EU clown world wants open borders world wide, like no more whites or blacks people, to tell ya the truth, I have never seen such powerful video footage.

I have a feeling that many issues I had to overcome stemmed from the fact that my parents were the product of the baby boom generation. They grew up with parents that had seen the Great Depression first hand. Their parents saw WWII and were strong , self disciplined people. My parents weren't flower children.

That being said, I was raised to believe most people were fair, kind and generous. The government had my best interests. News was reported by real researchers. The wake up call came for me gradually, I had been a firefighter/paramedic pre 9/11. Everything changed for me; 

  I saw people were greedy, selfish and cruel. The gov lies to people, and the media is propaganda. 

   Nowadays people are over medicated (either by pharmaceuticals or casual drug use).

   I no longer understand gender (of others)

So therein lies a problem, many of us were raised with rose colored glasses, and now we see things as they really are.... Each person has to wake up for themselves, yet they are lulled back to slumber....  


"Destroying the New World Order"


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