June 14, 2012

CNN reports this afternoon that the Pentagon has finalized plans to attack Syria and forcefully depose its leader, Bashar al-Assad, under the cover of securing weapons of mass destruction and preventing “sectarian violence” it has fomented by supporting and training the Free Syrian Army.

“The U.S. military has completed its own planning for how American troops would conduct a variety of operations against Syria, or to assist neighboring countries in the event action was ordered, officials tell CNN.”

CNN says the Pentagon has “finalized its assessment of what types of units would be needed, how many troops, and even the cost of certain potential operations.”

“There is a sense that if the sectarian violence in Syria grows, it could be worse than what we saw in Iraq,” an unnamed Obama administration official told CNN.

The attack plan is similar to the one used against Libya:

The military planning includes a scenario for a no-fly zone as well as protecting chemical and biological sites. Officials say all the scenarios would be difficult to enact and involve large numbers of U.S. troops and extended operations.

CNN reveals that the United States, Britain and France have discussed the attack, which they describe as “contingency scenarios,” and have trained specifically for a military intervention. They are also “sharing of intelligence about what is happening in Syria with neighboring countries including Jordan, Turkey and Israel.”

In December, Sibel Edmonds reported that “foreign military groups, estimated at hundreds of individuals,” had taken up positions in the city of al-Mafraq in northern Jordan on the Syrian border. The troops had arrived from the Ain al-Assad Air base in Iraq and a U.S. aircraft carrying military personnel landed in the Prince Hassan Air base located about 100 km to the east of the city of al-Mafraq.

CNN quotes three Defense Department officials as stating that “U.S. special forces are training and advising Jordanian troops on a range of specific military tasks they might need to undertake if unrest in Syria spills over into Jordan or poses a threat to that country.”

The officials said “Jordan’s major security concern is that if the Syrian regime were to suddenly collapse, then it would face unrest on its northern border, as well as the possibility of large refugee flows, weapons smuggling into Jordan, and potential disarray in Syria’s chemical and biological weapons complex. Jordan also is considering how and where to potentially set up humanitarian assistance bases inside its borders, another matter the U.S. is advising it on.”

The pretext for the attack on Syria is eerily reminiscent of the elaborate and transparently bogus pretext used prior to the invasion of Iraq:

U.S. satellites are monitoring the chemical and biological weapons sites around the clock, and so far “there is no reason to believe they are not secure,” one of the U.S. officials said.

The U.S. believes the facilities are guarded by some of the most elite Alawite troops loyal to al-Assad. But the official noted that the opposition forces appear to be gaining strength in some areas, and that the United States, Jordan and the allies are concerned that as the amount of al-Assad controlled territory shrinks, some of those critical facilities could be open to attacks, pilfering or efforts by terrorist groups to buy material….

The overall assessment by the U.S. is that in the event some action had to be taken to secure Syrian chemical, biological or weapons facilities, troops from some country would have to enter Syria in a matter of hours.

On June 11, Tony Cartalucci cited an RT report stating that a false flag involving “Syrian rebels deploying chemical weapons obtained in Libya against Syrian civilians, then blaming the Syrian government for the mass casualty event” would be used as a casus belli to intervene.

The Pentagon did not reveal a timeline on the planned intervention, but considering the amount of detailed information released to its trusted media asset CNN it is likely the attack will come in a matter of days or weeks instead of months.

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Same CIA, Different Arena.

Alex Jones is hyping the CNN report of PLANS of invasion. Let's see how Russia and the SCO react, as well as Iran. The massacres are an exposed false flag operation, with only the morons here in the USA buying it (or pretending to).

We should start saying that Hilary is ultimately responsible for the massacres, which she is.

Syria starts military showdown to end cr...

actions speak louder than words. The NATO mercenaries are getting wiped out!

Americans will never truly understand the terror we bring to other people with our war machine until it comes here. When the pampered morons have finally lived it, only then will they know what we have done.

"a wise man learns from the mistakes of others; a fool learns only from his own."

Wise !



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